The Cool Kids Alliance (also known as the Cool Kids Lunch Table or the Couples Alliance, and later The Three Amigos) was the minority alliance from the original Gota tribe in Survivor: Caramoan.

The alliance was founded by Eddie Fox and Reynold Toepfer on Day 1, with the two men bringing in Allie Pohevitz and Hope Driskill to complete the foursome. However, they were targeted by the Gota Alliance for their "cliquishness," with Allie and Hope being the first boots. Eddie and Reynold remained aligned, but moved into a new alliance after a tribe swap, again becoming the minority.



After the first Reward Challenge, Eddie Fox and Reynold Toepfer solidified an allegiance to each other based on a mutual concern over being "a hunted species." Subsequently, Reynold approached his challenge partner Allie Pohevitz, aligned with her, and agreed not to draw attention to their pairing. Reynold specifically noted that Allie was a "not-obvious choice." That night, Eddie and his challenge partner Hope Driskill also paired up whilst star-gazing, notoriously noting they were "the two best-looking people out here."

However, during the course of the night, Laura Alexander noted that Reynold and Allie were sleeping very close, and targeted them as a romantic alliance.

Merging Partners

While they were waiting for a challenge, the four members went out in the ocean and talked about how they were the "cool kids at the lunch table".

Alliance in the Minority

With them seemingly in the minority with only four in a tribe of ten, they talked to Matt and Michael about aligning with them. However, both potential allies instead opted to join the Gota Fans Alliance.

Reynold's Idol

On Day 5, Reynold discovered the Hidden Immunity Idol inside a tree. Before they left for the hike to Tribal Council, Reynold foolishly placed the idol in his pocket, which was discovered by Laura minutes later. At Tribal, Laura blurted about the bulge in his pocket, and Reynold revealed the idol to his tribemates. In the end, Allie was blindsided 6-4 and became the first Fan to be voted out.

On Day 7, the idol came into mind again during the next Tribal Council, where the rival alliance planned to split the votes between Hope and Eddie to diminish the impact of the idol. Hope and Eddie tied 3-3-3 with the Cool Kids' target Shamar Thomas. With two of the three members of the alliance unable to vote at the revote, Hope was the second person voted out of the Gota tribe.

On Day 10, the alliance targeted Laura for her poor actions in the Reward/Immunity Challenges, and succeeded in doing so as the rival Gota Fans Alliance joined in on the plan, blindsiding Laura in a unanimous vote. Reynold played his idol, only to find that it was for naught.

On Day 11, Reynold found the idol once again, and told Eddie about it.

Tribe Switch

On Day 14, Malcolm Freberg, Erik Reichenbach, Brenda Lowe, and Andrea Boehlke were switched to Gota, with Sherri Biethman, leader of the rival alliance, being the only member of that alliance left on the tribe. Reynold and Eddie - the only remaining members of the alliance - tried to get the Favorites to target Sherri. However, Gota won every post-switch Immunity Challenge, keeping her and themselves safe from Tribal Council.

On Day 17, Malcolm approached Reynold about forming a coalition between the remaining alpha-males (including Eddie and Erik) in anticipation of becoming targets after the merge. The two agreed to work together, and Reynold confided that he had a Hidden Immunity Idol.

The Counter-Alliance

On Day 20, both tribes merged into Enil Edam. The alliance was able to gain Corinne Kaplan and Michael Snow as alliance members in the hopes of eliminating the former leader of the now-dissolved Gota Alliance, Sherri. However, Stealth R Us 2.0 - the alliance's rival alliance at the merge - made mostly of loyal Favorites, were concerned about Corinne's activities and decided to band together and voted her off instead.

During the events of "Persona Non Grata", the alliance tried to get what they thought are their rival alliance's outsiders, specifically Dawn Meehan and Sherri. With none of the alliance's members winning the Immunity Challenge, the alliance was vulnerable even with 2 idols. Reynold showed Dawn his idol. They suspected that the rival alliance would flush out the idol (due to Phillip Sheppard's repeating comments) and target Malcolm due to defecting to the rival alliance and him being de facto leader of it. Reynold played his idol on Malcolm; however, the rival alliance stuck with their backup plan and voted off Michael instead in a vote of 7-3-1 with Andrea Boehlke and Reynold (with Malcolm voting against Reynold as a throwaway vote) getting votes.

The Three Amigos

Reynold won the next Immunity Challenge, putting the targets on Malcolm and Eddie. However, Malcolm found his second Hidden Immunity Idol in front of Andrea and Dawn. At tribal, Malcolm put one of his idols around his neck and gave the other to Eddie, keeping the entire alliance safe. He also publicly revealed that the alliance was voting for Phillip. The Amigos and Erik both voted Phillip out 4-0-0 (with four votes for Eddie and two votes for Malcolm voided by the idols) and the "Specialist" became the second member of the jury.

At the Survivor Auction, Malcolm bought a clue to the idol's location, but was unable to find it as Andrea discovered him looking for it. At the Immunity Challenge, none of the Amigos won, leaving all of them vulnerable. They tried to get Erik and Sherri to vote with them, but were unsuccessful as Stealth R Us once again split the votes, causing a three-way tie between Malcolm. Reynold, and Andrea. In the re-vote, Eddie voted for Malcolm, and Malcolm was voted out unanimously, leaving the two original Cool Kids.

Reynold failed to win the Immunity Challenge the following day, leaving both Cool Kids vulnerable. With the alliance crumbling, the two didn't even bother to vote for the same person - Eddie voted for Sherri, while Reynold voted for Erik. Reynold was voted out 4-2-1-1.

The Last Cool Kid Standing

With his back against the wall, Eddie believed it was his turn to be voted out. Eddie attempted to team up with Andrea Boehlke and vote out Brenda Lowe. However, Eddie would be used as bait as the other five remaining players set up a split vote to flush out Andrea's idol. While his plan failed, Eddie himself was spared as Andrea was blindsided along with her Hidden Immunity Idol.

Three days later, Eddie was again certain he would be voted out, and voted for Erik. However, he was spared without his own knowledge for the second Tribal Council in a row, as Brenda was voted out and left the game crying.

Eddie was spared again when Erik was evacuated soon after that Tribal Council. However, Eddie lost the Final Immunity Challenge and was voted out despite pleading his case to John Cochran, becoming the final member of the jury.




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