Craig I'Anson is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2016).

A strategic player, Craig was well known for being a part of Andrew Torrens's Vavau alliance. After the tribe dissolve, Craig remained loyal to his alliance until he decided to turn on his leader, Andrew. With Andrew gone, Craig took the new position as leader, but his downfall began soon after the tribe openly told Phoebe Timmins she was the target. Being seen as the mastermind, Craig was blindsided at the next Tribal Council in a 2-0 vote when Phoebe played her second Hidden Immunity Idol to save herself.


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Name (Age): Craig I'Anson (32)
Tribe Designation: Vavau
Current Residence: Brisbane, Queensland
Occupation: Recruitment Officer

Fit, strong and engaging, Craig calls a spade a spade. He loves nothing more than running faster and lifting more weights than his "macho" mates.

A senior recruitment officer for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Craig has been dreaming of being a Survivor castaway for many years. "Survivor has been an obsession and a passion of mine for 16 years. I love the tribal aspect of the show and I love the extremities you need to endure and test yourself against."

Craig has his own story of survival.

Following an accident in 2012, he was burned in a fire. With burns to 35% of his body, doctors told him he may never be able to go out in the sun again.

He proved them wrong after a few months.

Craig says: "I was burnt in a fire and spent 16 days in hospital. I had to rehabilitate myself and it was a very dark time but I learned how strong I really was. I learnt the lesson in life that no matter how dark and low times are, there is always a light."

Leaving behind his two "fur babies", that is, his dogs, Craig has also given up a massive European holiday with partner Tom to be on Australian Survivor. He does not regret his decision and says: "We will go on an even better holiday when I've won half a million dollars!"

When he's not planning Survivor domination, Craig loves to play Pokémon, do martial arts and watch good movies.[1]

Australian Survivor

Craig established an alliance with Andrew, Jenna-Louise, and Sue in the early days of the Vavau tribe. Nick was originally a part of the alliance but he was perceived untrustworthy due to an idol dilemma twist. At the first Tribal Council, Craig's alliance convinced rogue player Barry to vote with them to blindside Nick. However, at that double Tribal Council, Nick was not voted out but instead swapped to Saanapu. Due to the swap, Vavau gained Conner and Sam. Craig considered voted out the new members right away, but the tribe instead voted out Barry who was considered a wild card. A tribe dissolution saw Vavau lose Sam and Jenna-Louise and gain Kristie, Phoebe, Kat, and Rohan. From that point on, things started to fall apart for both Craig's alliance and the tribe. First, Phoebe played her idol so they failed to get Phoebe out and instead lost Rohan, one of the few strong players left in this new Vavau tribe. After Kat's elimination at the next tribe, Andrew went on a power tribe and seemed not to care that his tribe was losing challenges since he enjoyed voting players out. Phoebe and Kristie convinced Craig and Kate to vote out Andrew. This left Craig somewhat vulnerable, though he managed to do damage control and gained Kate, Conner, and Sue's trust in order to vote out Phoebe. Once again, Phoebe had the idol (possibly the same one Craig attempted to find) and with 2 votes, Craig was blindsided.

Voting History

Craig's Voting History
Episode Craig's
Voted Against
1 Vavau Tribe Immune
2 Vavau Tribe Immune
3 Vavau Tribe Immune
4 Vavau Tribe Immune
5 Mock Vote1
6 Barry -
7 Vavau Tribe Immune
8 No Tribal Council
9 Phoebe2 -
10 Kat -
11 Andrew -
12 Phoebe3 Kristie, Phoebe
Voted Out, Day 27

^1 In Episode 5, Vavau and Saanapu were subjected to a joint and mock Tribal Council where the players they voted out (Nick and Conner respectively) were merely switched to the other tribe.
^2 In Episode 9, Phoebe used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Craig's vote against her.
^3 In Episode 12, Phoebe used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Craig's vote against her.


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