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Daniel "Dan" Spilo is a contestant from Survivor: Island of the Idols.


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Age: 48
Hometown: New York City
Current residence: Los Angeles
Occupation: Talent Manager
Hobbies: Adventure travel, movies, and fitness.
Pet peeves: Trouble dealing with stubborn people but I respect EQ as much as IQ, ignorance, and close-mindedness.
Three words to describe you: Hardworking, articulate, and charming.
What accomplishment are you most proud of? Raising two loving, considerate boys, and working hard to keep a marriage fun, loving, and passionate for 20 years.
Who or what is your inspiration in life? I don't have a hero, per se—Jane Goodall and people like her who have a selfless devotion to something in the way she did. The way she illuminated the life of chimpanzees, and never let anything get in her way, is heroic to me.
What's one thing we wouldn't know from seeing a photo of you? That I am a big softy. As my first client always reminds me, I cried at Finding Nemo.
Which Survivor contestant are you most like? Crowley and Kwon because of background, Westman and Boston Rob for social gameplay, and Cochran because he's freaking cool and weird.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I think I have the basic, if not superior, physicality to be useful to the Tribe. More importantly, I have an incredible ability to know what people need and to make them feel good, and to make myself critical in their success.[2]


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Voting History

Dan's Voting History
Episode Dan's
Voted Against
1 Vokai Tribe Immune
2 Molly -
3 Vokai Tribe Immune
4 Vokai Tribe Immune
5 Vokai Tribe Immune
6 Elaine -
7 Vokai Tribe Immune
8 Kellee Jamal, Janet,
Karishma, Kellee, Noura
Jamal -
9 Aaron -
10 Elizabeth;
11 Noura -
12 Noura -
Ejected, Day 362

^1 In Bring On the Bacon, the vote ended with a 1-1-0 tie between Elizabeth and Janet, forcing a revote. Dan did not change his vote at the revote.
^2 In Just Go for It, Dan was ejected from the game as a result of repeated inappropriate touching.



  • Dan is the oldest man on the original Vokai tribe.
  • Dan had applied for David vs. Goliath and was cast for Edge of Extinction, but was unable to compete on the latter season as he had broke his foot days before filming.[3]
  • Dan is the first Survivor contestant to be ejected from the game.
    • As a result, he is the first contestant to be eliminated during the jury stage, but not become a juror.
    • He is the second contestant to be eliminated during the jury stage and not be a part of the final jury, following Neal Gottlieb who was originally part of Kaôh Rōng's jury but was removed from it on Day 38 due to the Juror Removal twist.


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