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Danielle DiLorenzo is a contestant from Survivor: Panama and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

In Panama, Danielle was best known for her rivalry with Shane Powers, fire-making tiebreaker challenge victory over her ally Cirie Fields, betrayal to Terry Deitz, and being a member of the Casaya Alliance. Her having immunity in the final 3 would prove to be the hindrance in her game, as she would lose votes for eliminating either Aras Baskauskas or Terry. She made it to the Final Tribal Council, where she ultimately lost to her ally Aras in a 5-2 vote.

In Heroes vs. Villains, she was a member of Russell's Villains Alliance which was initially the minority alliance. However, after managing to blindside Rob's Villains Alliance member Tyson Apostol, her alliance was able to get the numbers and become the majority. At the final 7 however, her ally Russell Hantz noticed her close relationship with her ally Parvati Shallow. Feeling that Danielle was a threat to his alliance with Parvati, he turned the vote on her and convinced the remaining Heroes and Villains member Jerri Manthey to eliminate Danielle, resulting in her narrow 4-3 blindside.


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Born and raised just outside of Boston, Danielle DiLorenzo grew up the eldest of three children in a small town called Lynnfield. She attended the Winthrop Gymnastics Academy, Massachusetts, where she competed for eight years and won many awards. At Lynnfield High School, she played varsity soccer, basketball and track. An athlete and fierce competitor, DiLorenzo set high school state records in track and was captain of both her track and soccer teams. At 16, DiLorenzo was selected to represent the United States at the World Gothia Cup and traveled to Germany, Sweden and Austria. Additionally, she worked with the Ford Modeling Agency, participating in fashion shows in the Boston area.

DiLorenzo was then recruited to play Division One soccer at Quinnipiac University, where she studied marketing. Unfortunately, a knee injury during pre-season kept her from playing her first year. She decided to transfer to Northeastern University, where she eventually earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business with a concentration in both finance and marketing. After graduation, DiLorenzo moved to Florida, where she currently works for a medical sales company. Her proudest accomplishment to date is the purchase of her first home in Boca Raton, Florida.

DiLorenzo's regular workout routine includes kickboxing and soccer. Her favorite hobbies include dancing, traveling and listening to all kinds of music. She describes herself as driven, intelligent, vivacious, strong-minded, athletic, genuine and good-hearted. She never shies away from a discussion on the New England Patriots or the Boston Red Sox. Her hero is her grandfather, because he always enjoyed discovering new things. He was a politician, a schoolteacher for children with special needs, a loving father and husband and an awesome grandfather.

Danielle DiLorenzo currently resides in Pompano Beach, Florida. Her birth date is June 3, 1981.[1]

Danielle DiLorenzo (26)

Tribe: Villains
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Personal Claim To Fame: "Playing on an international soccer team representing the U.S in a European league playing in the Gothia Cup in Germany."
Inspiration in Life: "My grandfather."
Previous Finishes: Panama: Runner-Up
Favorite Past Moment: "Beating Cirie in the fire building challenges."
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands, Micronesia)
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: Russell Hantz (Samoa)

Why Did She Come Back?: "I had such an amazing experience the first time I played the game and the competitive edge in me also screamed, 'I have a good chance because I came so close last time.'"[2]



Being 24 at the time, Danielle was placed on the Bayoneta tribe, which consisted of younger women. Danielle was pumped when she learned that they had a challenge right off the bat. She would represent the tribe for the challenge. However, Danielle came in last and one of the younger women had to be on Exile Island. Danielle said that she should be "exiled" because she lost the challenge. However, the other girls decided to do rock-paper-scissors to decides who stays. That person would be Misty Giles. When the women arrived at the campsite, they had a hard time deciding where to build the shelter. This annoyed Sally SchumannCourtney Marit found a dead sea turtle and associated with motherhood. Danielle thought Courtney was dramatizing stuff and viewed the sea turtle as dead. Despite the problems at camp, the women rallied together to place first at the Immunity Challenge.

