Cirie Tiffany Fields is a contestant from Survivor: Panama, Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Game Changers.

Regarded as one of the smartest castaways to compete on Survivor, self-proclaimed "couch potato" Cirie started off seemingly on the losing end, having no camping experience prior to the game. However, her social tact, resilience, analytical intelligence, and observational skills ultimately combined to render her one of the most effective and creative strategists in Survivor history. She is widely hailed as a legend, and host Jeff Probst often invokes her as an inspirational figure: "the woman who got up off the couch and played Survivor."

Initially from Panama, she was known for escaping elimination at her first Tribal Council, eventually making far into the game with the dysfunctional, yet dominant, Casaya Alliance. She was ultimately eliminated at the final four after losing the fire-making tiebreaker to her ally Danielle DiLorenzo.

In Micronesia, she originally found herself in the swing vote position before joining the Malakal Couples Alliance. At the merge she became part of the Black Widow Brigade. She concocted the plan to convince Erik Reichenbach into giving up his Immunity Necklace, culminating in his elimination. She managed to navigate herself all the way to the final three. However, after her ally Amanda Kimmel won the Final Immunity Challenge, she voted out Cirie the night before the Final Tribal Council as Amanda believed that she would not win against Cirie in the Final Two.

Despite being part of the Heroes Alliance in Heroes vs. Villains, she found herself blindsided at her third Tribal Council after her alliance member J.T. Thomas, fearing how dangerous she was, flipped on her, and Tom Westman played his Hidden Immunity Idol.

While finding herself on the outs at the start of Game Changers, a string of Immunity Challenge wins allowed her to make it to the merge where she began mentoring Michaela Bradshaw and controlling the game. Despite finding herself on the bottom after Sarah Lacina's defection, she managed to get back to the top after Sarah flipped back. She managed to make it all the way to the final six where a Legacy Advantage and a series of Hidden Immunity Idols were played at Tribal Council, making everyone except herself immune, thus resulting in her elimination despite receiving no votes against her all season.


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Cirie Fields was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. She attended St. Francis Nursing School in New Castle, Pennsylvania, where she earned her nursing degree. She currently works as an operating room nurse. Her previous occupations include surgical technician, home health aid, working at a candy factory and telemarketing. Fields' proudest accomplishment was becoming a nurse. Her mother is her hero because she raised six kids with nothing and taught her kids many life skills. Fields swims regularly. Her favorite sports include running and working with a personal trainer. She loves amusement park rides and watching television. She describes herself as funny, charismatic and compassionate. She believes she will be a useful member of the tribe because she is very strong. Fields' skills include the ability to fish, cook and do some carpentry. She believes she will be the Sole Survivor because people love her cute, smiling personality. Her primary motivation for being on the show is to win and to change her family's life. She is proud of the fact that she was disciplined enough to lose 30 pounds once she learned she would be a castaway on the show. Fields currently resides in Walterboro, South Carolina. She recently married Clarencio and has three sons from a previous marriage. They have one dog, Sam. Her birth date is July 18, 1970.[1]

Cirie Fields was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey with her sisters Karla, Cicely, and brother Kenneth. She attended St. Francis Nursing School in New Castle, Pennsylvania, where she obtained her nursing degree. She currently works as the clinical coordinator for Norwalk Hospitals Operating Room. Her previous occupations include surgical technician, home health aid, working at a candy factory and telemarketing. Fields' proudest accomplishment was becoming a nurse. Her mother is her hero because she has overcome many adversities and managed to raise six kids with nothing and taught them many life skills. Fields loves to swim. Her favorite sports include running and working with a personal trainer. She loves amusement park rides and watching television. She describes herself as funny, charismatic and compassionate. She believes she will be a useful member of the tribe because she is very strong. Fields' skills include the ability to fish, cook and do some carpentry. She believes she will be the Ultimate Survivor because people love her cute, smiling personality. Her primary motivation for being on the show is to win and to change her family's life. She is proud of the fact that she was disciplined enough to lose 30 pounds once she learned she would be a castaway on Survivor: Micronesia. Fields currently resides in Norwalk, Connecticut. She is married to Clarencio and has three sons (John, Jamil and Jared) from a previous marriage. They have one dog, Sam. Her birth date is July 18, 1970.[2]

