Company Will Be Arriving Soon is the eighth episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Day 19

At La Flor, with his closest ally Jill gone, and his Hidden Immunity Idol in Sash's possession, Marty was left alone to defend himself.

Having no Jill and no Idol is total exposure. I don't want to be the next person to go from Survivor.


Meanwhile, Fabio came back from Tree Mail with a key. The mail instructed them to pack up and migrate to Espada's camp, signaling a merge. The merge seemed to give Marty some newly-found vigor. Marty knew that the original La Flor had a 8-4 super-majority over the original Espada and had some hope.

These guys should be wanting to off one of their own, for sure. There was division before. I'm back in the saddle again.


On the other hand, the Espada tribe received a treasure chest with a note. The note stated:

Do not open this box until you have the key. Make room at your camp... Company will be arriving soon.

–The note that arrived at Espada's camp

After reading the note, Espada prepared as their rival tribe arrives at their encampment. While preparing, Benry thought that it was everybody's interest that Alina should be next to go.

She has definitely outlasted her expected time in this game and I think everybody agrees that it is time for her to go home.


Upon returning to camp, Alina told her tribe mates about her new strategy.

We can get to final six, if the six of us stay strong. If nobody switches sides, then the six of us can totally get to the top six.


She recommended that Marty must go next because of his possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol and his perceived leadership at La Flor. Despite Espada somewhat supported Alina's plan, NaOnka revealed the truth.

Nobody is really on-board with Alina's plan. Alina is in this plan by herself, a one woman army, with her not knowing that she's actually going to be the first one voted out.


As La Flor approached Espada's camp, they realized that Jill was the latest evicted castaway. Alina was surprised by this revelation.

We thought that Marty and Jill were super strong over there. We thought that they were like running things and it tells us a lot that Jill was voted out.


As the chest opened, a new tribe flag, twelve new red buffs and some food were revealed, confirming the assumptions of a merge. While discussing the new tribe's name, Marty suggested to name the newly formed tribe, "Libertad" (Spanish for "Liberty" or "Freedom") to conform with the two former tribes, which are also named in the Spanish language. Everybody agreed, thus the new Libertad tribe partied over their merge feast. Brenda expressed her happiness after reuniting with NaOnka.

I felt like wow she's real, such a relief. You know, I don't have to second guess her at all.


While catching up on things, Brenda shared about Jane's trustworthiness and Sash' bold plan to effectively steal Marty's Idol away from him. NaOnka warned her ally about Alina targeting her. She then suggested that either Alina or Marty would go home next.

Days 20-21

While not being tribemates before, Chase and Jane felt a connection. Being both from North Carolina, they bonded easily.

Jane and I clicked right away. She talks with a twang. It just reminded me of home.


Jane then shared stories with Chase about her days at the original "older" Espada, stating that she was disrespected back then for being a redneck.

I knew right then and there, you're a North Carolina boy and I'm a North Carolina girl, we're going to hit if off really good.


Both of them shared another thing in common. Not only did they live in the same state, both Chase and Jane lost someone close to them recently, with Chase his dad and Jane with her husband.

Later, NaOnka was making tortillas for everyone. Fabio grabbed the biggest one to take a bite. With this NaOnka became frustrated.

I woke up this morning very irritable because I woke up and made the tortillas. It was my idea. And the fact that I'm the last to get everything and I get the smallest tortilla, it's like okay you guys want to play…okay, I can play too.


Out on a vengeance, NaOnka took the canister of flour. Holly caught her red-handed.

I thought that was a little strange. Why did she just take the flour?


In the middle of the jungle, NaOnka buried the flour canister.

They really made me mad, so I'm going to make them mad.


NaOnka returned to camp to find it empty, since her tribe is out by the ocean. She then decided to steal more food and supplies. As she ate a stolen apple, she said,

It tastes better when you are stealing it. It's like a sweet victory.


Sitting along the beach, Alina asked NaOnka if she's still in the Espada Six alliance or she already returned with Brenda's alliance. NaOnka assured Alina that she is still loyal to the alliance, but told her that the tribe is targeting Alina. A fuming Alina vented,

Every single person that claimed they were going to be strong six totally lied. And there I am the fool that was sitting there like I really am going to do this for these people.


NaOnka then offered Alina one of the stolen oranges to calm her nerves. Alina happily took the orange but can't believe NaOnka stole them. NaOnka then encouraged Alina to win the next Immunity Challenge to stay in the game.

My reason for telling Alina that you're going to be the first one out is that it's a vote that I'll have guaranteed, when she's a part of the jury.


