Crocodile Rock is a recurring endurance challenge in Survivor. It originated in Survivor: Ghost Island and reappeared in Island of the Idols.


Castaways must pull up on a bar, with which they must try to keep a ball wedged between a set of jaws. If they release the bar, the lower jaw will fall, causing their ball to fall out. Once their ball falls, they are out. The last person remaining wins.


The challenge debuted in Ghost Island as an Immunity Challenge where the Lavita tribe was divided into two teams of five for a Double Elimination that evening. The last person standing on both teams would win immunity, and the last person standing overall would win reward for their team the right to vote second. Chelsea Townsend beat out Angela Perkins to win immunity on the purple team. However, Chelsea dropped out soon afterwards, giving the orange team the right to vote second. After nearly 45 minutes, Domenick Abbate outlasted Wendell Holland to win immunity on the orange team.

The challenge would later reappear in Island of the Idols, where before the challenge, host Jeff Probst offered the castaways breakfast food in exchange of not competing in the challenge. Most of the Lumuwaku tribe decided to sit out, with only Elizabeth Beisel, Karishma Patel, and Noura Salman choosing to compete. Karishma dropped out almost immediately after the challenge began. Noura then ultimately outlasted Elizabeth to win immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Ghost Island
"The Finish Line Is in Sight"
Individual Immunity S36 chelsea t
Chelsea Townsend
S36 domenick t
Domenick Abbate
Island of the Idols
"Bring On the Bacon"
Individual Immunity S39 noura t
Noura Salman




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