Christina Storm is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina.


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Claim to Fame: Christina Storm is known to millions across the world as a top successful fashion model. Her turn as an actress on M-Net's Egoli in 2007 created a stir in the press and public alike. She has appeared in over 200 local and international television commercials.
Age: 30s
Home Life: Single mother, one daughter.
Charity: Christina is supporting the Lucinda Greyling Help Fund which is seeking assistance for Lucinda Greyling, a young lady who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2006. The cancer has since spread to her legs, rendering her body immobile.
Factoid: Hailing from 'everywhere and nowhere', Christina attended nine different schools and has spent time in Europe; USA; and Japan to name a few.
Why she could win: She's a down-to-earth rebel with a mind of her own and normally gets what she wants.

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Christina's Voting History
Episode Christina's
Voted Against
1 No Vote
Quit, Day 3




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