The Coyopa Guys Alliance is the majority alliance on the original Coyopa tribe and the main minority alliance on the Huyopa tribe in Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


 Dale Wentworth
Days 3-8
S29 dale t.png
 Alec Christy
Remained Loyal
Days 3-32
S29 alec t.png
 John Rocker
Days 3-8
S29 john t.png
 Josh Canfield
Remained Loyal
Days 3-21
S29 josh t.png
 Wes Nale
Remained Loyal
Days 3-26
S29 wes t.png


 Keith Nale
Days 16-38
S29 keith t.png
 Reed Kelly
Days 11-29
S29 reed t.png



After Coyopa lost the first Immunity Challenge, Dale recruited Josh, Alec, Wes and John to vote out Nadiya Anderson because of her past as a contestant on The Amazing Race. However, Nadiya, Val Collins, Jaclyn Schultz, and Baylor Wilson formed a female alliance to vote out Dale, and they attempted to recruit Josh to gain the majority. After this, Baylor told Josh that she would vote with whichever alliance he voted with, creating a partnership between the two. At Tribal Council, Baylor voted with the Men's alliance to vote out Nadiya in a 5-3-1 vote, and Josh voted for Baylor to keep their alliance a secret.

John's Double Dealing

After Nadiya's Elimination, Val was slated as next to go because of her possible ownership of the Hidden Immunity Idol. At Hero Arena, John lost to his girlfriend, and was sent to Exile Island along with Jeremy Collins, Val's husband. At Exile Island, John and Jeremy made a pact to protect each other's loved ones; John attempted to convince the alliance to split the vote against Val and Baylor, and told Jaclyn and Val to vote out Baylor. However, Josh switched his vote causing a tie, and Val was voted out in a 5-1 re-vote.

Third Strike

After Coyopa's third loss, the alliance targeted Baylor once again. However, after learning of John's deal with Jeremy and his ownership of the Hidden Immunity Idol, he was targeted by Josh, Alec, and Wes. At Tribal Council, Jaclyn and Baylor voted with the three of them, voting out John in a 5-2 vote and blindsiding Dale.

Bros vs. Solos

On Day 11, a tribe switch occurred and Alec, Josh, and Wes were switched to Hunahpu where Josh was reunited with his boyfriend, Reed Kelly, and the four took majority of the tribe.

Josh vs. Jeremy

After the merge, the alliance fought against the Hunahpu Alliance for control of the tribe. Wes' father, Keith Nale, joined the alliance, and Josh attempted to convince Jaclyn and Jon Misch to join the alliance in voting out Jeremy for his strong leadership of the opposing alliance, to which they agreed. Josh's plan was delayed when Julie McGee quit the game. The alliance was ready to vote out Jeremy, but during Jon's time on Exile Island, Jaclyn felt ignored and unappreciated by the rest of the alliance, and during Tribal Council, Jaclyn and Jon switched sides and voted Josh out in a 6-5 vote.

Alliance at Minority

With the alliance in minority, Reed convinced the Fab Five to take control of the game by voting out Jeremy.

With Jeremy now out of the game, Reed convinced the Fab Five to split their votes against Wes and Keith because of their possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol, and the alliance plotted their blindside of Jon. At Tribal Council, Keith told Reed to "stick to the plan", which made Jon suspicious causing him to play his Hidden Immunity Idol. Knowing one of them was going home, Keith used his idol and Wes was voted out in a 2-0-0 vote.

After Wes' elimination, Reed was targeted as the leader of the alliance and voted out at the next tribal unanimously.

At the next Tribal Council, Keith was targeted for being stronger in challenges than Alec so the Fab Five split the votes between the two, but Natalie Anderson flipped her vote and Alec was voted out in a 4-3 vote.

Keith's Underdog Run

Now alone, Keith worked with Natalie, Baylor, and Missy Payne to vote out Jon. Despite The Fab Five turning on each other, Keith was still viewed as the biggest threat, but was able to win Immunity and watched as Baylor was voted out by Natalie and Jaclyn. Keith lost the Final Immunity Challenge and was voted out by a 3-1 vote.

Final Tribal Council

At the Final Tribal Council, Alec, Josh, Wes, and Keith voted for Natalie to be Sole Survivor, while Reed voted for Jaclyn to ensure she would place higher than Missy. In the end, Natalie won in a 5-2-1 vote.



  • Dale is the only member of the alliance to not to be blindsided.


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