Cindy Hall is a contestant from Survivor: Guatemala.

She is the first castaway to win the Car reward challenge, and be granted the opportunity to offer up and give away her car so that all others in the game would receive a car (which would lift the Car Curse from her shoulders), but instead refused and ultimately fell victim to the curse and was eliminated that same episode.


Cindy Hall was born and raised in Maysville, Kentucky, with her identical twin sister, Mindy. She spent three years studying at Ohio State University in Columbus before relocating to Florida. She is currently a zookeeper/animal trainer and has previously worked as a primate expedition cruise captain, a pet counselor and a coffee house manager.

A huge Survivor fan since SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, Hall has applied to be on the show a total of four times. She describes herself as passionate, tenacious and naturalistic. As someone who has no trouble voicing her opinion about anything, Hall admits her fuse is easily ignited. She feels that her athletic ability, resourcefulness and competitive edge will carry her all the way to the end. In her spare time she likes to fish, camp, canoe and play co-ed softball.

Hall's primary motivation for being on the show is committing herself to an extraordinary challenge and proving wrong anyone who has ever doubted her strength and spirit. The idea of fighting for your beliefs resonates deeply with Hall.

An avid animal lover, Hall currently resides in Naples, Florida, with her four cats, one dog, an African tortoise and an Indonesian blue-tongued skink. Her birth date is June 28, 1974.

Survivor: Guatemala

Upon learning that Bobby Jon Drinkard was going to be on her tribe, Cindy Hall was pleased because of Bobby Jon's reputation. Cindy began the game on the Nakúm tribe, where she was one of the stronger women of the tribe who helped to tend to the men after the 11 mile hike through the jungle. Cindy was very strong in challenges, and skated to the tribal swap, where she remained on Nakúm with Brooke Struck, Judd Sergeant, and Margaret Bobonich, while four original Yaxhá members came over as well. Cindy voted with her former tribe at the new Nakúm tribe's first tribal council, but Judd flipped and eliminated Brooke.

Cindy was now at the bottom of her tribe, but managed to lie low and let Margaret take the heat for arguing with Judd nonstop. Nakúm came into the merge with numbers over Yaxhá, and it looked like it would be a smooth ride to the final six. Cindy remained unnoticed and un-targeted by the merged Xhakúm tribe. The first hiccup in her ride occurred when her alliance wanted to vote out Jamie Newton instead of Gary Hogeboom, a rival tribe member. Judd was not told of the plan, and felt uneasy towards his alliance.

Later, Cindy was shocked when Judd was blindsided by her alliance, but she did not know about it. Seeing a pattern with Jamie's and Judd's blindsides, Cindy feared she was next. At the final five reward challenge, Cindy won a car, but was given the option to relinquish her own car to allow the other four remaining competitors, Danni Boatwright, Stephenie LaGrossa, Rafe Judkins, and Lydia Morales to each have one. After a tough decision, Cindy decided to keep the car for herself. She did not believe in the Car Curse and also thought that giving the four people a car would not make them give her one million dollars.

Rafe and Danni believed that she should should have given up the car, but Stephenie and Lydia thought she made the right decision. Despite this and her close relationship with Rafe, Cindy's prediction came true and she was voted out of the tribe in fifth place.

At Final Tribal Council, Cindy asked both finalists what juror would the each women remove. Danni said Rafe because he surely vote for Stephenie. Stephenie said Bobby Jon because she did not have a reason. Because Danni answered confidently and justified her answer, Cindy gave her jury vote to Danni

Voting History

Cindy's Voting History
Episode Cindy's
Voted Against
1 Jim -
2 Nakúm Tribe Immune
3 Nakúm Tribe Immune
4 Lydia -
5 Nakúm Tribe Immune
6 Margaret -
7 Nakúm Tribe Immune
8 Brandon -
9 Bobby Jon Gary
10 Jamie -
11 Gary Gary
12 Lydia -
13 Rafe Danni, Lydia,
Rafe, Stephenie
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted For
Sole Survivor


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  • Cindy is the 10th victim of the Car Curse.
  • Cindy is the first, and currently only, contestant to have the option of giving up a car reward and allowing the remaining competitors to each receive one instead.
    • She decided to keep the car for herself.
  • Cindy is one of three Guatemala castaways to have a twin. The others are Jamie Newton and Judd Sergeant.
  • Her twin sister Mindy appeared on the third season of the VH1 hit show Rock of Love where she came in second place. Mindy also appeared on the fourth season of VH1's I Love Money where she eventually became the winner, taking home the prize of $250,000.
  • Despite being the sixth person voted out of Xhakúm, Cindy was the lowest placing woman of the tribe.
  • Cindy was the highest-placing Guatemala castaway to not switch tribes at the Tribe Switch.


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