Cindy Poumeyrol is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: La Guerre des Chefs.


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Conseillère Financière
31 ans de Gironde
Cindy, c'est la fraicheur du sud-ouest. Cette jeune Bordelaise, conseillère financière, aime rayonner, irradier. Têtue, elle ose s'affirmer. Elle sait qu'elle n'est pas aventurière dans l'âme mais que sa volonté et son charme feront le reste…
Elle est aussi une joueuse, qui est prête à tout pour se faire une place dans KL.

Koh Lanta

4th of the 21 castaways to fall of the emblematic Pole Challenge at the beginning of the adventure, Cindy, as the charming "dumb blonde" of the South was clearly an outsider among the others more physical castaways. She was chosen by Maxime, 3rd of the Initial Challenge, to be part of his blue Ikalu tribe, with Aliséa, Brice, Clo, Frédéric and Mohamed. The tribe was composed of quiet and sportive personalities, making Cindy an outsider in her tribe. After the first Immunity Challenge, when Cindy's poor performance costed victory to her tribe, she felt anxious about her continuation in the game. Hopefully, her spirited personality helped her to create some bonds with her female tribemates, Clo and Aliséa, assuring her to not be the first boot of the adventure. While the Tribal Council approached, Frédéric, the other outsider, isolated because of his age, proposed to Cindy and Aliséa, an alliance to vote out and blindside the leader Maxime, Frédéric seeing him as a threat for his own continuation. But still unsure about her continuation and not felting good with strategy so early, Cindy choose to vote with the majority, voting out Frédéric.

However an unexpected event arrived with the rapid physic weakening of Aliséa, leading her to be evacuated for medical reasons, made Frédéric come back in the game before the next Immunity Challenge. With the return of Frédéric, Cindy finally discovered he was a great person, both of them as the outsiders of the tribe becoming closer, having a lot of fun together. Cindy stood out one day, by tanning topless on the beach of the camp, making her younger tribemate Brice, uncomfortable and embarrassed to see her like that.

Even if Ikalu stayed safe for the next Tribal Councils, Cindy noticed the strong bond between Maxime, Clo, Brice and Mohamed, making her understand that her ally Frédéric and her was on ejector seats in case of an eventual Tribal Council. She started to research the Immunity Necklace of her tribe to protect Frédéric and her. She finally found the Necklace and shared her discovery with Frédéric, to whom she gave the Necklace, thinking that he was more threatened than her.

If the tribe seemed to be united during challenges, it was not the case on camp. Indeed, Cindy and Frédéric started to develop annoyance and boredom with their leader Maxime, who was taking his role as the leader of the team too seriously, making a lot of annoying speeches about survey facts, sagging and annoying his tribemates, unwillingly. Cindy mockingly nicknamed him as "the Professor". Another thing that annoyed Cindy was the affirmation of Maxime to being "anti-strategist" and that their tribe had to stay united, despite the fact that he made some favoritism in the tribe.

When the merge time arrived, the Ambassadors Reunion occurred where leaders of each tribe, Maxime, Béatrice and Alexandre had to agree about voting out a contestant. If they couldn't agree, they had to draw rocks and one of them would be eliminated of the game by the rocks' decision. Influenced by Béatrice and Alexandre, Maxime make the agreement with them to vote out Frédéric, despite the fact he's from his tribe.

On the return of the ambassadors, the merge Tribe discovered their decision to vote out Frédéric. If Frédéric wasn't surprise, knowing that Maxime didn't like him, Cindy was furious about this decision, confronting Maxime about what that she considered as a betrayal by the former blue leader. Maxime justified his decision by the fact that Frédéric was too strategic but Cindy replied that the action of Maxime to eliminate one of his own tribe member was a form of strategy too and that he was hypocritical and most strategic and manipulative than Frédéric, her friend Clo joining her to confront Maxime, despite the fact that Clo was an ally of Maxime. Before to leave, Frédéric took care to hide on the camp the Immunity Necklace gave by Cindy and indicated to her where he hide it. Now in possession of her Necklace, Cindy decided to not let Maxime not gonna to get away with this. But for now, she decided to stay discreet, participating to the split voting with the majority of the former Ikalu and Tabuo tribes, against the remaining members of ill-fated Kama tribe, with only three members left at the beginning of the merge, victims of Ulonging . At Tribal Council, Cindy voted against Cyril but it was the leader of Kama, Alexandre, who was voted out.

After the depart of Alexandre, Cindy became closer with the two remaining former Kama, Maud and particularly Cyril, with who she found a lot of interest in common and having a lot of fun with him, both creating a strong bond. Appreciating very much Maud and Cyril, Cindy wasn't motivated to eliminate them so she explained her idea to the former Ikalu : blindside Béatrice, leader of Tabuo, a physical threat and owner of an Immunity Necklace. This idea was well received by the ex-Ikalu members and Cyril and Maud, even if Maxime was unsure, seeing a strong ally in Béatrice. But despite that, the plan of Cindy was applied and Béatrice was blindsided in a 8-3-2-1 votes, at the big surprise of the ex-Tabuo. Before to leave, Béatrice gave her Immunity Necklace to her ally Steeve to protect him.

