Darren Maule is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina.


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Claim to Fame: Actor and comedian Darren Maule started his career in the entertainment industry when he joined a live daily soap drama for Radio Punt called Seepbel. From there he flexed his comedy muscles, doing stand-up comedy as well as physical theatre being one half of a comedy duo mime act. Television viewers have experienced his wit and humour in the day-time show PlayTV and a more risqué late-night programme, which is currently in development.
Age: 30s
Home Life: Married, three children.
Charity: The Wesley Flavell Heart Foundation which raises funds for a small child who was born with three heart chambers instead of the usual four. This has rendered his body immobile and unable to separate oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.
Factoid: Another achievement in Darren's career is when he became the voice of Cassie Fenwick (a real-time live interactive animated character). At home, he's the master-chef.
Why he could win: Humour can go a long way in winning friends. So can good food!

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Darren's Voting History
Episode Darren's
Voted Against
1 Timbila Tribe Immune
2 Cindy -
3 Timbila Tribe Immune
4 Sandi -
5 Louw Ashley, Izak, Kaseran,
Louw, ProVerb, Sandi
Voted Out, Day 12




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