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Christopher "Chris" Noble is a contestant from Survivor: Ghost Island.

Chris is best known for his rivalry with Domenick Abbate. Chris and Domenick became enemies from the get go due to their clashing personalities. They repeatedly targeted each other throughout the pre-merge phase, and their rivalry ignited at the merge. After the merge, Chris was sent to Ghost Island, where he found J.T. Thomas's Hidden Immunity Idol, but lost his opportunity to vote at the subsequent Tribal Council when he lost the game of chance. He was ultimately voted out at that Tribal Council with the idol still in his pocket.


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Age: 27
Hometown: Florida Keys, Florida
Current residence: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Male Model
Hobbies: Traveling, sports, being a foodie, adrenaline seeking, working out, and dating.
Pet peeves: My pet peeves are certain characteristics of people. If you are lazy and also a liar, I won't like you. In fact, it angers me when people act lazy and try to manipulate everyone around them and ruin everything. Now, those pet peeves are going to be alive and well in the land of Survivor. Good thing I know how to dish it right back. I have been around people like that my whole life and I know how to deal with it. So yeah, my title of Most Dramatic, in the face of a bunch of liars will be, shall we say... interesting.
Three words to describe you: Ambitious, charismatic, and charming.
What's your personal claim to fame? My greatest accomplishment was being on a 5th Avenue Versace billboard! It was by no means the end all and be all of where I want to be in life, but it was a major accomplishment. To me it was an accumulation of everything I've worked hard for finally getting justified. It was a huge symbol of perseverance and it was gratifying. I rely on my own self-motivation and have accomplished stuff that was difficult and took legit perseverance, but winning Survivor will top all that.
Who or what is your inspiration in life? My ma is my hero. But it wasn't always so. Growing up, my mom and I didn't have the best relationship. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at 27 and had me at 34. God bless her. A lot of side effects of MS don't just affect the body, but the brain as well, such as depression. So as a kid, I couldn't handle or understand what was going on. I look back at my childhood and most memories of my mom and I were difficult. She would have seizures during my baseball games, at my school where she tutored, and the side effects of all the medications made it difficult to have a normal relationship with her. When I was 12, my parents split and the next couple years were even tougher as her disease progressed. If it wasn't for my father telling me I needed to rise above the past and grow up, I would have continued to struggle. When I was told she had two months to live I decided to become a man at 17, and our past struggles brought us even closer. Through the years, our relationship grew, and our love and respect for each other brought our relationship to all-time highs. None of this would be possible if she hadn't beat the odds for almost 10 years now. I will always idolize her perseverance, her grit, and her faith in God. She is the greatest hero anyone can have and I live through her. She never quit or gave in when she was told she had two months to live, so why should I ever quit or give in when life "gets hard?" Want to talk about a survivor? That's my mom.
If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? First would be a good luck necklace my mom gave me when she almost died. I've been wearing it ever since and crazy good things have happened since. Also, lotion, so I could give awesome massages and bond with the hot girls on my tribe, and finally a second bottle of lotion—I plan to be on the island for a while, and maybe I'll get one if I play my cards right!
Which Survivor contestant are you most like? From Season 33, I would be a mix of Ken and Michaela. I would provide food like Ken. But unlike Ken, my social game would be on point. I would have Michaela's fire, determination, and athletic ability. I would also be blunt like her, but would do a better job of building relationships. In previous seasons, I would have the social and ladies game like Joe. Joe is eye candy and smooth. I would try and form a coalition with someone like him. He would be my shield and then I would cut him later in the game. As far as Season 36, I won't know whether to play the game like a Florida panther—stealthy and in the shadows, or like a lion—dominating its tribe. I may have to be both, depending on the dynamic of the game.
What's your reason for being on Survivor? The game itself, and to spread the awareness of MS. 2.3 million people worldwide have MS and there is no cure! For me, like life, I've been finding ways to survive for a long time. I want to apply all my experiences with different personalities, and put them to the ultimate test. I want to compete and I want to win. This is a competition of survival. I am a type-A personality and I cannot stand the thought of losing. I have tunnel vision when it comes to winning and there is nothing out there, competition wise, like Survivor.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I will bring my Survivor mental toughness, my ability to adapt, my positivity to aid the weak, and my will to survive. I might not know how to do some things, but I will find a way to eat and get water. Whether that's through my creativity, my charm with women, or my ability to make one of the guys my bro. Some men will not like my alpha mentality, which strategically, I will hold back in the beginning as I read people, but I will find my way. They always say "don't bite the hand that feeds you." I grew up on an island so if I'm one of the few that can get his own catch and get his own water (which are the two essentials of living), no one will bite that hand. I will have ultimate power.[2]


