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| dayformed= Day 1
| dayformed= Day 1
| opponents= {{tribeicon|sookjai}}
| opponents= {{tribeicon|sookjai}}
| status= [[Chuay Jai|Merged with<br>Sook Jai]] on Day 25
| status= {{merged|5|Sook Jai|25}}
| challenges= 6
| challenges= 6
| lowestplacingmember=[[John Raymond]] (16/16)
| lowestplacingmember=[[John Raymond]] (16/16)

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Template:Tribedark Chuay Gahn (ช่วยกัน) was a tribe from Survivor: Thailand.

Chuay Gahn was the older, weaker tribe, but due to an overall lack of physical challenges during the pre-merge phase and a delayed merge, they barely managed to overcome their younger Sook Jai rivals and enter the merge with greater numbers. Their tribe color is orange.


File:S5 brian t.jpgFile:S5 clay t.jpgFile:S5 ghandia t.jpgFile:S5 helen t.jpg
File:S5 jan t.jpgFile:S5 john t.jpgFile:S5 tanya t.jpgFile:S5 ted t.jpg
  • Brian Heidik, a used cars salesman from Quartz Hill, California.
  • Clay Jordan, a restaurant owner from Monroe, Louisiana.
  • Ghandia Johnson, a legal secretary from Denver, Colorado.
  • Helen Glover, a Navy swimming instructor from Middletown, Rhode Island.
  • Jan Gentry, an elementary (1st Grade) school teacher from Fort Worth, Texas.
  • John Raymond, a pastor from Slidell, Louisiana.
  • Tanya Vance, a social worker from Kingsport, Tennessee.
  • Ted Rogers, Jr., a software developer from Durham, North Carolina.

Tribe History

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Tribe Camp

The Chuay Gahn tribe camp was located near a cave that was large enough for the entire tribe to sleep in, eliminating the need to build a shelter. The downside of the Chuay Gahn camp was that their water source was located rather far away from the beach and the tribe initially had trouble finding it. Nonetheless, the Chuay Gahn camp was judged as the better of the two tribe camps and the opposing Sook Jai tribe eventually went to live on the beach as well.



  • Chuay Gahn is the first tribe to have a cave as a shelter.
  • Chuay Gahn is the third orange tribe.
    • Chuay Gahn is the second orange starting tribe
  • During the merge phase, only former Chuay Gahn members won individual challenges.
  • Chuay Gahn is the fourth tribe to have three of its members comprise the final three.  The others are Tagi , Ogakor , Boran , Koror , Fei Long , Malakal , Foa Foa , Villains , La Flor , Ometepe , Upolu , Salani , and Galang.
  • Both of Chuay Ghan's two oldest members and two youngest members are female.
  • As of right now, Chuay Gahn has had no original members return for another season.
  • Chuay Ghan's first two challenge victories were not the result of the tribe outperforming Sook Jai, but rather Sook Jai handing it to Chuay Gahn in some way. Chuay Gahn's first victory was the result of several members of Sook Jai being disqualified from the challenge due to repeated violation of the challenge rules. Their second victory was the result of Sook Jai deliberately throwing the challenge in order to get rid of Jed.



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