When Béatrice arrived at the residence of Jury's Members, Frédéric was delighted to see that Cindy managed such a poker move. At the Next Reward Challenge, Denis Brogniart announced that during the three next days, the final-12 castaways would have their fate bound by pairs. After the draws of the rocks to decide of the pairs, Cindy ended up with Nicolas, a physical strength but really fragile on the emotional side, having wanted to quit several times because of the absence of his young son. The Challenge was Buggin' Out, where pairs had to eat seven coconut worms as quickly as possible, after having distributed the worms. Cindy and Nicolas won the first place, followed by Steeve and Maxime. Both pairs had to compete for the Finale's Challenge, having to eat worms, barracuda's eye, slimy flesh of shell, larvae and bedbugs. Cindy and Nicolas won the Challenge, winning a cruise aboard a catamaran, a consisting meal, a night in a bed aboard the boat and a breakfast.

While Cindy and Nicolas enjoyed their Reward, the strategies continued on the camp, especially to eliminate Cyril and Maud, the only former Kama, both of them forming a pair decided by the rocks. But Discreet Brice another idea : Knowing about the meltdowns of Nicolas and suspicious about Cindy's strategic side, Brice was planning with Cyril, Mohamed and even the ex-Tabuo Angélique, Aurélien and Sophie who were annoyed by Nicolas's breakdowns, to try to eliminate the pair formed by Nicolas and Cindy, ignoring that the young Bordelaise owned an Immunity Necklace. His plan was truly envisaged after the victory of Cyril et Maud at the Immunity Challenge, saving them from elimination. However, Brice made the error to talk about his plan with Clo, who was also Cindy's friend. Clo quickly alerted Cindy about Brice's plan, disappointing Cindy who considered Brice as a nice boy. So Cindy decided to reunite all the remaining castaways, showing to them her Immunity Necklace and that it was useless to try to vote her out. Brice plan's backfired, everyone judging him as more strategic and manipulative than the one he accused to be and he was voted out, taking his partner Sophie, down with him, Cindy affirming clearly how fearsome she could be.

In the next episode, the final-10 discovered an archery target to train themselves in prevision of the next Reward Challenge. Cindy showed that she wasn't gifted with a bow, but was a new time annoyed by Maxime's pedantic side, demonstrating his archery's skills as a former archery monitor. At the Reward Challenge, the 10 castaways were distributed in a schoolyard-pick by captains selected by rock drawing : Aurélien and Steeve. Cindy was in Steeve's team, with Nicolas, Clo and Maud, affronting Aurélien's team, comprised of Angélique, Maxime, Mohamed and Cyril. Teams had to face each other in duels, the least good duelist being eliminated of the Challenge, until the complete team was eliminated. After the elimination of some castaways, the next duel took place between the rivals Cindy and Maxime. But to everyone's surprise, it's Cindy who won the duel, eliminating the threat of the duel. Finally, Cindy's team won the challenge and the reward was to meet Fijian Villagers and enjoy a feast with them in their village. 

During the absence of the Winners of the Challenge, Maxime, knowing that he's a physical threat and considering Cindy more as "a princess" that "an adventurer" tried to campaign to blindside Cindy. But Cindy was less considering as a threat than Maxime. However, he won a new Immunity Challenge, to the annoyance of Cindy who couldn't spend him anymore. At the Tribal Council, Maxime accused Cindy to conspire against him but Cindy points out to him that she wasn't the only to thinking Maxime was annoyed, pedantic and arrogant. This is finally Angélique who is voted out because of her isolation with Aurélien and being seen as a physical threat.

Cindy was discreet in the next episode but was witness with all the castaways about a violent clash between Nicolas and Mohamed and Cyril about a case of relatives's letters, Mohamed violently accusing Cyril to not having chose their letters despite the fact that they wanted news to their young children. Mohamed campaigned to vote out Cyril, Cindy voting against Cyril. But before the votes becoming revealed, Cyril played his Immunity Necklace and Mohamed was blindsided. Surprised, Cindy congratulated Cyril for this great move

In the next episode, Cindy decided to make strongers bonds with Maud and Cyril. Cindy wanted to rally Clo with them but Clo is simultaneously ally of Cindy and her nemesis, Maxime. The castaways discovered a message convening them to a Surprise Challenge. Denis Brogniart announced to the contestants that the last to finish the challenge will be eliminated of the game and become a jury member. Maxime won again and the last place is disputed between Cindy and Nicolas. Finally after a lot of stress and reflexion, Cindy managed to complete her puzzle, eliminating Nicolas, an ally of Maxime. The next day, the Immunity Challange occurred : Get a Grip . When only Aurélien, Maxime and Cyril was left, Maxime fell suddenly of his pole. This is finally Aurélien who won his first Immunity Challenge and Maxime, Cindy's rival is unanimously voted out as the biggest threat of the game and rubbing everyone in the wrong way.