Cirie Fields (39) Tribe: Heroes
Hometown: Jersey City, N.J.
Current Residence: Norwalk, Conn.
Personal Claim To Fame: "Passion for providing extraordinary, safe, quality patient care."
Inspiration in Life: "My three sons John, Jamil and Jared."
Previous Finishes: Panama: 12th Out, 6th Jury Member; Micronesia: 15th Out, 8th Jury Member
Favorite Past Moment: "Having my husband at camp."
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: Aras Baskauskas (Panama)
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: "No comment."
Why Did She Come Back? : "Because I didn't win the last 2 times."[3]

Age: 45
Hometown: Norwalk, CT
Previously played on:
Season 12: Panama, Finished 4th & Jury member
Season 16: Micronesia, Finished 3rd & Jury member
Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains, Finished 17th
How have you changed since the last time you played? I've matured mentally. Plus, I'm healthier, stronger, and in better shape.
What skills do you bring to Survivor that will make you a useful member of the group and what skills have you been learning since you last played? Fire-making and trap-making.
What, if anything, do you most regret? Letting my emotions get the best of me!
How will you play differently this time? I'll be less aggressive, less emotional, and more physically fit.[4]



For the people that are like me, on the couch, stay on the couch!


Being one of the four eldest female contestants, Cirie was initially placed on the purple Casaya tribe. Coming into the game, Cirie had little outdoor experience and even claimed to have a certain "fear of leaves." However, her social skills and strategic gameplay would take her far.

After losing the first Immunity Challenge, Cirie's lack of athleticism put her in line for elimination. She quickly formed an alliance with Melinda Hyder and Ruth Marie Milliman to vote out Tina Scheer, the most productive member of the Casaya tribe, yet a social recluse. At Tribal Council, Tina accused her tribemates of underworking, prompting Melinda and Ruth Marie to question her. Cirie's efforts paid off and she succeeded in eliminating Tina from the game in a 3-1 vote.

On Day 4, the four tribes merged into two, Cirie, though staying on the Casaya tribe with ally Melinda, again found herself on the outside, this time, of a four-person alliance consisting of Aras Baskauskas, Courtney Marit, Danielle DiLorenzo, and Shane Powers. After losing the next Immunity Challenge, Shane told Cirie and Melinda outright that whoever did not go home between at the next vote would go next. Despite both's vulnerability, Cirie and Melinda honored their bond with each other and did not campaign against one another. When Cirie noticed Shane's rampant mood swings as cancer to the tribe, she used this as an opening to break their alliance. At Tribal Council, though Cirie and Melinda both voted against Shane, Melinda was ultimately ousted, leaving Cirie as the only older woman in her tribe.

Over the next few days, the already-dysfunctional Casaya tribe began to self-destruct, and Cirie sat back and watched the drama unfold between the majority alliance, with Shane's volatile personality continuing to grate on his alliance partners. The dysfunction, however, was put aside when needed to, as Casaya managed to win the next two Immunity Challenges, giving Cirie time to fully develop her social game and attempt to work her way into the graces of the ruling Casaya Alliance. When Casaya finally lost an Immunity Challenge on Day 14, the decision of who to boot came down to Bobby Mason and Bruce Kanegai, two other outsiders. Bruce was the original target, but the Casaya women, led by Danielle, decided to vote out Bobby. At Tribal Council, Bobby was voted out in a scattered 3-2-1-1 vote, which accurately depicted the tribe's lack of unity. Cirie was one of only three people in her tribe to not receive a vote at that Tribal Council, proving Shane's earlier words that Cirie would be next to go wrong.

The next day, Shane wanted to leave the alliance of four. He asked if he could take his son's name back because he had sworn allegiance to the group by that. Courtney and Danielle gladly released him from his promise and decided to vote him out at the next Tribal Council. However, after winning the next combined Reward/Immunity Challenge, the alliance began to get along again, to Cirie's disappointment. However, Cirie was adopted by the majority alliance prior to the arrival of the rival La Mina tribe for the merge.