On the morning of Day 4, Courtney and Sally managed to get papaya for the tribe. Later, the castaways gather and all of them stand on a disc. The one Danielle picked had a purple buff under it, making her the captain in a Schoolyard Pick for the Casaya tribe. Her first pick was "The cool dude with the Boston Tattoo" (Shane Powers). He would pick Courtney to be on the new tribe. Casaya lost the immediate Reward Challenge to La MinaCirie Fields showed the newcomers around the Casaya camp. Shane quickly gathered Danielle, Courtney, and Aras Baskauskas to form an alliance. Casaya lost the Immunity Challenge. Shane announced he wanted to quit, shocking his alliance. Aras was able to calm Shane down. However, Aras told Cirie and Melinda Hyder to their faces that one of them was going to be voted out. Despite disagreeing with Aras telling the women they were being voted out, Melinda was voted out in a 5-2 vote. Bruce Kanegai would then replace her on the tribe.

Bruce immediately offered up his knowledge of wilderness experience to the tribe. He made a filtration system for water and he boosted the morale of the tribe. However, Bruce was exiled again when La Mina won the Reward Challenge. Shane later yelled at Courtney and Danielle about sitting in his thinking seat. In the Immunity Challenge, Danielle competed in the first and final rounds of the challenge. She and her partners in the rounds were able to win and give Casaya its first victory. This would be the start of a winning streak for Casaya. This did not gloss over the intertribal dynamics. Danielle and Courtney would still get in conflict with Shane, like over the former's lack of work ethic. Danielle was annoyed with Bobby Mason when he used the bathroom when it was decided to be used as a storage shed for the firewood. She was also frustrated by Bobby's lack of gentlemanly behavior.

On Day 12, After winning the Reward Challenge, Casaya returned to a flooded camp. Bruce cut the fish that was won in the challenge like sashimi. At the next Immunity Challenge, La Mina finally ended its losing streak. Shane was quick to nominate Bobby because of fears he would flip to his original Viveros tribemates on La Mina (which Bobby said he would do when in the outhouse, drinking wine with Bruce). However, Aras changed the target to Bruce under the argument that they can't control him. Not liking this, Danielle convinced the women to vote out Bobby. They tried to get Shane, but he already swore to Bobby on his son's life that he was going to the final six. At Tribal Council, the women got their way and Bobby was voted out in 3-2-1-1 vote. After Tribal Council when the tribe was asleep, Shane scolded Danielle for voting personally and wanted out of the alliance. She told him to shut up and they will talk about this in the morning. Later, Shane asked to have his son's name back and be released from the alliance, which the girls quickly agreed to. The challenge was for both immunity and a trip to a local village. Casaya was able to win due to La Mina botching the puzzle. Danielle enjoyed seeing the smiles of the kids' faces. Shane also apologized for his behavior.

When they returned, Courtney and Danielle wanted Shane out. The tribes merged. The men from La Mina, Terry DeitzNick Stanbury, and Austin Carty, were rowing towards the Casaya beach. The tribe quickly ate the rice they had and Shane rallied them against La Mina. Sally soon arrived from Exile Island. The main target, La Mina's leader, Terry, won immunity. After debating their options, Casaya voted out Nick in a 6-4 vote. At the next Reward Challenge, Danielle was teamed with Cirie and Courtney. They fell behind early and couldn't catch up. The women helped the team of Aras, Bruce, and Sally win the challenge though. However, Danielle was exiled along with Austin. Torrential rains make life miserable for the pair. However, they soon find something in common and become friends. At the Immunity Challenge, Danielle was eliminated in the second round, ultimately ending with Terry winning immunity. La Mina tried to get her and Bruce to flip, pointing out that Shane said that they would be the first two to go when the former La Mina is gone. Terry even offered to give Danielle his Hidden Immunity Idol. Despite the offer, Danielle and Bruce stayed with Casaya and voted out Austin.

