David's Vinaka Alliance is an alliance on the merged Vinaka tribe in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

After the supermajority had gotten rid of most of their initial targets, the main alliance began to fracture into two sub-alliances, one led by Zeke Smith, and this alliance, led by David Wright. Though David suffered an early setback when his ally Jessica Lewis was eliminated in a rock draw, his alliance quickly regained control of the game and proceeded to systematically eliminate Zeke's alliance. The final four was comprised of members from this alliance.


 David Wright
Days 29-38
S33 david t.png
 Adam Klein
Days 29-37
S33 adam t.png
 Hannah Shapiro
Remained Loyal
Days 29-39
S33 hannah t.png
 Jessica Lewis
Remained Loyal
Days 29-30
S33 jessica t.png
 Ken McNickle
Remained Loyal
Days 29-39
S33 ken t.png


 Will Wahl
Days 33-34
S33 will t.png


Early Formation

A pre-existing alliance forged during the original group of Gen-Xers, outsiders David, Jessica, and Ken managed to survive the tribe swap and make it to the merge. Despite their opposition to the remnants of the former majority alliance on Takali (Bret LaBelle, Chris Hammons, and Sunday Burquest), Zeke Smith managed to bridge the gap between the two groups to form a strong coalition with his allies Adam Klein and Hannah Shapiro, named the Freaks & Geeks, against the mighty Triforce alliance.

David vs. Zeke

After winning Individual Immunity on Day 28, David proposed that the majority alliance turn on Chris for attempting to oust Jessica. Through this revelation, he realized that Zeke was clearly the biggest threat but planned to take him out later on. Once he got the support of his core allies, David talked with Zeke about voting out Chris using his Millennial votes, now including Will Wahl. Zeke placated the idea and talked with Hannah about the upcoming vote, placing them in swing vote positions. Ultimately, they joined the alliance in voting out Chris over Jessica in a 7-4 vote.

Rock Your World

After blindsiding Chris at the last Tribal Council, the majority continued to fracture, leading to the formation of two separate alliances of five led by David and Zeke. With no one willing to switch their votes, David opted to use his idol to avoid a tie vote. Due to Sunday's successful bluff of voting Ken at Tribal Council, Adam alerted David to use his idol on Ken instead of himself. At the vote, the play rendered useless as the opposition targeted Hannah, enforcing a 5-5 vote against Zeke. Before the revote, Jessica was pressured by Zeke to join his alliance and not risk a rock draw. Despite her insistence to change her vote, she decided not to, forcing a deadlock vote. At the rock draw, Jessica ultimately pulled the dreaded black rock, eliminating her from the game and placing the alliance in the minority.

When There's a Will, There's a Way

In the minority, the alliance scrambled to secure the majority again. In an attempt to upsurp Zeke's control of the game Will decided to turn on his alliance and vote Zeke out to ensure he'd have a big move on his "resume" should he reach the Final Tribal Council. The alliance was thrilled of the news and collectively agreed to vote off Zeke. After Adam won immunity, the plan seemed to be set in stone. However, unable to trust Will, Ken asked if he was truly on their side, angering Will. To keep him in check, he revealed his former alliance's plan to vote Ken out. This upset Ken, which would cause him to scramble to the majority alliance and bring disappointment upon his allies. Ultimately, Will reconsidered his scheme and settled on becoming the swing vote for both foursomes. During tribal, both sides fought hard for Will's vote but to cover his bases Adam used his Hidden Immunity Idol on Hannah to prevent the majority from voting for her which nullified their four votes and led to Zeke's elimination by a vote of 5-0 after Will flipped to the alliance.


With Zeke ousted from the game, both alliances were equal in numbers with four each as Will flipped back to the Zeke's alliance now led by Jay. However, Bret and Sunday joined forces with Adam to seek revenge on Will for flipping on Zeke and to get farther with the promising of taking out Will, Jay, and David at the next three Tribal Councils. Adam attempted to sway the alliance into voting for Will as he believed that Will would switch allegiances back and forth for the upcoming votes. After the Immunity Challenge, Jay and Will targeted David, believing to have the majority vote against him. With successful convincing of his plan to the alliance, Adam secured the votes by flipping Bret and Sunday. That night at tribal the plan went into effect as Will was voted out in a vote of 6-2 leaving Jay at the bottom of the reformed majority alliance.

After Will's blindside Adam continued to campaign to the tribe about ousting David or Jay. After Ken won immunity, in attempt to secure a spot at the Final Tribal Council and keep David safe, Hannah suggested the alliance vote out Sunday. David and Ken supported the idea while Adam was adamant about voting out Jay causing to slight fractures. At Tribal Council that night the alliance threw their four votes votes to Sunday while Adam convinced Sunday to vote out Jay and Bret and Jay voted against their intended target David. In paranoia of the majority voting him out, Jay misplayed his idol leading to Sunday being blindsided in a 4-2-0 vote.

After receiving votes in the two previous Tribal Councils, David created a fake idol that was soon found by Jay. Once David won immunity, the tribe decided as a whole at camp to vote out Jay due to being an overall threat. At Tribal Council, Jay played the fake idol but Ken also played his Legacy Advantage given from Jessica to nullify Jay's vote leading to his elimination in a unanimous 5-0 vote.

At the final five, Bret managed to flip Adam to his side with the intent of voting out David. Though Adam thought he had Hannah locked in, she decided to keep David around for the upcoming vote. With Ken winning immunity, the alliance turned on each other as Adam and David were targeted. Not wanting to vote Adam voted out after learning of his idol find, she turned the vote on Bret. At Tribal Council, Adam misplayed an idol by playing it on himself as he received no votes. Instead, Bret was blindsided in a 3-2 vote leaving Adam outcasted in the final four.

One Final Betrayal

At the Final Immunity Challenge, Ken beat out everyone, earning himself a confirmed spot at the end. Adam and Hannah targeted David for being the largest threat to the jury, but Ken was hesitant to do so as David was his closest ally. David assumed that Ken would be on his side to vote off Adam. However, Ken ultimately betrayed David at the vote, voting him out in a unanimous 3-1 vote.

Final Tribal Council

During the jury statements, Ken was chastised for preaching honesty and loyalty, only to vote out his biggest ally and friend just one day before the finals. Meanwhile, Adam and Hannah fought over their strategic moves and who was the one who orchestrated David's oust. Adam's social game and strategic awareness was favored over Hannah's erratic game play and Ken's lack of strategic game play and hypocritical game move at the penultimate Tribal Council, and he was awarded the title of Sole Survivor in a unanimous 10-0-0 vote.



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