Contenders is one of the two competing tribes in Champions v Contenders (2018). They are comprised of everyday Australians. Their tribe color is red.


 Anita Berkett
50, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Sales rep
AUS5 anita t
 Benji Wilson
26, Melbourne, VIC
AUS5 benji t
 Fenella McGowan
33, Melbourne, VIC
Interior designer
AUS5 fenella t
 Heath Davies
33, Brisbane, QLD
AUS5 heath t
 Jenna Austin
28, Perth, WA
FIFO worker
AUS5 jenna t
 Matt Dyson
35, Brisbane, QLD
Traffic police officer
AUS5 matt t
 Paige Kerin
24, Adelaide, SA
Marketing coordinator
AUS5 paige t
 Robbie Skibicki
26, Adelaide, SA
Construction manager
AUS5 robbie t
 Shonee Fairfax
26, Tewantin, QLD
Pro-skater's wife
AUS5 shonee t
 Steve Khouw
58, Sydney, NSW
Takeaway delivery rider
AUS5 stevek t
 Tegan Gasior
32, Derby, WA
Management consultant
AUS5 tegan t
 Zach Kozyrski
39, Perth, WA
Personal trainer
AUS5 zach t

 Benji Wilson
AUS5 benji t
 Fenella McGowan
AUS5 fenella t
 Heath Davies
AUS5 heath t
 Lydia Lassila
AUS5 lydia t
AUS5 monika t
 Robbie Skibicki
AUS5 robbie t
 Sharn Coombes
AUS5 sharn t

Tribe History

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