Danielle wondered if the idol that Terry showed her was real or not. The next Reward Challenge was for videos from home and PB&J sandwiches. Danielle was teamed with Aras, Cirie, and Shane. Because of some mishaps, Danielle's team lost. Shane tried to cheer up the women by saying the challenge was a big one to lose. The winners also received their Luxury Items, upsetting Danielle further. At the Immunity Challenge, the castaways were given the option of competing or eating burgers and fries. Like most of her alliance, Danielle chose to eat. Terry won his third Immunity Challenge in a row. At Tribal Council, Danielle says that there is going to be a challenge that Terry can't win. Casaya then proceeded to vote out Sally.

At the next Tree Mail, the tribe received dolls for the Reward Challenge, the three strikes challenge (In this case, the questions were based on the tribe's opinion of one another). At the Reward Challenge, Danielle was deemed to do the least for the tribe. She was the third person knocked out of the challenge. Cirie won the challenge and brought Aras and Danielle because they would be the most fun to be with. While at reward, the trio laughed at Courtney's reactions during the challenge and her relationship with Shane. They also pitied Bruce who had stomach pains and had to deal with Shane and Courtney's arguing. When the trio returned, they learned that Bruce had to leave camp due to constipation. It was later revealed that Bruce would not be returning to the game.

Danielle thought that Shane's BlackBerry (a piece of wood) was crazy. Danielle, along with Courtney and Terry won the Reward Challenge for a barbecue. The trio also participated in a second Reward Challenge for a car, which Terry won. Terry tried to form a final three alliance with the women. Courtney was on board, but Danielle had her reservations. She talked to Terry and agreed that the person who places last at the Final Immunity Challenge would be voted out. Danielle was the third person out of the challenge, which Terry won. Danielle would become the deciding vote between Aras and Courtney. Danielle cast the pivotal vote against Courtney, blindsiding her. Danielle received a vote from Shane, who was under the false pretense that she was going out.

At the Reward Challenge, the winner would decide how the castaways would spend time with their Loved Ones. Danielle was the third out of the challenge, that Terry won. In retaliation for not voting with him, Terry exiled Danielle and prevented her from interacting with her mom. Although the weather was much more pleasant, she was still disappointed that she didn't get to spent time with her mom. Terry set a record by winning five Immunity Challenges in a row. Aras came to Danielle and said he is done with Shane due to him wanting to take Courtney to the final two. Danielle received Shane's vote, while he was blindsided. At the next Reward Challenge, Aras won. He chose to bring Cirie with him, causing Danielle and Terry to be exiled. Because of Aras' decision, Danielle decided to align herself with Terry. They form a final two pact and would vote out Aras next. However, things were complicated when Aras won immunity. Anticipating a tie between herself and Cirie, Danielle tried to get Terry to give her the idol. However, all he did was give her firemaking tips. Fortunately, Danielle was able to beat Cirie in the tiebreaker challenge, eliminating the latter.

In the final Reward Challenge, Danielle was unable to keep up with the men. Terry won that challenge and received a meal and a night's rest on a cot to nourish him for the Final Immunity Challenge. Aras talked to Danielle and told her that one of them must win the Final Immunity Challenge to vote out Terry. Danielle believed the challenge was about willpower and she wouldn't give up. At the Rites of Passage, the final three burned the skull on Exile Island. Danielle won the Final Immunity Challenge. Not expecting to be in his position, Danielle had a hard choosing who to take to the finals with her. Both men made their cases to her. At Tribal Council, Danielle decided to vote out Terry. On Day 39, Aras hurt himself while walking on the beach. Danielle was grossed out by the wound when it was treated.

