Colleen Marie Haskell is a contestant from Survivor: Borneo.

Colleen is considered to be Survivor's first ever "sweetheart." She is also remembered for being the first female to win an individual challenge and for being the last member standing from her Pagong tribe.


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Colleen currently attends college at Miami Ad School where she is working to make a portfolio that she hopes will eventually lead to a job in creative advertising. Previous jobs include working as an intern for Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. and waitressing.

Born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland, she attended college at the University of Georgia in Athens where she was able to study abroad in London, England on a six month internship with the London Film Festival. Upon graduation, she spent two months in Ghana, West Africa followed by two months traveling in France.

Colleen describes herself as talkative, independent and a bit spacey. Her favorite topics at a dinner party are stories and jokes ("I still believe in storytime"). In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and cooking, and prefers to listen to talk radio. An avid lover of French films, she admits that Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood" can still make her cry.

Colleen currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida. Her birth date is Dec. 6, 1976.[1]


Colleen was a contestant on the original season of Survivor. She was a castaway on the Pagong tribe, a tribe composed primarily of young adults, especially when compared to the Tagi tribe. Early on, Colleen was linked with contestant Greg Buis, and fellow Pagong member Jenna Lewis speculated that the friendship had become a romance. Both Greg and Colleen adamantly denied there was a romance, though Colleen joked that "it was all about the sex".

After the two tribes merged into the Rattana tribe, members of Pagong were surprised by Tagi's strategy of voting them out one by one at Tribal Council. Colleen was the last of the former Pagong members to be voted out. After being voted out, Colleen told the remaining castaways "Be nice, play fair" before her torch was snuffed. Once she was gone, Richard Hatch commented that she was "a wonderful person".

Colleen originally planned on voting for Richard at the Final Tribal Council, but when he answered poorly to her question and she heard Susan's infamous "rats and snakes" speech, she voted for Kelly Wiglesworth. Kelly ultimately lost to Richard in a 4-3 vote.

Voting History

Colleen's Voting History
Episode Colleen's
Voted Against
1 Pagong Tribe Immune
2 B.B. -
3 Pagong Tribe Immune
4 Ramona Gervase, Ramona
5 Pagong Tribe Immune
6 Joel -
7 Richard Sean
8 Jenna -
9 Richard -
10 Sean -
11 Sean Richard, Rudy,
Sean, Susan
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Colleen with her daughter, Catherine.

    After returning from the island and surviving the media whirlwind that followed, she finished the rest of her first year at Miami Ad School. Then, she decided to move to San Francisco to intern for her second year at the school, and possibly entertain the constant offerings to work in the entertainment industry.
  • In 2001, Colleen played Rianna in the film The Animal, opposite Rob Schneider.[2]
  • Colleen also appeared in an episode of That '70s Show[3] and later went on to work as an assistant producer on The Michael Essany Show in 2003.
  • Colleen turned down $100,000 to pose for Playboy.[4]
  • Colleen played Olivia Castle on the show Maybe It's Me in 2002.[5]
  • Colleen is currently living in New York with her husband Alan Hampton and together, they have two daughters named Catherine and Jane.[6][7]


  • Colleen is the first contestant from Florida.
  • Colleen's luxury item was a bar of soap.
  • Colleen is the first woman to wear the Buff as a skirt.
  • Colleen is the first castaway to be shown crying on the show. This was for losing the Immunity Challenge and having to send somebody home.
  • Colleen is the first contestant to cast an elimination vote against the eventual winner of their season.
  • Colleen is the first woman to win an individual challenge.
    • Colleen is the first contestant to be allowed to bring one tribemate with them on a reward.
  • Colleen was the last standing Pagong member, making her the first contestant to be the last one remaining from their original tribe. Thus, Colleen is the first castaway to be the highest ranking castaway from a starting tribe.
  • Colleen was asked to come back for All-Stars but declined, stating she "had moved on with her life" and "just genuinely didn't want to go through that again." Her replacement in All-Stars would end up being fellow Pagong tribemate Jenna Lewis. She was also considered for Heroes vs. Villains, but ultimately declined.
  • Colleen was nominated in Survivor: America's Tribal Council for "Hottest Female", but lost to Amber Brkich.


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