When the tribes merged into the Gitanos tribe on Day 16, the Casaya Alliance had a 6-4 voting advantage over the La Mina Alliance and planned to eliminate them to their last member. When Terry Deitz tried to offer Cirie a deal, she rejected it, stating he "was not in the position to offer anything." As Terry kept winning Immunity Challenges, Cirie and the rest of Casaya Alliance voted out his La Mina allies Nick Stanbury, Austin Carty, and Sally Schumann one by one.

On Day 25, Cirie won the Reward Challenge, choosing to bring Aras and Danielle with her on a spa experience, much to Shane's disappointment. Later that night, Bruce had to be medically evacuated due to severe blockage in his digestive system, leaving only six castaways in the game. The three returned to camp the following day, shocked to learn of Bruce's evacuation. Cirie later made amends with Shane, with the two swearing on their children to solidify their alliance.

When Terry once again won immunity on Day 30, the Casaya Alliance was forced to vote out one of their own. Cirie felt worried that Shane and Terry wanted to take Courtney to the Final Tribal Council for an easy win because of her unpopularity, as revealed in the previous Reward Challenge which revealed everyone's perception of each other. Courtney, Danielle, and Terry schemed to vote out Aras, but Cirie managed to flip Danielle to her side. Shane thought the plan was to vote out Danielle, and Cirie left him out of the loop. At Tribal Council, Courtney was voted out in a 3-2-1 vote, all due to Cirie's planning. From this point forward, while her strategy continued to pay off, her survival skills also improved, as she caught a large fish all by herself, which Terry claimed as the biggest fish ever caught by the tribe, much to Cirie's delight.

After Terry won the next Reward Challenge, which had a family visit up for grabs, he chose Cirie to get a visit from her husband, H.B., who was able to spend a day on the island with the castaways. H.B. was amazed at how his wife was doing at camp, stating that he was seeing a different side of Cirie that he never saw before. At the next Tribal Council, Cirie, Aras, and Danielle voted out Shane, once again blindsiding both Shane and Terry, who had planned on making the final three together.

When returning from camp later that night, Cirie left her torch on the ground, causing Terry to trip over it instigating an argument between the two. Aras defended Cirie, telling Terry it was simply an accident. Cirie and Aras now planned to take each other to the Final Two. While Aras took Cirie on a trip down the Panama Canal after winning the next Reward Challenge, Danielle and Terry were stuck to endure Exile Island together where the two made a pact to the Final Two. After Aras won the next Immunity Challenge, Cirie and Danielle were targeted by the other duo and decided to settle the score with a tiebreaker challenge. Meanwhile, trying her best to forgo the deal, Danielle begged Terry to give her his still-unused Hidden Immunity Idol, but when Terry refused to, the vote was deadlocked between Cirie and Danielle. The two faced off in a fire-building tiebreaker. After a lively competition, Danielle won, eliminating Cirie from the game and making her the sixth member of the jury.

At the Final Tribal Council, Cirie cast her vote for Aras, who went on to win the game over Danielle in a 5-2 vote.

At the live Reunion Show, a viewer's poll revealed that Cirie was the most popular contestant of the season, winning herself a car, a GMC Yukon.

Voting History

Cirie's Voting History
Episode Cirie's
Voted Against
1 Tina Tina
2 Shane -
3 Casaya Tribe Immune
4 Casaya Tribe Immune
5 Bobby -
6 Casaya Tribe Immune
8 Nick -
9 Austin -
10 Sally -
11 No Tribal Council
12 Courtney -
13 Shane -
14 Danielle Danielle, Terry
15 No Vote
Voted Out, Day 361
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Call the Whambulence!", the vote ended with a 2-2 tie between Cirie and Danielle, forcing a fire-making tiebreaker. Cirie was eliminated at the tiebreaker, as shown in the next episode.


Being one of the most popular players from her first season, Cirie returned to Survivor: Micronesia being initially placed on the "Favorites" Malakal tribe. After the tribe unanimously voted out Jon Dalton at the first Tribal Council, the real dilemma came when Malakal lost again on Day 8, with Cirie being caught in between two opposing alliances. Cirie opted to work with the Malakal Couples Alliance of Amanda Kimmel, James Clement, Ozzy Lusth, and Parvati Shallow over Jonathan Penner's alliance of himself, Ami Cusack, Eliza Orlins, and Yau-Man Chan since she felt she could persuade the couples more easily. However, James did not like how Cirie wanted to shift the target from Eliza to Yau-Man since she was afraid Yau-Man could find a Hidden Immunity Idol. Despite this, they went along with Cirie's plan and Yau-Man was voted out.