After taking a bath at the beach, the rest of the tribe realized that items are gone missing. Holly asked NaOnka if she returned the flour in the chest after making tortillas. NaOnka insisted she did. Holly then tells the tribe that she saw NaOnka put the flour in her bag. Everyone was shocked and Fabio interrogated NaOnka about why she did it. NaOnka swore she put it back and storms out of camp. Meanwhile, seeing the tension, Alina felt very guilty, because she was the only one who knew NaOnka's misdeed.

The reason why it was so hard for me to own up to it is everybody might be equally pissed off at me as they are at NaOnka.


Alina and Chase approached NaOnka to encourage her to confess.

It's the right thing to do to just fess up. Everybody will appreciate it and respect you so much more.


NaOnka felt worried that her lying might put her in trouble. Chase then reminded NaOnka,

Everyone has lied in Survivor.


NaOnka then admitted her faults to the tribe. She assured them that she was not trying to starve everyone but just trying to conserve the food. Marty had his doubts NaOnka

She's saying that she did it for the benefit of the tribe. Sorry, I'm not buying it.


In her confession, NaOnka admitted that Alina was with her when she took the items, but it was not Alina's intention to steal them. Fabio then thanked NaOnka for being truthful. Marty felt appalled by NaOnka's doing.

She lied and she stole. How easy is that, get rid of them. It should be that simple. But this game is never simple.


Day 22

Brenda admitted that NaOnka was crazy to steal food, but she was more keen on Alina being part of it.

She's had a target for the longest time and now on top of all of that she has this. Sucks to be Alina right now.


Sash, Chase, Jane and Brenda discussed about what going to happen to NaOnka. They decided to protect her from vote, though they will have to temporarily distance from her.

NaOnka definitely is not one of the favorite people in camp at the moment, but that works perfectly into my game plan as having her as one of the final three, because that pretty much guarantees her that she's not going to receive any million dollar votes.


Sash approached NaOnka and assured her

you're my number one girl here


and encouraged her to act regretful of what she did.

After a fishing expedition, Jane brought her fifth catch of the day into camp. The girls were delighted of Jane and asked to help her in cleaning and cooking the fish. Meanwhile, Marty, Benry, and Fabio laughed at Jane behind her back.

The longer Jane stays in the game, the more complicated the game gets.


Marty saw how game-threatening Jane was, telling that her appeal might "spread like cancerous tentacles through the tribe." Marty went to Brenda and warned her about Jane making it to the end and might win easily.

Marty has the wrong perception of Jane, but Marty is somebody to watch because he is talking to Benry and Fabio and Dan.


Later, Libertad arrives at their first challenge as a tribe. After explaining the mechanics of the challenge. host Jeff Probst revealed that two people will be saved from the vote at Tribal Council, a man and a woman.

Purple Kelly and Dan were both immediately eliminated after mere three seconds. A furious Alina was next. Brenda, Benry, Sash, and NaOnka soon followed. Holly and Jane are now the only two women standing, while Marty, Fabio, and Chase remain for the men. Holly is out next, thus winning individual immunity for Jane. Jane asked Jeff if she can stay longer in the challenge and try and beat the men. Jeff answered, "Go for it." Marty was eliminated next, leaving Chase and Fabio in the running. In the end, Fabio holds on longer and wins immunity. Only after Fabio gave his grip did Jane give up hers.

Upon returning to camp, the girls huddled to congratulate Jane. Jane told them that she wanted Marty out. Alina someone aside from her wanted to take Marty of the competition.

I'm trying to lay low and hope that maybe the drama that's going on is not going to revolve around me.


As Jane campaigned to vote for Marty, Sash asked for a favor to his alliance. Sash had promised Marty that he would give him the Idol back before the next Tribal Council, if there was a chance that he would be voted out. Sash does not want to go back on his word, so he asked to keep Marty at the next Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Dan told Marty that Chase said that they might blindside Marty tonight. An upset Marty immediately questioned Sash. Brenda and Sash assured Marty that Alina was their target. Marty became more frantic as the vote approaches, and as a result, he kept grilling Sash about their real plan, irritating Sash.

I think his best move would be to lay low, but that's not his style. He's actually digging his own grave at the moment.


Marty went to Holly to find out who she is voting for. She assured him she is voting for Alina tonight. Alina later approached Jane and Holly in hopes of getting them to vote for Marty without Sash and Brenda's help. Alina then pled to an undecided Fabio. At Tribal Council, Marty attacked Jane her dangerous popularity within the tribe.

If she makes it to the final three, if you have watched Survivor, this woman will take the million dollars.


