David "Dave" Johnson is a contestant from Survivor: The Amazon.


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Dave Johnson was born and raised in Ellicott City, Md. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on aeronautics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y. He currently works for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a rocket scientist. He has previously worked as a structural test engineer and a meat science research technician.

Johnson's hobbies include body womping (defined as body surfing waves in Orange County, Calif.), rock climbing and drinking beer. He describes himself as spontaneous, logical and omnipresent. If he could be any super hero, he would like to be James Bond. He is a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Cal Tech Athletic Facilities. His favorite sports are soccer, pole vault, and frolf (frisbee golf). Last summer, he pedaled across the United States with three friends for two months and only took three showers. He wants the $1 million and he's going to buy a new car and start his own beef jerky company when he gets it.

Johnson is currently single and resides in Pasadena, Calif. His birth date is January 16, 1979.[1]


Dave Johnson was placed on the all-male Tambaqui tribe. When the men arrived at camp, Dave gave a speech that this tribe was "freakin men of Pride" and were the favorites to win. He added that if they lost to the Jaburu women, they would never heard the end of it. The men effectively made camp life tolerable. At the first challenge of the season, the men seemed to have won the challenge. However, Ryan Aiken and Daniel Lue stumbled on the balance beam, allowing the women to surpass the men. This was made worse when Dave and Rob Cesternino botched up the puzzle, allowing the women to win immunity. After the challenge, Dave made a speech about how the men should be more humble. Rob could tell that Dave was going to play an honorable game, which works great for Rob as he was going to lie and cheat to get ahead. Dave liked Ryan and decided to vote out Daniel because of the latter's attitude. The rest of the tribe voted against either Ryan or Roger Sexton. Rob voted against Ryan, sending him home. The women won the next challenge as well, earning them fish bait, though the men won the next Immunity Challenge.

Dave talked to Matthew von Ertfelda about who to send home. Dave still wanted Daniel to go. The next Reward Challenge, Dave asked Christy Smith for shampoo. Christy said no, which cost Tambaqui reward. Tambaqui also lost immunity. Despite his lobbying, Daniel was sent home unanimously. The tribe had a hard time catching fish. Thankfully, Matthew managed to catch some. Tambaqui won reward in the form of a fridge filled with Coca-Cola products. They also won immunity and every fish that they caught in the challenge.

The next Tree Mail instructed the tribe to send its youngest member to go on a night of fun and wine. As Dave was the youngest, he was the one to go for Tambaqui. He met up with the youngest for Jaburu, Jenna Morasca, where they ate, bathed, and talked about each other tribes. The next morning after eating some more, they were asked to assign new tribes. Dave immediately snatched up Jenna's best friend, Heidi Strobel. He also picked Butch Lockley, Christy, and Roger. Jeanne Hebert was placed on Tambaqui by default as she was the last women left. The group bonded well, though Jaburu won immunity again. Using the information obtained from Jenna, Dave targeted Jaburu's outsider Jeanne. Dave convinced Heidi to vote against Jeanne, sending her home. When Christy asked why Jeanne was eliminated instead of her, Roger said that Jeanne was the weakest link in the new tribe, which Dave believe was opposite from the truth. At the Reward Challenge, Dave only went once against Matthew but won. Tambaqui won the challenge and spices, seasoning, and a large fruit basket, and would later also won immunity.

On Day 19, the tribe was allowed to open the box that been plaguing them since day one. The box said that the tribes had merged. Both tribes moved to a new camp site for the remainder of the game. Dave assumed the plan was for the men to stick together and pick off the women. Deena Bennett targeted Dave for his athleticism, but the younger women convinced Deena to target Roger for being sexist towards women. At the first individual Immunity Challenge, Dave and Matthew stepped down for Buffalo wings; the challenge would be won by Deena. Dave followed with the supposed plan and voted against Christy. However, Roger was the one sent home in a 7-3 vote. Dave viewed the vote as a reminder that you don't know what is happening in the game. When Dave and Butch made a dock for the tribe's boat, Rob viewed this as Dave as showing off and wanted him gone for his perceived arrogance. At the Reward Challenge, Dave was paired with Deena and Alex Bell. The trio won the first round. Dave won the challenge in the final round for ice cream and a bath and had asked Deena and Alex fingers his had behind his back. As Deena guessed correctly, Dave chose her to come with him. When they returned, Dave and Deena wanted some manioc, which irked everyone. At the Immunity Challenge, Dave was quickly knocked out. Dave tried to turn the vote against Matthew for his athleticism and recent strange behavior. In the end, Dave was unanimously voted out for his athleticism and threat status.

At the Final Tribal Council, Dave was the last juror to speak. He asked the finalists what modern influential leader had they emulated and what qualities was they shown best. Matthew said Colin Powell for his concept of versatility. Jenna said her mother for her fight and strength. Satisfied with her answer, Dave gave his vote Jenna.

Voting History

Dave's Voting History
Episode Dave's
Voted Against
1 Daniel -
2 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
3 Daniel -
4 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
5 Jeanne -
6 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
7 Christy -
8 Matthew Alex, Butch, Christy, Deena,
Heidi, Jenna, Matthew, Rob
Voted Out, Day 24
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Dave's luxury items was a croquis.
  • In "Pick-Up Sticks", the first Tree Mail told both tribes to send their youngest player to a summit. Even though Dave was the youngest member of Tambaqui at the time, Ryan Aiken, who was voted out first, was four weeks younger than him.
  • Dave and fellow Tambaqui member Ryan Aiken went to high school in the same city at the same year. Their schools were only 4.1 miles (6.4 km) from each other.


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