During the Tribe Switch on Day 13, Cirie remained on the Malakal tribe with allies Amanda and Ozzy, as well as Ami. The tribe lost every subsequent Immunity Challenge. On Day 14, Cirie overheard Erik Reichenbach and Joel Anderson talking to the other Favorites about targeting the tribe's weakest players, Chet Welch, Tracy Hughes-Wolf and Cirie herself. Concerned by this, Cirie rallied together the Favorites, as well as Chet and Tracy, to vote out the biggest proponent of keeping the tribe strong, Joel. From that point, the Favorites would take out the Fans, with Chet and Tracy going in the next two Tribal Councils. Then they found out that Ami tried to work with the Fans to take Ozzy out. This prompted Cirie to vote Ami out, sparing Erik and entering the merge with her original alliance intact.

After the tribes merged into the Dabu tribe on Day 22 and dispatched of common enemy Eliza, Cirie incorporated Parvati's new allies from Airai: Alexis Jones and Natalie Bolton, into the action with a plan to vote out Ozzy. Despite her friendship with him, she felt this was the only clear opportunity they had to take out the game's biggest threat, who also had the Hidden Immunity Idol. With Jason Siska's doom seeming imminent, Ozzy would never see it coming. That proved to be the case as the girls, as well as Jason, blindsided Ozzy at the next Tribal Council. This would be the beginning of the Black Widow Brigade, an all-female alliance that took out the remaining men.

Erik, the last man standing, however, won the next Immunity Challenge, forcing the girls to turn on each other on Day 33. Fans Alexis, Erik, and Natalie temporarily realigned to vote out the likable and athletic Amanda. Amanda hoped to count on Cirie and Parvati's votes, but having been in a tiebreaker in her first season, Cirie was unwilling to force another tie, especially since a rock draw would put herself in danger. Cirie voted against Amanda at Tribal Council, but Amanda played her own idol to negate the votes cast against her and blindside Alexis. On Day 36, Erik won immunity once again, but Cirie came up with a plan to convince Erik to give the Immunity Necklace to Natalie to vote out Amanda. Cirie made Erik believe that his word was no longer good and that giving the Immunity Necklace was the only way to redeem himself. The plan worked, and Erik fell into the trap as the women blindsided him.

On Day 37, Amanda, Cirie, and Parvati held true to their alliance and voted out Natalie, but they were heartbroken by the news that only two players would make it to the end. Cirie and Amanda had a showdown in the Final Immunity Challenge, with Amanda coming out on top. Cirie was worried because Amanda and Parvati were essentially best friends. Amanda was also concerned that Cirie would be very difficult to beat in the Final Two. At Tribal Council, Amanda voted out Cirie, with Cirie lamenting how close she came but not quite making it.

At the Final Tribal Council, Cirie cast her vote for Parvati to win over Amanda, respecting her strong gameplay and flawlessly building strong alliances, which she did in a 5-3 vote.

Voting History

Cirie's Voting History
Episode Cirie's
Voted Against
1 Jon -
2 Malakal Tribe Immune
3 Yau-Man Ami
4 Malakal Tribe Immune
5 Joel -
6 Chet -
7 Tracy -
8 Ami -
9 Eliza -
10 Ozzy -
11 Jason -
12 Amanda1 -
13 Erik -
14 Natalie Natalie
Ineligible Amanda
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "I'm Gonna Fix Her!", Amanda used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Cirie's vote against her.

Heroes vs. Villains

I'm a gangster in an Oprah suit, but I'm not like a mean gangster, I'm a nice gangster with a smile!


Due to her heroic gameplay, relatable backstory, and general likability, Cirie was placed on the Heroes tribe. Cirie was on good terms with most of the Heroes on the tribe right off the bat, immediately reconnecting with Micronesia allies Amanda Kimmel and James Clement. After the Heroes lost the first Immunity Challenge on Day 3, despite several people bringing up voting out Sugar Kiper, Cirie felt that Stephenie LaGrossa and Tom Westman were threats. At the first Tribal Council, however, Cirie eventually sided with the rest of the tribe and voted out Sugar.

