Chuay Jai (ช่วยใจ) is the merged tribe of Chuay Gahn and Sook Jai from Survivor: Thailand. Their tribe color is gold.

The tribe holds the record for having the fewest members among merged tribes in Survivor history, only having eight members following a Fake Merge six days prior to the tribe's official formation. The advent of the merge also marked the extinction of the former Sook Jai tribe, having entered the merge with a 5-3 deficit.


 Brian Heidik
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 Clay Jordan
S5 clay t
 Helen Glover
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S5 jake t
 Jan Gentry
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 Ken Stafford
S5 ken t
 Penny Ramsey
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 Ted Rogers, Jr.
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Tribe History

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  • With only eight members, Chuay Jai is the smallest merged tribe in Survivor history.
  • Chuay Jai is the only gold-colored merged tribe.
  • Chuay Jai is the first tribe to combine the starting tribes' names to get their merged tribe name.
    • In Thai, the combination of Chuay (ช่วย - to help/to support) and Jai (ใจ - heart/mind) can be roughly translated to "to help someone's heart".  
  • Chuay Jai was the first merged tribe to not produce the first juror, as Erin Collins was eliminated pre-merge. This was due to the Fake Merge.
  • Chuay Jai is the first merged tribe to not form on Day 20.
  • No members of Chuay Jai have returned for a subsequent season.
  • Chuay Jai is the first of five merged tribes to enter the merge with exactly half of the cast remaining. The other four tribes were Chaboga Mogo, Dabu, Nobag, and Yin Yang.


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