Dabu is the merged tribe of Airai and Malakal from Survivor: Micronesia. Their tribe color was green.

Largely controlled by the all-female Black Widow Brigade, Dabu saw the first all-female final four after a series of devastating blindsides.


 Alexis Jones
S16 alexis t
 Amanda Kimmel
S16 amanda t
 Cirie Fields
S16 cirie t
 Eliza Orlins
S16 eliza t
 Erik Reichenbach
S16 erik t
 James Clement
S16 james t
 Jason Siska
S16 jason t
 Natalie Bolton
S16 natalie t
 Ozzy Lusth
S16 ozzy t
 Parvati Shallow
S16 parvati t

Tribe History

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  • Erik Reichenbach tricked his tribemates to believe that "Dabu" meant "good" in Micronesian, but through an email conversation, Erik confirmed that the merged tribe name was inspired by the video game franchise Warcraft, where "Dabu" is an expression of agreement.[1][2]
  • Erik also designed and painted the tribe flag.
  • Dabu is one of five merged tribes to enter the merge with exactly half of the entire cast remaining. The other four tribes were Chuay Jai, Chaboga Mogo, Nobag, and Yin Yang.


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