Cirie would later form strong bonds with Amanda and James, as well as J.T. Thomas, Rupert Boneham, and to a lesser extent, Candice Woodcock. When the Heroes lost again on Day 6, Stephenie and Tom approached Cirie and Candice about voting Amanda out. However, the two stuck with the majority at Tribal Council and voted Stephenie out. On Day 8, J.T. attempted to stir the pot within his alliance, telling Amanda and Cirie that Candice did not trust Cirie, worrying the alliance. However, this did not matter as the Heroes finally won their first Immunity Challenge later that day.

After the Heroes lost immunity again on Day 11, J.T. continued his double-dealing Cirie, conspiring with Tom and Colby Donaldson to target Candice, managing to convince Amanda to go with the plan. However, once Amanda relayed the plan to the rest of the Heroes Alliance, sans J.T., Cirie was able to convince them that this move would not be in their best interest, and the alliance agreed to split their votes between Colby and Tom. However, J.T. overheard the conversation and, fearing that he had lost control of the alliance, reported their plan to Colby and Tom, suggesting that they target Cirie. At Tribal Council, the alliance split their votes as planned. However, J.T. reneged on the plan and voted for Cirie along with Colby and Tom. Tom played his Hidden Immunity Idol, negating the alliance's three votes against him, and, with Colby, J.T., and Tom's votes, Cirie was blindsided 3-2-0, finishing in 17th place.

Voting History

Cirie's Voting History
Episode Cirie's
Voted Against
1 Sugar -
2 Stephenie -
3 Heroes Tribe Immune
4 Tom1 Colby,
J.T., Tom
Voted Out, Day 11

^1 In "Tonight, We Make Our Move", Tom used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Cirie's vote against him.

Game Changers

I am a bona fide ex-couch potato that saw this game and loved it. I'm the gangster with a smile like a-a wolf in sheep's clothing. I've made it to the end. What's the next step? The only next step for me is to win.


Returning for Survivor: Game Changers, Cirie was initially placed on the Nuku tribe. On Day 1, she tried to make amends with Ozzy Lusth, who was still wary of her for her role in his blindside in Micronesia. Seeing that Ozzy and J.T. Thomas, another player Cirie had a history with from their time on Heroes vs. Villains, were getting close, Cirie attempted to recruit allies against them, approaching Debbie Wanner, Sarah Lacina, and Zeke Smith, who were all wary of aligning with the majority's target. While it appeared that she was on the outs, Cirie was spared when Nuku won the first two challenges.

On Day 7, a Tribe Switch split the two tribes into three, and Cirie was sent to the new Tavua tribe to start from scratch, along with original Nuku tribemates Andrea Boehlke, Ozzy, Sarah, and Zeke, as well as the only original Mana member, Troyzan Robertson. There, Cirie and Ozzy finally reconciled and agreed to target Troyzan. However, the tribe managed to win the next three Immunity Challenges, avoiding Tribal Council. On Day 14, a second Tribe Switch occurred; Tavua was abolished and Cirie was switched to the Mana tribe. Although the depleted tribe suffered a setback when they lost a Reward Challenge for pizza on Day 17, the tribe rebounded, winning the last two tribal Immunity Challenges.

After the tribes merged into the Maku Maku tribe on Day 19, Michaela Bradshaw, who was the main target, approached Cirie and told her that she wanted them to be the first pair of African-American women to make it to the end, and Cirie began mentoring her. With both alliances agreeing to split their votes between outsiders Michaela and Hali Ford, Cirie and Zeke began campaigning for Michaela to stay. At Tribal Council, her plan worked as Hali was voted out. The following day, Cirie and Andrea contemplate targeting Brad Culpepper and Sierra Dawn Thomas for taking charge of the previous night's vote. However, Zeke was not pleased by this, wanting to be the one to call the shots within the Tavua Alliance, and went to Sierra to propose targeting Andrea. After Tai Trang won the next Immunity Challenge, Sierra informed Cirie of Zeke's plan and the Tavua Alliance swiftly targeted him. At Tribal Council, however, Sarah flipped on the alliance and Debbie used her Extra Vote to ensure Ozzy's elimination.

