The Chuay Gahn Five was the majority alliance in the merged tribe Chuay Jai of Survivor: Thailand.



After voting Ghandia Johnson out, Chuay Gahn realized they had to stick together, and formed an alliance.

Sleeping with the Enemy

After Chuay Gahn won two consecutive Immunity Challenges to even up the score, the rival Sook Jai tribe moved to the former's camp. Chuay Gahn won the last two tribal challenges after it was revealed that there was no Merge, and Sook Jai voted out Shii Ann Huang, who was an affiliate of the alliance of 5, and Erin Collins.

Jake Stirs the Pot

After the two tribes merged into Chuay Jai, the former Chuay Gahn voted out Ken Stafford and Penny Ramsey. After losing the final six Immunity Challenge, Jake Billingsley pleaded his case to the five, but in the end, he became the fourth Jury member.

Turning on Each Other

After Jake's ousting, it was every man for himself. Ted, Helen and Jan were eliminated at the following Tribal Councils. Brian Heidik won the last three Immunity Challenges, eventually becoming the Sole Survivor over Clay Jordan in a 4-3 vote, garnering the votes of the former Chuay Gahns, plus Jake.



  • The Chuay Gahn Five is the first alliance to enter the merge in the majority.
  • None of the members of the Chuay Gahn Five have returned for any subsequent seasons.


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