Jane was shocked by Marty throwing her under the bus and tried to remain patient. Marty ended by confessing that he will vote for Jane if she makes it to the finals, because she is indeed deserving. Alina pointed out that Marty himself is a huge threat as well since he just revealed what a strategic player he is. Dan then rebutted by reminding the tribe that NaOnka and Alina stole the tribe's food. Ultimately, with no allies supporting her, Alina Wilson was sent to the jury in a 10-2 vote.


Challenge: Push Me, Pull You
Each person will have two metal handles that they will use to keep tension on a steel bar. If they release the tension, the steel bar will drop, the tile will break and they will be out of the challenge. The last man and the last woman standing would both win immunity.
Winners: Fabio Birza and Jane Bright

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
S21 alina t.png
Alina (10 votes)
S21 benry t.pngS21 brenda t.pngS21 chase t.pngS21 dan t.pngS21 fabio t.png
S21 holly t.pngS21 kellys t.pngS21 marty t.pngS21 naonka t.pngS21 sash t.png
Benry, Brenda, Chase, Dan, Fabio, Holly, Kelly S., Marty, NaOnka, Sash
S21 marty t.png
Marty (2 votes)
S21 alina t.pngS21 jane t.png
Alina, Jane
S21 alina bw.png
Alina Wilson

Voting Confessionals

In the aired episode, Sash was shown writing Alina's name down on the parchment. Dan and Fabio did not say anything when they voted. Complete confessionals retrieved from CBS' YouTube account.[2]

(voting against Marty) It's either me or you tonight, so let the best argument win.

Alina Wilson

(voting against Alina) You are a 100% grade-A dirt squirrel, and it's time for you to go home. (makes squirrel noise)

Benry Henry

(voting against Alina) You did this entirely to yourself. No one wants to play with you.

Brenda Lowe

(voting against Alina) Um...last supper. Appreciate the catfish and... that will do.

Chase Rice

(voting against Alina) The whole food thing just didn't jive with me.

Holly Hoffman

(voting against Marty) I hope everybody is smart tonight.

Jane Bright

(voting against Alina) I'm afraid your scheming is gonna turn around and bite me in the butt.

Kelly Shinn

(voting against Alina) You can't lie and steal and expect to stick around in this game.

Marty Piombo

(voting against Alina) I can't believe you just threw me under the bus, and I just tried to save your butt.

NaOnka Mixon

(voting against Alina) You betrayed me at the beginning of this game, so now you have to go home.

Sash Lenahan

Final Words

S21 alina bw.png

I was really hoping that I wasn't gonna go home. Why would they keep Marty over me? Anybody with any smarts about this game would've kept me instead of Marty. It doesn't even make sense. He's such a bigger threat than I am. These people are stupid and I know, eventually, the fact that they kept Marty is gonna bite them in the butt and they're gonna totally regret it. Stupid move.

Still in the Running

S21 wendy bw.png
S21 shannon bw.png
 Jimmy J.
S21 jimmyj bw.png
 Jimmy T.
S21 jimmyt bw.png
S21 tyrone bw.png
 Kelly B.
S21 kellyb bw.png
S21 yve bw.png
S21 jill bw.png
S21 alina bw.png
S21 benry t.png
S21 brenda t.png
S21 chase t.png
S21 dan t.png
S21 fabio t.png
S21 holly t.png
S21 jane t.png
 Kelly S.
S21 kellys t.png
S21 marty t.png
S21 naonka t.png
S21 sash t.png


  • This episode marked the second time that the tribes were merged with still twelve people left, following "All Hell Breaks Loose".
  • This is the seventh time in the history of the series that two Immunity Necklaces were offered, following All-Stars, Palau, Gabon, Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains, and "Worst Case Scenario" (two episodes back).
    • Additionally, this season marked the most times that dual individual immunity was offered in a single season, having two (the last time was offered was in "Worst Case Scenario").
  • Not counting medical evacuations (such incidents include "Medical Emergency" from Panama and "The Dragon Slayer" from Tocantins), this is the first time that an episode breached beyond the standard 3-day cycle. The gap between Tribal Councils of "Worst Case Scenario" and "Company Will Be Arriving Soon" was four days, the longest gap between two successive Tribal Councils in the history of the series. This was followed by "Not Sure Where I Stand" and "This Is Going to Hurt".
  • The two people to win immunity in this episode are the only people to win immunity multiple times in the season.
  • This episode aired on Brenda's birthday.
  • The episode title was taken from Tree Mail, as read aloud by Alina.


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