On Day 25, Cirie attempted to convince Sarah to turn on the Power Six alliance. When Troyzan won immunity, Sarah felt excluded from the decision-making within the Power Six and ended up flipping, blindsiding Debbie at Tribal Council. Although back in the majority, Cirie and Andrea still did not trust Zeke and discussed betraying him with Sarah, who objected to the plan. To secure Cirie's trust, Sarah told Cirie about her Vote Steal advantage. When Andrea won the next Immunity Challenge, she led the charge to take Zeke out, though Michaela and Sarah remained skeptical of the plan, fearing that this would give the remnants of the Power Six a chance to regain the majority. At Tribal Council, however, the two joined the rest of the Tavua Alliance in sending Zeke to the jury.

The next day, Cirie recruited Tai to the alliance after his allies turned on him the night before. The next day, the Loved Ones Challenge took place and Cirie's youngest son, Jared, showed up. The team of Andrea, Brad, and Aubry Bracco won the challenge and chose Cirie and Sarah, along with their loved ones, to accompany them on the barbecue. After Brad won immunity, the alliance voted Sierra out at Tribal Council. After Tribal Council, Cirie and Andrea were suspicious of Sarah's reaction after Sierra's elimination, not knowing that it was a ruse on Sarah's part to ensure that she was the recipient of Sierra's Legacy Advantage. When Aubry won immunity Day 33, she pushed the alliance to vote out Brad, though Andrea wanted to eliminate Sarah. Cirie, wanting to keep Sarah in the game as a bigger target than herself, talked to Sarah about betraying Andrea that night. Cirie's plan worked as Andrea was blindsided.

Back at camp, Aubry, who was left out of the plan, was consoled by Tai. Cirie noted Tai's ability to emotionally connect with others, worrying that this could make him a threat. When Brad won immunity on Day 35, Tai told Aubry that he wanted to target Sarah, but Aubry relayed Tai's plan to Cirie, who later told Sarah. Sarah, skeptical about Tai's betrayal, gave Cirie her Vote Steal as a sign of trust right before Tribal Council, which Cirie promised to return to Sarah after that night. However, Cirie considered using it to save Sarah and eliminate Tai. At Tribal Council, Cirie, without having time to read the rules of the advantage, tried to use the vote stealer to steal Sarah's vote with the intention of voting against Tai twice, but Sarah revealed that the advantage was non-transferable and reclaimed the advantage from Cirie. In the ensuing scramble, Sarah used her advantage to steal Tai's vote. Scheming with outsiders Brad and Troyzan, the three targeted Cirie's number one ally, Michaela, who was subsequently blindsided.

After returning from Tribal Council, Sarah confronted Cirie about using her advantage, but Cirie told her she did that in order to save her from Tai who was coming after her. After confirming that Tai was indeed going after her, she apologized to Cirie. When Brad again won immunity on Day 36, he pressured Tai into giving him one of his Hidden Immunity Idols and targeting Aubry that night. Tai, put off by Brad's attitude, conspires with Aubry and Cirie. At Tribal Council, Cirie, Aubry, and Tai voted against Sarah, Sarah and Troyzan vote for Tai, and Brad voted for Aubry. Tai played his idols on himself and Aubry, while Sarah played her immunity-granting Legacy Advantage, which prompted Troyzan to play his own idol. As Cirie was the only player left without immunity, she was automatically eliminated despite receiving no votes against her. When snuffing her torch, host Jeff Probst has Cirie say his famous trademark line "the tribe has spoken" and everybody claps in respect, including the jury and the live studio audience.

At the Final Tribal Council, Cirie told Brad that it appeared that Sierra was the brains behind their alliance, and challenged him to prove the jury wrong; she also questioned Troyzan's lack of leadership and decision making. In the end, she voted for Sarah to win, which she did in a 7-3-0 vote over Brad and Troyzan.

