Clémence Castel is the Sole Survivor of Koh-Lanta: Pacifique and Koh-Lanta: Le Combat des Héros. She also competed in Koh-Lanta: Le Retour des Héros.


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  • 20 ans
  • Dans les Midi-Pyrénées
  • Étudiante en STAPS
  • 1m68 - 51 kg
  • C'est une femme de physique et esprits sportifs, calme, réfléchie, elle possède les plus beaux yeux du tournage.

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  • Age: 23 ans
  • Profession: Mannequin
  • Ville: Midi-Pyrénées
  • Equipe: Jacaré
Benjamine de la saison, Clémence n'en est pas moins une battante. Aussi charmante que sportive, cette joueuse de tennis aguerrie, devenue mannequin sait se montrer réfléchie et compétitrice. Alors Clémence, Jeu, Set et Match?

Profile retrieved from[3] 33 ans, Manche (50), Gérante d'un café-concert, Après avoir été la plus jeune gagnante de Koh-Lanta, Clémence a vécu « Le retour des Héros » comme un véritable échec! Cette nouvelle opportunité est le moyen d'obtenir sa revanche, de récupérer son titre! Aujourd'hui elle est devenue maman! Elle mène une vie plus tranquille avec ses 2 enfants. Son but : être la 1ère personne à gagner 2 fois Koh-Lanta, et faire la fierté de ses 2 petits garçons! Son parcours précédent: Koh-Lanta Ile des Pins, Gagnante / Retour des héros 2009, Eliminée au 10ème jour



A member of the Kumo tribe, Clémence bonded well with Marie-Cécile Maréchal and, eventually, Caroline Colusso, who entered the tribe on Day 5 as Aude Réant's replacement, in spite of eventually contributing to both of their eliminations in the tribal phase.

When the Kumo tribe won the fourth Reward Challenge on Day 11, which was a 24-hour challenge that the tribes had started the day before and which consisted of tribe members accomplishing certain tasks for points, they were rewarded with the right to permanently kidnap one of the members of the Kanawa tribe as part of a tribe switch. The Kumo tribe chose Jérôme Villaseque, who was the assumed leader of the Kanawa tribe, and he was deemed immune at the next Tribal Council in order to give him a better chance at integrating into his new tribe. When the Kumo tribe lost the fourth Immunity Challenge, Mohamed Derradji, who was the assumed leader of the Kumo tribe before Jérôme joined their numbers, was in danger of elimination due to the leadership clash between him and Jérôme. However, most of the tribe decided to prioritize strength and Marie-Cécile was eliminated because her earache was making her a liability because she couldn't participate in a number of challenges because they involved water.

After Mohamed won the first individual Immunity Challenge after the tribes merged, Clémence, along with most of her tribemates, was interviewed individually by Ambassadors Alexis Tournier and Pierre Vaney. At the Ambassadors' Meeting, Alexis and Pierre agreed that Sakhone Holaphong was the only person that they interviewed who didn't seem to have the passion to stay in the game. Pierre insisted on naming Sakhone as the Ambassadors' vote, but Alexis did not initially agree to this because he did not want to leave the original Kumo tribe members vulnerable to a pagonging in case Jérôme were to flip back to his old allies. Alexis conceded on writing Sakhone's name, however, because he knew that if the Ambassadors could not come to a consensus, he would have a fifty-fifty chance of being the Ambassadors' vote himself. When Alexis explained to his fellow original Kumo tribe members why he conceded, Clémence was disappointed but she was also understanding and felt that Alexis had made the right strategic decision. Regardless, most of the tribe agreed with the Ambassadors about Sakhone's lack of passion and he was eliminated almost unanimously at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council. In spite of the general unity behind the first merge elimination, the original Kumo tribe members were vexed at Jérôme because he made it very apparent that he was going to work with his fellow original Kanawa tribe members throughout the merge, such as when he put back on the red shirt that he wore during his time on the Kanawa tribe. When the original Kumo tribe members realized that they could flip Francis Bordas over to their side, they approached him with the possibility of him joining them in voting out Jérôme. In spite of burying the hatchet with the other original Kanawa tribe members a few cycles prior, Francis ultimately flipped on them and Jérôme was voted out.

At the Final Seven, Clémence contributed to the elimination of fellow original Kumo tribe member Coumba Baradji because the latter had lost interest in the game and because, in terms of numbers, the original Kumo tribe members could afford to lose Coumba at this point. Winning one individual Immunity Challenge along the way, Clémence remained in the majority alliance and easily made it to the finale. After winning the Perch challenge at the Final Three, Clémence chose to take Francis to the Final Two over Mohamed because she knew that Francis would be much easier to beat. With her well-balanced gameplay juxtaposing with Francis' evidently flawed gameplay at the Final Tribal Council, Clémence won unanimously.

