Crate Escape (also known as Social Network) is a recurring physical and mental challenge that originated in Survivor: South Pacific and was later used in Edge of Extinction. It is based on a Klotski puzzle.


Tribes must race through a series of obstacles before solving a Klotski puzzle. The first tribe to solve their puzzle and get their large crate on their finish platform wins.


The challenge first appeared as a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge in South Pacific where four members of each tribe had to unwind ribbons from a very tall pole to release a set of keys which would be used to free the other four tribe members. The other four members must then solve the puzzle, after which, the first four members could help them lift the final piece onto the finish platform. Upolu took an early lead into the puzzle, but Savaii managed to catch up, narrowly finishing their puzzle ahead of Upolu to win, sending Upolu to their first Tribal Council.

The challenge reappeared as the opening Reward/Immunity Challenge in Edge of Extinction, where each tribe had to first maneuver through a rope obstacle. One person then had to climb to the top of a rope to ring a bell, after which, each tribe then had to climb a rope ladder to a platform, where one tribe member must cross a three-tier balance beam. Once across the beam, they would then untie knots to make the balance beam wider for the rest of the tribe to cross. One person must then climb to the top of a crow's nest to release a slide. Once down the slide, six members then had to solve the puzzle. Kama pulled out ahead when most members of Manu had difficulty crossing the balance beam and under Julia Carter's direction, solved their puzzle first to win, sending Manu to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
South Pacific
"He Has Demons"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S23 cochran tS23 dawn tS23 elyse tS23 jim t
S23 keith tS23 mark tS23 ozzy tS23 whitney t
Edge of Extinction
"It Smells Like Success"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S38 aubry tS38 aurora tS38 eric t
S38 gavin tS38 joe tS38 julia t
S38 julie tS38 ron tS38 victoria t



  • Both times this challenge was used, a nine-member blue tribe competed and lost, resulting in their first visit to Tribal Council.


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