At Final Tribal Council, Danielle said in her opening statement that she wanted to be herself and do the best she could do. She added that she hoped that the jury makes the right decision. In the end, Danielle lost the game to Aras in a 5-2 vote. She earned the votes of Bruce because of their bond and Shane because of guessing a closer number to his.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Bayoneta Skull Crush Reward No Lost
4x4 Immunity No 1st
Switched Tribes, Day 4
2 Casaya A Reptile Dysfunction Reward No Lost
Anchor Management Immunity No Lost
3 Cross Fire Reward No Lost
Battle Dig Immunity No Won
4 Puzzle Paranoia Reward No Won
Sea Level, Tree Level Immunity No Won
5 For Cod's Sake Reward Yes Won
Buried at Sea Immunity No Lost
6 In-Cog-Neato Reward/Immunity No Won
Tribes Merged, Day 16
8 Gitanos Vampire Bats Immunity Lost
9 Rock the Boat Reward Lost
Ups and Downs Immunity Lost
10 Get Hooked Reward Lost
Marine Memory Immunity Yes1 Lost
11 Voo Doo Reward Invited
12 The Key of Sea Reward2 Won
Hold Your Own Immunity Lost
13 Second Chance Reward Lost
Vertigo Immunity Lost
14 Station By Station Reward Lost
Puzzle Dig Immunity Lost
15 Wall to Wall Reward Lost
Balance of Power Immunity Won
Runner-Up, Day 39
^1 Danielle elected to sit out of the challenge to eat hamburgers.
^2 This was a two-part Reward Challenge. The members of the team that won the first part of the challenge were eligible to compete in the second part for another reward.

Episode Danielle's
Voted Against
1 Bayoneta Tribe Immune
2 Melinda -
3 Casaya Tribe Immune
4 Casaya Tribe Immune
5 Bobby -
6 Casaya Tribe Immune
8 Nick -
9 Austin -
10 Sally -
11 No Tribal Council
12 Courtney Shane
13 Shane Shane
14 Cirie Aras, Cirie1
15 Terry Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Danielle
Bruce, Shane
Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In "Call the Whambulence!", the vote ended with a 2-2 tie between Danielle and Cirie, forcing a fire-making tiebreaker. Danielle won the tiebreaker and remained in the game.

Heroes vs. Villains[]

Due to her betrayal of Terry in Panama, Danielle returned in Heroes vs. Villains as a member of the Villains tribe. Danielle was approached by Russell Hantz during the first few hours of the game in order to form an alliance. She agreed and together with Parvati, they formed an alliance of three. The alliance was in the minority of the Villains tribe, being opposed by a strong alliance of six. The Villains managed to win the first two Immunity Challenges, keeping Danielle's alliance from being tested. Despite their strength in challenges, the Villains struggled with camp life, having to constantly rebuild their shelter. Danielle celebrated with the rest of her tribe after winning a tarp at the second Immunity Challenge and congratulated Rob Mariano on leading the tribe to victory.

At the next Immunity Challenge, Danielle was paired up against Amanda Kimmel from the Heroes tribe. Danielle lost her round and the Villains went on to lose the challenge. Back at camp the tribe was split between voting out Randy Bailey for his weakness in challenges or Parvati for her potential as a threat. Danielle lobbied to keep her ally safe and voted for Randy, who was unanimously voted out. The Villains managed to regain their winning streak, winning the next two Immunity Challenges. After Jeff Probst revealed that the next Tribal Council would be a Double Tribal Council, Danielle's alliance would finally be tested. The majority alliance planned on splitting their votes between Parvati and Russell, while Danielle's alliance planned to vote out Tyson Apostol, Rob's closest ally, as Rob has won immunity. Danielle was convinced that one of her allies was going to be eliminated, however after Tyson changed his vote and Russell played his Hidden Immunity Idol, her alliance survived and Tyson was blindsided instead.

After surviving the last Tribal Council, Danielle celebrated along with Parvati and Russell. The rest of the tribe could hear their celebrations and wondered how they could be so confident despite still being in the minority. Although initially skeptic, Danielle tried to convince Jerri Manthey to join her alliance. Jerri showed interest in working with them, but remained noncommittal. After losing the Immunity Challenge Danielle talks with Coach about voting out Courtney Yates, who struggled at the Immunity Challenge. However, after finding out Rob was targeting Russell, Russell wanted to vote out Rob instead. Danielle questioned whether this was a smart decision as Rob was one of the strongest members of the tribe. At Tribal Council, Danielle admits that she thinks voting out Tyson strengthened the tribe and brought them together. In the end, Danielle's alliance managed to convince Jerri to join them and they managed to vote out Rob in a 4-3-1 vote.

