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David "Dave" Ball is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa.

A core member of the Galu Alliance, Dave got into several heated confrontations with tribe outsider Shambo Waters. When the tides turned on the Galu Alliance after the merge when Shambo betrayed tribal lines, Dave was voted out at the final eight.


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Dave Ball (38)
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif
Occupation: Fitness Instructor

"Danger" Dave Ball grew up in a family full of preachers but don't be fooled because he is not your typical "son of a preacher man." After he earned a degree in opera from Oklahoma State, this "rock and roll rebel" took many odd jobs to stay afloat including one as a flight attendant at a major airline.

Although Dave's fiery personality may have gotten him into hot water more than once, he has a knack for reading people which has helped him through the rough spots. His innate intelligence has been honed through years of playing strategy games and his body benefits from the martial arts, biking and hiking he enjoys in his spare time.

Dave is currently teaching fitness and nutrition to people who want to lose weight and improve their health. "It took me a long time to sort out my own health issues and if I can help others get healthy, then it will be worth it." Dave is the most physically fit he has ever been and he is counting on the element of surprise to propel him to the top of this game.

After spending 10 years on the road, this journeyman says, "I've never been terribly concerned with money. I've always been more interested in making my life a rich experience. Having said that, I can do anything for a million dollars because that will set me up for life."

Dave is single and currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif. His birth date is August 13.[1]


Dave was initially placed on the Galu tribe. When both tribes were asked to pick a Tribe Leader during the marooning, Dave picked Russell Swan, who was elected Galu's leader. Dave was visibly shocked when Russell S. picked Shambo Waters as the smartest person on Galu, which even shocked and worried Shambo herself. However, it wasn't Shambo screwing up the puzzle but it was actually John Fincher doing terribly on the swimming portion of the challenge which put Galu behind. Dave was annoyed with John's performance and wanted to vote him out. However, despite the rough start, Galu went on an winning streak starting with the first Immunity Challenge.

When Galu lost immunity for the first time on Day 11, the tribe decided to vote out Yasmin Giles because of her doing nothing at camp in a 8-2 vote. At the next Reward Challenge, Dave faced off against Foa Foa's Ashley Trainer. Dave was able to finish his "sea slug guts smoothie" while Ashley was unable to swallow hers, giving Galu the win and the Survivor barbecue. Unfortunately, it started raining and the rain lasted for days. This did not stop Galu from winning immunity again.

On Day 15, host Jeff Probst announced that both tribes was competing for pizza but would both vote out a member that night at a Double Tribal Council. Dave was concerned for Russell S., who was working hard at camp. Russell S. competed but he fainted in during the challenge and the challenge was cancelled. Still prepared to vote out someone, the men decided to get Shambo on their side so they can vote out Monica Padilla because of being the weakest and her closeness with Laura Morett. However, it was unnecessary as Russell S. was evacuated and the vote was cancelled. The men voted Shambo as the new leader to further drive her to their side, which angered the other women. Galu won the next two challenges, keeping Dave safe from elimination.

On Day 19, the tribes merged into the Aiga tribe and feasted. At the Immunity Challenge, Dave scored three points but lost to John who scored five. After the challenge, John and Erik Cardona came to Dave with a plan to vote out Monica. Dave thought it was crazy to vote out Monica over the Foa Foa Four. However, Erik was the one voted out due to a last minute gaffe before Tribal Council. Dave was on the winning team for the Reward Challenge along with John, Monica, Shambo, and Kelly Sharbaugh. While on reward at a natural waterslide, Monica found a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. The group decided to not tell former Foa Foas about this, especially Russell Hantz, who they wanted out. Laura won her second immunity. Before the vote, Galu talked about who to vote out. Although Russell H. was the main target, Monica wanted to vote against Natalie White in case Russell H. found another idol. Despite Monica's idea, Galu, including Shambo spammed their votes on Russell H. who did had the idol and Kelly was blindsided in a 7-4 vote.

When Aiga returned to camp, Dave praised Russell H. for his good move. At the Reward Challenge, Dave was teamed with Laura, Natalie, Russell H., and Brett Clouser. They won the challenge and a trip to picnic with a smartphone to take pictures. When browsing the phone, Russell H. discover a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. When they gotten back to camp, Russell H. immediately started searching for the idol. Dave tried to keep up with Russell H. but was unable to. At the Immunity Challenge, Dave accidentally hit Monica's tile, allowing her to advance to the final. However, it was Mick Trimming who won immunity. Dave and Laura talked to John about voting out Russell H. but John said Natalie because she was the least likely to have the idol. The vote was initially a 5-5 tie, but John flipped at the revote, eliminating Laura.

The next day had the Survivor Auction. Dave did not spend anything. After the auction, Dave argued with Shambo about how to cook the chicken for dinner. At the Immunity Challenge, Dave tried his hardest but lost immunity to Jaison Robinson, who had purchased an advantage at the auction. Shambo told the others she wanted Dave voted out. Dave was worried about getting the boot because of his performance. However, Russell H. wanted John out because being a strategic threat. Dave obliged because he wanted to vote out John because of the latter's betrayal. John was voted out that night in a 7-1-1 vote with Dave getting a vote from Shambo due to their argument. Shambo was stunned John was voted out over Dave. On Day 32, There was another Immunity Challenge. Dave scored higher than Mick, advancing him to the next round. However, he lost to Jaison who won immunity over Shambo. Dave was once again worried about being voted out. In an last ditch effort, Dave wanted to make Russell H. paranoid and look for cracks. Thanks to Monica, Russell H. considered voting out Shambo. Unfortunately for Dave, Russell H. stuck to the plan and decided to vote out Dave. Dave was unanimously voted out of the game, leaving Shambo happy.

At the Final Tribal Council, Dave asked the finalists about what are their chances of winning. Mick said a 20-25% chance, Natalie said a 30-40% chance and praised her for a good game. Russell H. said he had about a 55% chance. When the vote came, Dave voted for Natalie to win.

Voting History

Dave's Voting History
Episode Dave's
Voted Against
1 Galu Tribe Immune
2 Galu Tribe Immune
3 Galu Tribe Immune
4 Yasmin -
5 Galu Tribe Immune
6 No Vote
7 Galu Tribe Immune
8 Erik -
9 Russell H.1 -
10 Natalie;
12 John Shambo
13 Shambo Brett, Jaison, Mick, Monica,
Natalie, Russell H., Shambo
Voted Out, Day 31
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Tastes Like Chicken", Russell H. used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Dave's vote against him.
^2 In "The Day of Reckoning", the vote ended with a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie, forcing a revote. Dave did not change his vote on the revote.


  • On January 9, 2010, Dave attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Dave was an alternate contestant for China.[2]
  • Host Jeff Probst always referred to Dave by his full name.
  • Dave lost 18 lbs. during his time in Samoa.[3]


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