Voting History

Cirie's Voting History
Episode Cirie's
Voted Against
1 Nuku Tribe Immune
Nuku Tribe Immune
2 Tavua Tribe Immune
3 Tavua Tribe Immune
4 Tavua Tribe Immune
5 Mana Tribe Immune
6 Mana Tribe Immune
7 Michaela -
Sierra -
8 Debbie -
9 Zeke -
10 Sierra -
11 Andrea -
Aubry -
12 Sarah1 -
Eliminated, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor

^1 In "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished", Sarah used a Legacy Advantage, negating Cirie's vote against her. Also, Aubry, Tai, and Troyzan each used Hidden Immunity Idols and negated all the votes cast at Tribal Council. Because of this and Brad possessing individual immunity, Cirie was the only person left who was not immune, automatically eliminating her from the game.


Cirie and her partner, Thomas, with Drew Carey and Jeff Probst on The Price Is Right.

  • Cirie, along with eight other former castaways, competed on a Survivor edition of The Price Is Right primetime special that aired on May 23, 2016.[8] Cirie helped her partner, Thomas, win the top prize of $25,000 in their pricing game.[9] Cirie and Thomas also made it to the Showcase, but lost to Joe Anglim and his partner due to overbidding on Thomas's Showcase.


  • Cirie is the only member of the original Casaya tribe to reach the merge and be on the jury. Every other original tribe in Panama had three members reach the merge and at least one of them be on the jury.
  • Cirie was the only remaining member of her original tribe for the longest time in Survivor history, for 25 days between Ruth Marie Milliman's elimination on Day 11 and her own elimination on Day 36.
  • Cirie and Amanda Kimmel are the first castaways to make the final four twice. Cirie is also the only person to make it to the final four more than once and not reach the Final Tribal Council on either occasion.
    • Cirie is the first contestant in Survivor history to successfully make it to the finale episode as an active competitor in three different seasons, followed by Aubry Bracco, Parvati Shallow, and Rob Mariano. Cirie is the only one of the group who wasn't on Edge of Extinction to achieve this feat.
  • In Micronesia, Cirie became the second of two castaways to be the 18th person eliminated from a season. The first was Ian Rosenberger in Palau.
  • According to her profile for Heroes vs. Villains, Parvati Shallow stated that Cirie and Shane Powers were the previous Survivor castaways that she respected the most.[10]
  • Cirie is the oldest woman to compete on Heroes vs. Villains.
  • Cirie is one of three castaways to have their torch snuffed four times. She, Andrea Boehlke, and Tyson Apostol are tied for second behind Ozzy Lusth, who had his torch snuffed five times.
    • Despite having her torch snuffed four times, she has never been voted out by a majority of her tribe. In order, she received votes from 2/4, 1/3, 3/8, and 0/6 of her tribe.
  • Cirie is the first woman to compete in four seasons of Survivor. She was followed by Sandra Diaz-Twine and Parvati Shallow.
  • Cirie is the fifth castaway to be on three separate tribes within a season before the merge, following Jenna Lewis, Jerri Manthey, and Rupert Boneham on All-Stars, and Andrew Savage on Cambodia. They would be followed by Laurel Johnson and Sebastian Noel in Ghost Island.
  • Cirie went the longest without attending Tribal Council on Game Changers.
  • Cirie is the only person to be on every tribe in Game Changers.
  • Cirie is the only person to not receive a vote against her on Game Changers.
  • Cirie is the first person to be eliminated from the competition by virtue of being the sole person without immunity.
  • In Game Changers, Cirie became the second castaway to be eliminated at Tribal Council despite not having a single vote for the entire season, following Paschal English in Marquesas. They would be followed by Kara Kay in David vs. Goliath.
  • Cirie is the only person to be idoled out of multiple seasons.
  • Cirie lost 19 lbs. during her time on Game Changers.[11]
  • Cirie played the most days of a returning player who did not make to Day 39 and the Final Tribal Council, with 121 accumulated over her Survivor career.
  • Cirie accumulated the most days of a returning player who didn't go to Redemption Island or Edge of Extinction at some point, with 121 over the course of her Survivor career.
  • Cirie is one of six returning players who has competed on at least three seasons but has never won an individual Immunity Challenge. The others are James Clement, Tina Wesson, Jeff Varner, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Sarah Lacina.


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