The David Alliance is an alliance formed in Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

Despite its members not necessarily having the best history while on the original David tribe, the alliance put aside its differences and united against the opposing Goliath Alliance. While this allowed the David Alliance to overcome their initial post-merge deficit, cracks within the alliance caused them to relinquish this lead. Regardless, the alliance produced the winner of the season.



At the start of the merge, the former Davids found themselves in a 7-6 deficit. The Davids attempted a cross-tribal alliance with the Goliaths, but none of the Goliaths were receptive. Furthermore, due to Carl Boudreaux and Elizabeth Olson's poor history, Elizabeth was agreed upon as the unanimous merge boot. At Tribal Council, both the David and Goliath Alliances put aside their differences and voted Elizabeth out, 12-1.

Holy Trinity

With Elizabeth out, the former Davids were down, 7-5. Despite their best efforts to lobby the Goliaths, the Davids were unsuccessful in securing the numbers. Hence, they decided to make a Hail Mary as they laid out a plan to strategically use the advantages they had. At the next Tribal Council, Davie Rickenbacker played his Hidden Immunity Idol on former David Christian Hubicki, and former Goliath John Hennigan was blindsided. At the final eleven, Nick Wilson used his Vote Steal advantage to steal former Goliath Alison Raybould's vote, and Carl used his Idol Nullifier to negate former Goliath Dan Rengering's idol, resulting in the latter's blindside. At the final ten, former Goliath Alec Merlino was unanimously voted out for being a challenge threat. The trinity of blindsides allowed the Davids to claim a 5-4 numerical advantage.

Divided We Fall

After Alec's elimination, tensions within the David Alliance were high. Gabby believed Carl was trying to use Angelina Keeley to replace her in the alliance. Christian and a frustrated Gabby led the charge to blindside Carl with the help of Alison, Kara, and Mike, and, at the next Tribal Council, Gabby got her wish as Carl left blindsided, 5-4. After Carl's blindside, an infuriated Nick decided that he could no longer side with Christian and Gabby, who had just played a part in relinquishing the Davids' hard-fought lead. At the Loved Ones Challenge, Angelina and Nick won and decided to share their reward with Davie and Mike; during the reward, the foursome agreed to a final four pact. However, Davie held his reservations. At the same time, Gabby was planning a blindside against her closest ally, Christian. While she successfully lobbied her tribe against Christian, Nick put together a contingency plan to oust Gabby if Christian played his idol. Davie warned Christian of Gabby's plan, and, at Tribal Council, Nick's plan resulted in Gabby's blindside. At the final seven, Nick agreed to put aside his differences with Christian. However, when Nick revealed to his tribe that he had found an idol, which had hitherto not been revealed as a fake, Davie grew wary and put together a plan to blindside Nick. When Nick revealed to Davie that the idol was indeed a fake, Davie decided to scrap his plan, but the damage had been done. Mike told Nick of the plan, resulting in Nick playing, and wasting, his idol. Ultimately, Christian was voted out, having exposed himself as a huge threat many cycles prior.

Nick's Immunity  Run To The End

On Day 36, Nick won the Immunity Challenge, which came with a reward. He shared the reward with Angelina and Mike, solidifying their Final Three alliance. The plan at that point had been to oust Alison, but Mike decided to go against the plan by rallying the Goliaths and blindsiding Davie. The latter plan worked, and Nick was left as the sole David standing. However, Nick won the next two Immunity Challenges, which were followed by Alison and Kara's eliminations respectively. By Day 38, Nick was sitting in the Final Three with Angelina and Mike.

David Slays Goliath

During Final Tribal Council, Nick was commended for his social game and his ability to survive the odds to make it to the end. At the live reunion, Nick was announced the Sole Survivor over Mike and Angelina by a 7-3-0 vote. Christian was the only David juror that did not vote for Nick to win. 




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