Cube Crisis (also known as Sled Zeppelin) is a recurring mental Survivor challenge.


The castaways would race to retrieve puzzle pieces and then assemble them into a cube. The first castaway to assemble the cube would win.

In Survivor: Ghost Island, the challenge was modified to be a tribal challenge. The tribes had to complete an obstacle course before retrieving massive puzzle pieces, which would be lugged with a sled to the puzzle station before the cube could be assembled.


In Thailand, when the castaways gathered for the Immunity Challenge, host Jeff Probst announced that the contestants would compete as a team with their loved ones. In the end, Ted Rogers, Jr. and his brother Aljuwan won, giving Ted immunity.

This challenge was later used as a Redemption Island duel in Redemption Island, where Matt Elrod defeated Kristina Kell and won his third duel, eliminating Kristina from the game.

It was used as the first Immunity Challenge in Ghost Island, where tribes would have to complete an obstacle course and transport two sets of three pieces using a sled before the cube could be assembled. Naviti took the lead during the sled-pulling portion and went on to win, sending Malolo to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"A Big Surprise... and Another"
Individual Immunity
(Family Visit)
S5 ted t
Ted Rogers, Jr.
Redemption Island
"We Hate Our Tribe"
Duel S22 matt t
Matt Elrod
Ghost Island
"Can You Reverse the Curse?"
Tribal Immunity S36 angela tS36 bradley tS36 chelsea t
S36 chris tS36 desiree tS36 domenick tS36 kellyn t
S36 morgan tS36 sebastian tS36 wendell t




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