Come Over to the Dark Side is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Caramoan.


Night 28

The Enil Edam tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council, with Stealth R Us 2.0 losing Phillip Sheppard due to the Three Amigos having played their two Hidden Immunity Idols. Malcolm reveals that with The Specialist (Phillip's codename in Stealth R Us 2.0) gone, he thinks that the alliance is hopefully going to fracture. Erik Reichenbach comments that Phillip's elimination rocked the stability of the game and that he looks forward to doing things that Phillip forbid him to do and open opportunities with the rival alliance.

Day 29

The tribe wakes, still exhausted from last night's vote. John Cochran explains that he has never seen anything quite like last night's Tribal Council, and it left him breathless and terrified. The tribe also has felt hunger, with Dawn Meehan comforting Brenda Lowe encourages her to drink water. Brenda is rattled that the Three Amigos (consisting of Malcolm Freberg, Reynold Toepfer, and Eddie Fox) were able to vote out Phillip, admitting that camp life is a little hard with the emotions, the food situation, with the low energy, and with the uncertainty of what the Three Amigos are capable of. Later during the day, Cochran and Dawn bring Tree Mail to camp, and the tribe cheers when they see what it is. It is revealed that there would be a Survivor Auction, with each person receiving an envelope with $500 to spend. Malcolm comments that it couldn't have really come at a better time, as there is a chance that there is going to be some sort of advantage in the game to be offered at the auction.

After the auction, the tribe returns to camp, where they start scraping the excess peanut butter from their bodies and collecting it in a bowl so they can enjoy it later. Reynold comments that his alliance has an idol clue, which could change the game. The castaways who purchased the letters from home sit down on the beach together to read them, where each of the castaways felt emotional reading messages from their loved ones. On the other side of camp, Reynold and Malcolm try to talk Sherri Biethman (the only Fan in Stealth R Us 2.0) into joining their alliance and forming a Final Five with the two of them, Eddie, and Erik. Sherri promises to consider their offer, due to the fact that the Three Amigos seem unbeatable because of their challenge performances and idol finds. Later, Malcolm tells Reynold to talk to Erik while he works on getting Sherri. Reynold reveals that he wants to knock out Cochran, due to him being a strategic power player.

That night when the rest of the tribe sleeps, Malcolm leaves camp to look for the idol using the clue he purchased at the auction. The clue said that the idol was towards the water under a tree growing out of a rock. With that in mind, Malcolm heads toward the water well and reveals that any power that he can get is necessary to stay in the game. He then digs holes looking for the idol throughout the night, but before the sun rises, Andrea and Cochran eventually found out Malcolm has been searching for the idol near the water well.

Day 30

Malcolm becomes disappointed that they have discovered where he is looking for the idol, with Andrea deciding to stay at the water well and keep an eye on Malcolm, thinking that she could be going home if an idol is played. Malcolm eventually stops searching as Andrea stays put, eventually making Malcolm's search for the idol have no progress, admitting that not finding the idol could be a million dollars down the drain.

Later in the day, the tribe goes to the next Individual Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst then tells Cochran to read the Challenge Advantage that he bought at the auction, which says that at any point in the Immunity Challenge, he can move his hand up two knots on the rope. At the challenge, everyone survives the first 10 minutes. At the 15 minute mark, Cochran decides to use uses his advantage, returning him to his original position. Brenda is the first one out as her foot slips, then Erik loses his grip next. At the 30 minute mark, the remaining castaways move their hands to the tail end of the rope – except for Cochran, who still has a knot supporting him due to the effect of the advantage. Dawn struggles to keep hold of the rope, but Sherri is the next one out of the challenge. Malcolm loses his balance and drops out, then Andrea and Dawn drop out next, leaving only Reynold, Eddie, and Cochran competing for Individual Immunity. Reynold's hand slips from the rope, eliminating him, with Cochran and Eddie a showdown. Eddie eventually lets go of the rope, making Cochran win his second Individual Immunity Challenge.

The tribe returns to camp with Cochran proudly wearing the Immunity Necklace, boasting at his confessional that he is the greatest challenge competitor this season, and hopes that he can keep on winning. Malcolm then admits to Reynold and Eddie that he is nervous going into Tribal Council without an idol and that he can't search for it due to the rival alliance following him and digging around him, and plans to bluff his way out of it. He then hopes that Stealth R Us 2.0 will split their votes 3-3, that the Three Amigos' votes would be enough if he can get Sherri to vote with them. Sherri seriously considers joining their alliance, while Erik tells Reynold that he will vote with them, even though he hasn't made up his mind about how he will vote in the next Tribal Council. Erik reveals that he has to know as much information as possible and has to play both sides. Sherri realizes that she is the swing vote, after her alliance reveals the split vote plan, saying that it is her game that time and the one calling the shots.

