Cut Off the Head of the Snake is the ninth episode of Survivor: Caramoan.


Day 23

On Day 23, Malcolm planned to split the vote with Reynold and Eddie. He tried to convince Sherri and Dawn to get the others to go along with his idea, but Dawn planned on voting Malcolm out instead.

Day 24

Day 25

At the Day 25 Immunity Challenge, the remaining 11 competed for immunity. Eventually, Brenda won using a handmade (literally) snorkel. Eddie flirted with Andrea back into the game, and Reynold foolishly handed his idol to Malcolm so he could get rid of the idol. The original target of the Stealth R Us 2.0 alliance was Malcolm, but Andrea felt that Malcolm would use a Hidden Immunity Idol, so she frantically convinced her alliance to vote off Michael minutes before Tribal Council. Malcolm had no votes at all, upsetting the mistaken Reynold. Eventually, Michael Snow was blindsided by Phillip's dominating alliance. 


Challenge: Jump Shot
One member of each team will be the defender standing on a perch in the water while one at a time, members of the other tribe leap off a platform into the water and attempt to throw a ball past the defender and into the net. The first tribe to get four balls in the net wins.
Reward: A trip down a waterfall and a picnic lunch.
Winner: Purple Team (Eddie Fox, Erik Reichenbach, John Cochran, Michael Snow, and Reynold Toepfer)

Challenge: Last Gasp
The players must swim under a steel grate and stay above the water. As the tide rises, players will run out of breathing room. If the fear of drowning is too much, that person can bail out. The last person still under the grate wins the challenge.
Winner: Brenda Lowe

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Enil Edam
S26 michael t
Michael (7 votes)
S26 andrea tS26 brenda tS26 cochran t
S26 dawn tS26 erik tS26 phillip tS26 sherri t
Andrea, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Erik, Phillip, Sherri
S26 andrea t
Andrea (3 votes)
S26 eddie tS26 michael tS26 reynold t
Eddie, Michael, Reynold
S26 reynold t
Reynold (1 vote)
S26 malcolm t
S26 malcolm t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S26 michael bw
Michael Snow

Voting Confessionals

S26 malcolm t

(voting against Reynold) The idea was this was a throwaway vote. After Phillip's little speech, I don't know what's going on anymore. Hopefully, something goes according to plan.

Final Words

S26 michael bw

It has been a long, strange, weird, difficult journey. It's over. What can I say? I'm very disappointed. I wanted to go far and deep into the game, and I thought I could, but the Favorites are great players. They really are tight and they're playing hard and strong. I know it's gonna bust up eventually, but here I am. It's a bummer.

Still in the Running

S26 francesca bw
S26 allie bw
S26 hope bw
S26 shamar bw
S26 laura bw
S26 brandon bw
S26 matt bw
S26 julia bw
S26 corinne bw
S26 michael bw
Enil Edam
S26 andrea t
Enil Edam
S26 brenda t
Enil Edam
S26 cochran t
Enil Edam
S26 dawn t
Enil Edam
S26 eddie t
Enil Edam
S26 erik t
Enil Edam
S26 malcolm t
Enil Edam
S26 phillip t
Enil Edam
S26 reynold t
Enil Edam
S26 sherri t


Life at Ponderosa

Behind the Scenes


  • Erik and Brenda both competed in iterations of challenges they previously lost in their previous seasons.
  • This is the first time since "Down and Dirty" that Malcolm Freberg lost a Reward Challenge. He had won 12 consecutive rewards.
    • This is the first time Malcolm and Andrea Boehlke have lost a standalone Reward Challenge, excluding forfeitures.
    • Erik is now the only person this season to have won every Reward Challenge.


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