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Christa Hilda Hastie[1] is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Christa is best remembered for her alliance with eventual winner Sandra Diaz-Twine and for ultimately being voted out after losing trust within the Drake Alliance.


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Born and raised in Ojai, California, Christa Hastie currently lives in Los Angeles and is engaged to be married to a racecar driver. She is employed as a computer programmer. As a child, she worked as a model requiring her to travel to Tokyo and the Bahamas. During high school and college, she worked as a lifeguard for four years. She is most proud of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Irvine, although she believes her real education comes from living life and diving into any and all opportunities. Her favorite hobbies include creating and designing websites, software and database applications, turning wrenches on her fiancé's race car and sewing fun and unique clothes. She describes herself as chameleon-like (she claims she can fit in anywhere), extroverted and genuine. She is a member of the Sports Car Club of America so she can be a member of her fiancé's pit crew when he races. She considers her late father to be her hero as he taught her that the most important things in life were to love, laugh and live. She was once arrested for a misdemeanor and charged with "disrupting an officer's ability to perform his duties." While in college, she hopped on her car and refused to get off the hood when she discovered it was in the process of being towed. She believes she's an asset to her tribe on Survivor: Pearl Islands because her food making skills will prove helpful to her tribe. Her birth date is November 6, 1978.[2]


At the start of Pearl Islands, Christa was put on the Drake Tribe. The Drake Tribe was initially dominating and won six challenges in a row. After sending Morgan to three Tribal Councils Christa and her alliance of Sandra Diaz-Twine and Rupert Boneham were getting tired of Burton Roberts commanding the tribe. When Drake lost the fourth Immunity Challenge, Burton, with his alliance of Michelle Tesauro and Shawn Cohen, thought that he was safe, but Christa and her alliance got Jon Dalton and Trish Dunn to swing their votes against Burton, voting him out. After that Tribal Council, everything went downhill for Drake. After being sent back to Tribal Council, Drake voted out Burton's ally Michelle. For the third time in a row, Drake was sent back to Tribal Council which evened their numbers with Morgan's. Trish and Jon conspired to switch the game up and get rid of Rupert, but Shawn showed loyalty to Christa and Sandra. Trish was voted out 4-2.

With the tribes even at 5-5, Drake and Morgan went to the next challenge only to realize they were facing the people they voted out. When the Outcasts tribe won, both Morgan and Drake were sent back to Tribal. Christa and her alliance made their first mistake when they chose to vote out Shawn over Jon who later proved to not be loyal to Drake. Burton came back to Drake, but he quickly bonded with his tribemates again while Lillian Morris, who went back to Morgan, did not.

When the merge came the next day, the Drake tribe took advantage of this and voted out the Morgan leader Andrew Savage by swinging over Lil. Christa, the rest of Drake, and Lil then chose to stick together and vote out Savage's right hand, Ryan Opray. At the final eight, the game changed when Lil, Burton, and Jon were tired of Christa, Sandra, and Rupert running the show. They managed to use the last of the Morgan Alliance, Darrah Johnson, and Tijuana Bradley, to vote out Rupert. After this Tribal Council, Christa and Sandra were very upset because they knew they were being targeted. Sandra sabotaged some items at camp, and Christa was blamed for it which upset her more because she didn't know who did it. Sandra refused to stand up for her. Christa and Sandra then tried to swing Darrah and Tijuana around to vote out Burton which they were all for because they had no alliances. Burton, knowing he was in danger, told Christa and Sandra to vote for Tijuana. Christa made her second mistake when she went with Burton. At top six, Christa was the most vulnerable because she was targeted by Lill, Burton, and Jon, and Darrah did not trust her anymore. After failing to win immunity, Christa was voted out over Sandra.

At the Final Tribal Council, Christa chose to vote for Sandra over Lill. Sandra won 6-1.

Voting History

Christa's Voting History
Episode Christa's
Voted Against
1 Drake Tribe Immune
2 Drake Tribe Immune
3 Drake Tribe Immune
4 Burton Burton, Michelle
5 Michelle -
6 Trish -
7 Shawn -
8 Andrew -
9 Ryan O. Ryan O.
10 Darrah -
11 Tijuana -
12 Lillian Burton, Darrah,
Jon, Lillian
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor



  • She currently holds the record for the most weight carried in the Water Torture challenge by a woman with 160 lbs. 
  • Christa's oldest daughter, Mischa Waydo, competed on the reality cooking show Chopped Junior in 2017 and won the top prize of $10,000.[9]
  • Christa was the only female juror from the Drake tribe.


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