Voting History

Clémence's Voting History
Episode Clémence's
Voted Against
1 Aude -
Sakhone Mohamed
2 Kumo Tribe Immune
3 Caroline -
4 Marie-Cécile -
5 Kumo Tribe Immune
6 Kumo Tribe Immune
7 Sakhone -
8 Jérôme -
9 Christine -
10 Coumba Individual Immunity
11 Pierre -
12 Veronique -
13 Mohamed Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Clémence
Alexis, Christine, Coumba,
Jérôme, Mohamed, Pierre, Veronique
Sole Survivor, Day 40

Le Retour des Héros

For the first portion of the opening sudden death challenge, Clémence was paired up with Jean-Luc Fiorina. Clémence and Jean-Luc were the fourth pair to finish and, therefore, were safe. After the eliminations of Amel Fatnassi and Jean-Bernard Hauton-Arnaud, Clémence and Jean-Luc were assigned to the Jacaré and Tupan tribes, respectively. Clémence was seen as one of the stronger members of the Jacaré tribe and she eventually became the fourth member of an alliance including Philippe Bordier, François-David Cardonnel, and Émilie Frahi.

During the second cycle, Moundir Zoughari argued with his tribemates, especially Philippe, about their strategic gameplay and, after Philippe told Moundir that he knew that Moundir would be problematic for the Jacaré tribe, Moundir eventually stormed off with the intention of quitting the game. Though his tribemates believed that he had done so going into the second Immunity Challenge, Denis Brogniart revealed to them that Moundir had changed his mind and Moundir rejoined them wearing a camouflage buff instead of a red one. After the Jacaré tribe lost the second Immunity Challenge, Denis Brogniart revealed to them that Tribal Council would be taking place right there and then. There, the majority alliance voted out Moundir in order to restore peace in the tribe. When the Jacaré tribe lost the third Immunity Challenge, Christelle Gauzet was voted out unanimously.

Before the tribes merged, Denis Brogniart informed both tribes separately that it was time for them to appoint Ambassadors. He also informed them that the power of the Ambassadors has increased: instead of casting a vote against someone, the Ambassadors have to eliminate someone. With none of them having the heart to potentially eliminate one of their own, the Jacaré tribe agreed to draw straws for the role because, if the Ambassadors do not reach a consensus, they would have to opt for a rock draw in which one of them would be eliminated instead. Philippe drew the short straw and became the Ambassador for the Jacaré tribe. At the Ambassadors' Meeting, Philippe met with fellow Panama contestant Catherine Ehret-Mader, who became the Ambassador for the Tupan tribe after volunteering for the position. Philippe and Catherine failed to convince one another to turn on one of their respective allies and, after the consequential rock draw, Philippe was eliminated from the game.

When the tribes merged, the original Tupan tribe members made plans to vote out François-David at the merged tribe's first Tribal Council. However, François-David won the first Immunity Challenge, which prompted the original Tupan tribe members to switch their target to Émilie in order to potentially throw François-David off of his game in the next cycle. After the challenge, Catherine became faint and had to be temporarily evacuated from the game. As the corresponding Tribal Council approached, the original Tupan tribe members at camp realized that they should target Clémence instead of Émilie because Clémence had already won the game, unlike Émilie, and because Clémence was stronger than Émilie in challenges. Therefore, the original Tupan tribe members, with the exception of Catherine, who was at the infirmary, changed their plans and voted out Clémence instead.

Voting History

Clémence's Voting History
Episode Clémence's
Voted Against
1 Jacaré Tribe Immune
2 Moundir -
3 Christelle -
4 Catherine Filomène, Jade,
Jean-Bernard, Romuald, Tony
Voted Out, Day 10
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Le Combat des Héros

Voting History

Clémence's Voting History
Episode Clémence's
Voted Against
1 Toa Tribe Immune
Toa Tribe Immune
2 Toa Tribe Immune
3 Toa Tribe Immune
4 Clémentine1 -
5 Clémentine -
6 Ineligible -
7 Candice -
8 Alban -
9 Nathalie Individual Immunity3
10 Jérémy4 -
11 Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for Clémence
Alban, Candice,
Clémentine, Dylan, Yassan
Sole Survivor, Day 32

^1 In Episode 4, Clémentine used a Hidden Immunity Necklace, negating Clémence's vote against her.
^2 The vote ended with a 4-4 tie between Javier and Jérémy, forcing a revote. Clémence did not change her vote on the revote.
^3 A special challenge occurred between the reward and Immunity Challenge, which Clémence lost and was penalized with a vote at the next Tribal Council. However, because she won immunity, that penalty vote was voided.
^4 In Episode 10, Jérémy used a Hidden Immunity Necklace, negating Clémence's vote against him.

Post Koh-Lanta


  • Clémence is the youngest contestant on Pacifique and Le Retour des Héros.
    • Clémence is the first finalist and by extension, the first winner of Koh-Lanta to be the youngest contestant of their season. For the latter feat, she would be followed by André Deleplace in Fidji.
    • Clémence is the first Returning Player on to be the youngest contestant on two separate seasons. She would be followed by Candice Boisson.
  • Clémence is the youngest woman to win of Koh-Lanta, being 20 at the time of filming.
  • Clémence is the first and currently only woman to win Koh-Lanta to receive every jury vote and is the second of four winners overall. The first was Philippe Bordier in Panama and they were followed by Laurent Maistret in La Nouvelle Édition and Benoît Assadi in L'Île au Trésor.
  • Clémence is the only contestant on Le Combat des Héros to be competing on their third season.
  • Clémence is the the first contestant to win a second season of Koh-Lanta.


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