Chuay Gahn (ช่วยกัน) was a tribe from Survivor: Thailand.

While older and weaker compared to the younger, more fit Sook Jai tribe, Chuay Gahn's camaraderie and better tribe dynamics allowed them to be on par with Sook Jai, entering the merge and effectively decimating the other tribe. Their tribe color was orange.


File:S5 brian t.jpgFile:S5 clay t.jpgFile:S5 ghandia t.jpgFile:S5 helen t.jpg
File:S5 jan t.jpgFile:S5 john t.jpgFile:S5 tanya t.jpgFile:S5 ted t.jpg
  • Brian Heidik, a used cars salesman from Quartz Hill, California.
  • Clay Jordan, a restaurant owner from Monroe, Louisiana.
  • Ghandia Johnson, a legal secretary from Denver, Colorado.
  • Helen Glover, a Navy swimming instructor from Middletown, Rhode Island.
  • Jan Gentry, an elementary (1st Grade) school teacher from Fort Worth, Texas.
  • John Raymond, a pastor from Slidell, Louisiana.
  • Tanya Vance, a social worker from Kingsport, Tennessee.
  • Ted Rogers, Jr., a software developer from Durham, North Carolina.

Tribe History

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  • Chuay Gahn is the first tribe to have a cave as a shelter.
  • The Chuay Gahn tribe camp was located near a cave that was large enough for the entire tribe to sleep in, eliminating the need to build a shelter. The downside of the Chuay Gahn camp was that their water source was located at another island, forcing tribe members to paddle and fill their water containers there.
  • Chuay Gahn is the second orange tribe to produce the entire final five of the season.
    • The first tribe to achieve this was Tagi. They were both followed later by Ometepe.
    • All three tribes also had the first person eliminated from the season.
    • All three tribes also competed in seasons where at least 5 members from the opposing tribe were consecutively eliminated.
      • Chuay Gahn is the first orange tribe to accomplish this while opposing a purple tribe. This happened again in Survivor: Redemption Island.


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