In the next episode, after the elimination of Maxime, the ambiance of the camp was softer, the castaways having now the sensation than everyone had his chance to go to the finale. The Reward Challenge was the Loved Ones Challenge when Cindy was reunited with her husband Thomas. She finished second in the challenge, behind Steeve, winning the Reward (an evening and a morning in a villa to enjoy a dinner and a breakfast) with his son Hugo. However, Steeve had also the possibility to offer another reward to another castaway. He offered it to Cindy for his second place. Cindy enjoyed a lunch with his husband who congratulated her for her adventure and gave her a lot of positivity and of courage for the Finale. The Final Immunity Challenge was won by Aurélien, making only three castaways in danger, Clo, Cyril and Maud, Steeve and Cindy being assured to participate to the emblematic Orienteering Challenge, having conserved their Immunity Necklaces. The choice for the eliminated seemed to be between Cyril and Clo. Cindy wanted to vote out Cyril, because of her strong friendship with Clo since the beginning, but Cyril convinced her to not vote against him and to vote against Maud and make a tie and a rock-draw. At the Final Tribal Council, Steeve and Cindy played their Immunity Necklaces. Clo and Steeve who could vote twice thanks to the Black Vote, voted against Cyril, Maud, Aurélien and Cyril voted against Clo and Cindy voted against Maud, making a tie. This time, Cindy voted against Cyril, but the Black Vote of Steeve was not counted this time leading Cyril and Clo to a second tie and rock-draw between them, eliminating Cyril. Cindy was reassured to see Clo still in the game but she congratulated Cyril for his adventure and his move to save himself tonight.

Finally, Cindy reached the Finale and the Orienteering Challenge where the Five Finalists (Cindy, Aurélien, Clo, Maud and Steeve) had to find thanks to a map and a compass, a distinctive place where a beacon was hidden, indicating a color symbolizing a direction and a number of steps to take in this direction to discover one of the dagger hidden to win their place on the Final-Three and participate to the Poles Challenge. After a lot of research to find a dagger, with Aurélien searching to the same place, Cindy was finally the one who finding the dagger, finishing second behind Steeve and winning her place for the Poles. Maud was the finale to find her dagger, eliminating Clo and Aurélien.

After a debriefing of the adventure of each finalist, the Final Challenge of Koh-Lanta finally happened : The Poles Challenge, where Steeve, Maud and Cindy should stay up the longest on the top of their pole, to win their place for the final-two and to chose their opponent. After the fall of Steeve, victory is between Cindy and Maud. After 2 hours of challenge, Maud fell and Cindy won the Final Challenge, being assured to be in the final-two. She voted out Steeve, giving the reason that he was too popular among the jury members and that she had a biggest chance to win against Maud. Steeve become the final member of the Jury. Maud and Cindy tried to make prevision about the votes of the Jury but both women are unsure about some votes.

The Reunion took place in direct at Paris, chaired by the host Denis Brogniart. Cindy appeared at the Reunion, pregnant of her first child, a girl. Denis Brogniart started to read the Jury votes : Cindy obtained the votes of Steeve, Clo, Nicolas, Mohamed, Brice and Frédéric. However she lost to a 7-6, Maud having received the votes of Aurélien, Cyril, Maxime, Angélique, Sophie, Béatrice and Alexandre. Cindy finished as Runner-Up but she's proud of her adventure and congratulated Maud for her victory.

Voting History

Cindy's Voting History
Episode Cindy's
Voted Against
1 Frédéric -
2 Ikalu Tribe Immune
3 Ikalu Tribe Immune
4 Ikalu Tribe Immune
5 Ikalu Tribe Immune
6 Ikalu Tribe Immune
7 Ineligible -
Cyril -
8 Béatrice -
9 Brice -
10 Angélique -
11 Cyril1 -
12 Maxime -
13 Maud;
14 Steeve Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Cindy
Brice, Clo, Frédéric
Mohamed, Nicolas, Steeve
Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In Episode 11, Cyril used an Immunity Necklace, negating Cindy's vote against him.
^2 The vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Clo and Cyril, forcing a revote. Cindy changed her vote to Cyril on the revote.

Post Koh-Lanta


  • Cindy is the first woman on Koh-Lanta to lose to another woman at Final Tribal Council.
  • Cindy has the most jury votes of all runner-ups on Koh-Lanta with 6.


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