At Tribal Council, Reynold feels that alliances have changed since Phillip was voted out, and points out that people will make changes to better their position in the game. Andrea insists that anyone that would flip to the Three Amigos would not make it to the Final Three because they are tight and would likely win Immunity Challenges. Sherri then reveals that she has thought about switching alliances since she is at the bottom of Stealth R Us 2.0, where Dawn assures Sherri that she is not at the bottom of the alliance. Andrea thinks that Malcolm has found another idol after purchasing information at the auction, feeling that she is vulnerable and hopes that everyone in her alliance stays together. The tribe then votes, and with no one playing the idol, it is revealed that Sherri and Erik stayed with Stealth R Us 2.0, resulting in a 3-3-3 vote between Malcolm, Reynold, and Andrea, resulting in a revote that voted out Malcolm in a unanimous vote (which includes Eddie), and becomes the third member of the jury.


Challenge: Survivor Auction
The castaways are each given $500 to bid on items, ranging from food, advantages, and love from home. Pooling or sharing money was not permitted, and the auction would end without notice.

Challenge: Drop A Log
With one hand, the castaways would hang on to a rope with several knots tied into it. The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log. The other end of the log would be connected to a pivot point on a platform that the castaways would stand on. The castaways would start at the knot closest to the end of the log. Every three minutes, they would change hands and move one knot further down the rope. This would increase the angle of the log at the pivot point and increase the weight that the castaways would have to hold. The castaway who held on to the rope the longest would win.
Additional Stipulation: For purchasing the Challenge Advantage during the auction, John Cochran is allowed to move two knots higher up the rope at any point of the challenge.
Winner: John Cochran

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Enil Edam
S26 andrea t.png
Andrea (3 votes)
S26 eddie t.pngS26 malcolm t.pngS26 reynold t.png
Eddie, Malcolm, Reynold
S26 malcolm t.png
Malcolm (3 votes)
S26 andrea t.pngS26 cochran t.pngS26 erik t.png
Andrea, Cochran, Erik
S26 reynold t.png
Reynold (3 votes)
S26 brenda t.pngS26 dawn t.pngS26 sherri t.png
Brenda, Dawn, Sherri
S26 andrea t.pngS26 malcolm t.pngS26 reynold t.png
Andrea, Malcolm, Reynold (3 votes each)

(Andrea, Malcolm, and Reynold ineligible to vote)
S26 malcolm t.png
Malcolm (6 votes)
S26 brenda t.pngS26 cochran t.pngS26 dawn t.png
S26 eddie t.pngS26 erik t.pngS26 sherri t.png
Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, Erik, Sherri
S26 andrea t.png
Andrea (0 votes)
S26 reynold t.png
Reynold (0 votes)
S26 malcolm bw.png
Malcolm Freberg

Voting Confessionals

Reynold was shown writing Andrea's name on the parchment.

S26 dawn t.png

(voting against Reynold) I'm just hoping one of you three guys goes home.

S26 cochran t.png

(voting against Malcolm) I really hope you don't have that idol because voting you off would just be so delicious, it would be indescribably delicious. It would just be... (kisses fingertips and tosses them away)

No revote confessionals were shown in the episode.

Final Words

S26 malcolm bw.png

You know what? It's been a great ride-- no, nevermind. I spent $480 on an idol clue, and I didn't find the idol. I found two without paying, and then I can't find the one I actually pay for. Probably gonna get a little mocking after this, but I wouldn't have played it tonight anyways, I thought I was safe, and it just goes to show you, as soon as you think you got it figured out, you're going home, and tonight was my time. I got, uh, burned pretty bad.

Still in the Running

S26 francesca bw.png
S26 allie bw.png
S26 hope bw.png
S26 shamar bw.png
S26 laura bw.png
S26 brandon bw.png
S26 matt bw.png
S26 julia bw.png
S26 corinne bw.png
S26 michael bw.png
S26 phillip bw.png
S26 malcolm bw.png
Enil Edam
S26 andrea t.png
Enil Edam
S26 brenda t.png
Enil Edam
S26 cochran t.png
Enil Edam
S26 dawn t.png
Enil Edam
S26 eddie t.png
Enil Edam
S26 erik t.png
Enil Edam
S26 reynold t.png
Enil Edam
S26 sherri t.png


Behind the Scenes


Episode Title

  • The title of this episode is said by Malcolm Freberg during a confessional, describing how he wants others to "come over to the dark side" with his alliance. (Malcolm's quote is a reference to the Star Wars franchise.)


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