Now finally in a majority position Danielle laughed openly at how fun Tribal Council was. After reading Tree Mail for the next challenge the Villains became convinced that they would be merging. They packed up their camp and brought everything they thought might be important to the challenge, only to be told by Jeff that they would not be merging. At camp Danielle got in a shouting match with Sandra Diaz-Twine and Courtney Yates over the bad decision to sit them out of the Reward Challenge. In a confessional Sandra revealed her hatred for Danielle. Russell revealed his desire to get rid of Coach if the Villains lose the next challenge. Danielle disagreed, believing that getting rid of Sandra or Courtney would be smarter. Their disagreement lead to a shouting match between Russell and Danielle, which ends in name calling and Russell walking off in anger. Danielle later talks about her annoyance at Russell having to control everything and admits that she is up in the air about what to do. Although Russell comes to Danielle and expresses that he may be willing to vote out Courtney, at Tribal Council Danielle joined the women and voted out Coach. Ironically Russell voted for Courtney while Danielle voted for Coach.

Jerri came to Danielle and admitted that she was worried about being on the outs of the tribe after voting for Courtney as the last Tribal Council, but Danielle manages to convince her that she is safe. The Villains won the next Reward Challenge and while on reward Parvati managed to find the clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. Parvati shared the clue with Danielle to solidify the friendship between them and together decide to keep the clue from Russell. The two women woke up early the next day and found the Idol near the roots of a tree. The Villains once again lost the Immunity Challenge and the threesome of Danielle, Russell and Parvati had to decide between voting out Courtney or Sandra. Russell also revealed that J.T. Thomas from the Heroes tribe gave him the Heroes Hidden Immunity Idol at the last challenge and a letter saying that Russell should vote out Parvati. At Tribal Council Danielle's alliance decided that Courtney was a bigger liability and voted her out.

Danielle and Parvati went to retrieve Tree Mail, which revealed that they had reached the merge. The Villains quickly pack up their camp and everyone except Sandra meet and discuss how they will convince J.T. and the rest of the Heroes to trust Russell when they merge. After forming the Yin Yang tribe Danielle comforts Parvati after none of the Heroes want to talk to her and agree to play along with the Heroes overconfidence. Danielle and Parvati unintentionally upset the ex-Heroes by eating their plantains. At the first Individual Immunity Challenge, Danielle outlasted Parvati to win immunity. As the Heroes and Villains are tied at five members each both tribes tried to think of ways to gain the majority. The Heroes were convinced that they could trust Russell, so they got Russell to tell the Heroes to vote for Parvati. At Tribal Council, after being warned by Sandra, the Heroes voted for Jerri. However, Parvati played both her Idol, and the Idol Russell gave her on Sandra and Jerri. This nullified the Heroes voted and gave the Villains the majority as they successfully voted out J.T..

The Heroes began to notice the alliance of Russell, Parvati, and Danielle and planned on breaking it up. At the Reward Challenge, the team of Colby Donaldson, Amanda, and Danielle won. They won a trip to the Robert Louis Stevenson house and got to watch Treasure Island. While eating popcorn, Danielle discovered a clue to the next Hidden Immunity Idol. Amanda tried to steal the clue from Danielle, which lead to a fight between the two. Colby told Amanda to give the clue back to Danielle. Back at camp Danielle shared her Idol clue with her alliance and later Russell found the Idol at a stream. The Heroes become convinced that Danielle found the Idol, which made them weary of targeting her. At Tribal Council Danielle voted for Amanda because of their earlier fight and for Amanda being the smartest Hero left.

