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Contenders is one of the two competing tribes in Champions v Contenders (2018). They are comprised of everyday Australians. Their tribe color is red.


Anita Berkett
50, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Sales rep
AUS5 anita t.png
Benji Wilson
26, Melbourne, VIC
AUS5 benji t.png
Fenella McGowan
33, Melbourne, VIC
Interior designer
AUS5 fenella t.png
Heath Davies
33, Brisbane, QLD
AUS5 heath t.png
Jenna Austin
28, Perth, WA
FIFO worker
AUS5 jenna t.png
Matt Dyson
35, Brisbane, QLD
Traffic police officer
AUS5 matt t.png
Paige Kerin
24, Adelaide, SA
Marketing coordinator
AUS5 paige t.png
Robbie Skibicki
26, Adelaide, SA
Construction manager
AUS5 robbie t.png
Shonee Fairfax
26, Tewantin, QLD
Pro-skater's wife
AUS5 shonee t.png
Steve Khouw
58, Sydney, NSW
Takeaway delivery rider
AUS5 stevek t.png
Tegan Gasior
32, Derby, WA
Management consultant
AUS5 tegan t.png
Zach Kozyrski
39, Perth, WA
Personal trainer
AUS5 zach t.png

 Benji Wilson
AUS5 benji t.png
 Fenella McGowan
AUS5 fenella t.png
 Heath Davies
AUS5 heath t.png
 Lydia Lassila
AUS5 lydia t.png
AUS5 monika t.png
 Robbie Skibicki
AUS5 robbie t.png
 Sharn Coombes
AUS5 sharn t.png

Tribe History

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