Craig Abbot is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2002).

After slowly gaining a hold over Kadina, his tribe's failure in the Immunity Challenges saw them enter merge with only three members left. Although an Immunity Challenge winning streak saw him slowly campaign against Katie Gold, his failure to win the third challenge saw him eliminated on Day 27.

Australian Survivor

Voting History

Craig's Voting History
Episode Craig's
Voted Against
1 Lucinda -
2 David -
3 David David
4 Kadina Tribe Immune
5 Deborah -
6 Sylvan -
7 Robert Individual Immunity
8 Robert Individual Immunity
9 Robert Jane, Joel, Katie, Lance,
Robert, Sciona, Sophie
Voted Out, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Post Survivor

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  • Craig was the only male member of Kadina to make the merge.
  • Craig was the highest-placing member of the Kadina tribe.
    • At 8th place, he and Jennah-Louise Salkeld are tied for being the lowest-placing contestants to be highest-placing members of their original tribes.


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