Now that the Villains had a clear majority over the Heroes they decided to split the votes between Candice Woodcock and Colby. Their plan worked and Candice was voted out at the next Tribal Council. Russell became jealous of how close Danielle and Parvati had become and told both Danielle and Parvati that the other one was targeting them. Danielle didn't believe Russell and talked to Parvati about his accusations. After finding out that Russell had made up everything they figured out that Russell was planning on voting one Danielle next. Danielle and Parvati scrambled to keep Danielle safe and talk to Sandra and Jerri about sticking with them and voting out Rupert Boneham. Although both agree, as voting out the Heroes makes the most sense to them, at Tribal Council Danielle reveals that Jerri was never part of their original alliance, which causes Jerri to lose trust in her. Russell began to attack and insult Danielle, eventually causing her to break down in tears. Danielle put the final nail in her coffin by telling Russell that her and Parvati were closer than he thought, leading her to be blindsided in a 4-3 vote.

At the Final Tribal Council, Danielle starts by congratulating the Final Three on how far they have come. She then berated Russell for his lack of jury management and asked him if he would change anything about his game if he could. After Russell answered that he would not change anything, Danielle told him that no one respected him. Danielle voted for Parvati to win due to their friendship and for overcoming major odds.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Villains Battle Dig Reward No Lost
Lock, Load and Light Immunity No Won
2 A Crate Idea Reward/Immunity No Won
3 Sumo in Mud Reward/Immunity No Lost
4 Slip, Slide & Score Reward No Won
Roll With It Immunity No Won
5 Schmergen Brawl Reward No Won
Blind Cube Crisis Immunity Yes Won
6 Rope-a-Dope1 Immunity No Lost
Reward Yes Won
7 Basket Brawl Reward No Lost
Caught in the Web Immunity Yes Lost
8 Fauxconut Bowling Reward No Lost
Mud Slide Immunity Yes Lost
9 Chimney Sweep Reward No Won
Strung Out Immunity No Lost
Tribes Merged, Day 25
10 Yin Yang Get a Grip Immunity Won
11 Pacific Shuffle Reward Won
House of Cards Immunity Lost
12 When It Rains, It Pours Immunity Lost
Pegatory Knockout Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 33
^1 The tribes competed in separate individual Immunity Challenges where the winners from both tribes competed against each other for tribal reward.

Episode Danielle's
Voted Against
1 Villains Tribe Immune
2 Villains Tribe Immune
3 Randy -
4 Villains Tribe Immune
5 Villains Tribe Immune
6 Tyson -
7 Rob -
8 Coach -
9 Courtney -
10 J.T. Individual Immunity
11 Amanda -
12 Rupert -
Rupert Colby, Jerri,
Rupert, Russell
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Danielle appeared in the low-budget film 180, also starring her Villains tribe mate Coach Wade. She plays Coach's character Gavin Larson's manager Tuesday.[3]
  • Danielle has a role in the movie, The Black Russian.[4]
Sas 2603 21
  • On January 9, 2010, Danielle attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of her Heroes vs. Villains cast mates.
  • She was a guest on the third episode of the Survivor After Show (which is hosted by Parvati Shallow) in 2013.
  • She starred in a show called Epic Adventures, where she traveled around the world and discovered what adventures different locations had in store.[5]
  • Danielle married Ryan Nath on April 29, 2019.[6][7] They have a son, Liam, who was born in May 2021.


  • Danielle is the youngest member of Bayoneta and by extension, the youngest woman to compete on Panama.
  • Danielle is the only woman to win individual immunity in Panama.
  • Danielle is currently the only person to ever cast a vote against Terry Deitz
  • Danielle and Aras Baskauskas are the first group of finalists who were the same age as each other. They would be followed by Austin Li Coon, Dee Valladares, and Jake O'Kane in Survivor 45.
  • Danielle was a replacement in Heroes vs. Villains for Corinne Kaplan.[8]
  • Danielle received exactly four votes against her in both of her seasons.
  • In each season Danielle played in, she won only one individual immunity.
  • ​ In both of Danielle's seasons there has been a blue starting tribe and a black merged tribe.
  • ​ Danielle is the only person to reach the merge in Heroes vs Villains to have not played at least three times.
  • ​ Danielle is the only person to reach the merge in Heroes vs. Villains to never cast a vote against Jerri Manthey.
  • On both her seasons, Danielle did not receive a vote against her until the 12th episode. 
  • Danielle lost 5 lbs. in Heroes vs. Villains.[9]


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