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Dangrayne is the merged tribe of Kalabaw and Tandang from Survivor: Philippines.

The tribe was created when the two surviving tribes of Kalabaw and Tandang merged on Day 17 at the abandoned Matsing beach. Their tribe color is black.


 Abi-Maria Gomes
S25 abimaria t.png
 Artis Silvester
S25 artis t.png
 Carter Williams
S25 carter t.png
 Denise Stapley
S25 denise t.png
 Jeff Kent
S25 jeff t.png
 Jonathan Penner
S25 jonathan t.png
 Lisa Whelchel
S25 lisa t.png
 Malcolm Freberg
S25 malcolm t.png
 Michael Skupin
S25 michael t.png
 Pete Yurkowski
S25 pete t.png
 RC Saint-Amour
S25 rc t.png

Tribe History

On Day 17, the Kalabaw and Tandang tribes arrived at the old Matsing camp for the merge. The new tribe named themselves the "Dangrayne" tribe, in reference to the three weeks of almost endless rain.

Though outnumbered 7-4, Jeff Kent from Kalabaw continued to plot against the returning players Jonathan Penner, despite being a fellow Kalabaw, and Michael Skupin who was on the outs from the original Tandang tribe. Michael and fellow Tandang outsider RC Saint-Amour mulled over flipping to the Kalabaw minority, while the two former Matsing members Malcolm Freberg and Denise Stapley compared notes during the time they were separated. Unknown to Malcolm, Lisa Whelchel, who was washing everyone's clothes, accidentally found the Matsing Hidden Immunity Idol in Malcolm's shorts. Feeling the guilt, Lisa personally approached Malcolm and admitted her discovery. To keep Lisa mum of her knowledge about the idol, Malcolm begrudgingly offered her a final three deal with Denise.

The next morning, Jonathan admitted to Lisa that he recognized her being a former celebrity. Though not aligned with each other, Jonathan forged a friendship with Lisa and promised to keep her secret so. Later, Jonathan addressed to Michael about Jeff targeting them both, and assured him that his other Kalabaw tribemates, Carter Williams, and Denise were tight with him. Michael returned to RC to share his new information, leaving RC perplexed.

After Carter and Denise won the first individual Immunity Challenge on Day 19, the only vulnerable ex-Kalabaw members were Jeff and Jonathan. This prompted Jeff to throw Jonathan under the bus though Michael. Michael told Jeff that he was adamant in overthrowing the ruling members of the Tandang Alliance, Abi-Maria Gomes, Artis Silvester, and Pete Yurkowski, but Jeff admitted that he actually wanted to turn on Jonathan. Regardless, Michael assured Jeff that he had his back. At Tribal Council, a new experience for the original Tandang members as they never went to Tribal Council pre-merge, RC acknowledged that Tandang was not as tight as everyone made it out to be, while Abi-Maria continued to chew on RC for her alleged mishandling of the Tandang Hidden Immunity Idol clue. As the topic of the Hidden Immunity Idols was raised, Malcolm was relieved to hear Pete saying Matsing's was gone. Sensing he was in danger, Jonathan drew his Hidden Immunity Idol before the votes were read, rendering him safe. The vote turned out to be a 5-4-2 split vote between Jonathan, RC and, Pete, but because of Jonathan's idol play, RC's four votes were enough to send her to the jury.

Upset by how the vote went completely against his way, Jonathan confronted Jeff and Carter while Denise admitted she voted for him. While satisfied by Jonathan being powerless without his idol, Jeff found himself vulnerable siding with the Tandang Alliance. Michael, however, comforted his fellow returnee, though Jonathan remained unraveled.



  • Dangrayne is the first merged tribe where more than half of its members never attended Tribal Council prior to the merge.
  • Dangrayne is the first merged tribe to be comprised of 11 members.
  • Although not revealed on the show, Denise Stapley revealed in her Facebook fan page that the tribes merged and lived the rest of their days in the game at the old Matsing camp.
  • Dangrayne is the first merged tribe that Michael Skupin has been a part of in his two seasons.


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