Starting on the Naviti tribe, Chris volunteered to be the Tribe Leader for the opening Reward Challenge on Day 1. As the leader, host Jeff Probst tasked him with selecting a member each for the physical part and the puzzle part of the challenge, and he selected Sebastian and Desiree respectively. In a close challenge, Chris decided to forfeit the puzzle section, giving the large reward to Malolo. This earned the ire of his fellow tribemate Domenick thinking that Chris made a mistake, upsetting the latter. Chris was posed as the ringleader and wanted Domenick out. However, Naviti won the first Immunity Challenge on Day 3. The next morning, Domenick attempted to build trust with Chris by giving him a fake Hidden Immunity Idol but claimed it was real, though Chris thought Domenick was lying about the idol. Naviti won immunity again on Day 6.

On Day 7, when the Tribe Switch occurred, Chris stayed on Naviti along with Domenick, Angela, Morgan, and Wendell and were joined by original Malolos Donathan, James, Laurel, and Libby. After the swap, Chris spoke with the Malolos to try to rally votes against Domenick, but Angela and Libby were put off by his controlling demeanor. After losing the next Immunity Challenge, Naviti had to draw rocks to determine who would be sent to Ghost Island since Malolo couldn't decide. Chris drew the odd-colored rock and was sent to Ghost Island, granting him immunity from Tribal Council. Returning to camp after Naviti won the next Reward Challenge, Chris was angry and shocked by Domenick's betrayal that resulted in Morgan's blindside. Because of that, he decided to align with the Malolos, but unbeknownst to them, Laurel and Donathan talked to Domenick and Wendell respectively about forming a Final Four Alliance. Despite this, Naviti pulled off one of the biggest comebacks in Survivor history and won the next Immunity Challenge. After Chris led Naviti to an easy victory at the next Reward Challenge, he and Donathan bonded over how much they had to take care of their families. Naviti won the next Immunity Challenge, keeping Chris safe again.

On Day 15, a second Tribe Switch occurred and Chris, Laurel, and Wendell were swapped to the new Yanuya tribe along with his former tribemate Sebastian and original Malolo Jenna. At the new Yanuya camp, Chris rubbed his new tribemates the wrong way with his ego. Despite this, Yanuya won the last three challenges before the merge.

On Day 20, the merge happened, Although the original Naviti members initially planned on picking off the Malolo members, Chris and Domenick were still at odds; Wendell tried to play moderator, to no avail. Chris found a note randomly placed in his buff during the merge feast, which led him to find a clue in Tree Mail, saying an idol was on Ghost Island; he would travel there late that night while everyone else was asleep. Chris found the idol in plain sight, but it was only good at the next Tribal Council. However, a game of chance allowed him to extend the life of the idol for up to 5 extra Tribal Councils. He extended the idol once, but lost his vote at the next Tribal Council. After Chris lost the first individual Immunity Challenge, he gathered everyone except Domenick and Wendell in an attempt to dictate a split vote between those two in case Domenick played his idol. At Tribal Council, Domenick played a Legacy Advantage that he received from Morgan, who had received it from Jacob. However, Chris didn't play his idol and everyone except Angela and Desiree who voted for Libby, blindsided him 10-2 with the idol in his pocket, becoming the first member of the jury.

At the Final Tribal Council, despite their rivalry, Chris praised Domenick for his gameplay and voted him to be the Sole Survivor. But Domenick lost to Wendell after the vote tied for the first time in Survivor history and Laurel cast the winning vote for the latter to win.

Voting History

Chris's Voting History
Episode Chris's
Voted Against
1 Naviti Tribe Immune
Naviti Tribe Immune
2 On Ghost Island1
3 Naviti Tribe Immune
4 Naviti Tribe Immune
5 Yanuya Tribe Immune
6 Yanuya Tribe Immune
7 Ineligible2 Chelsea, Domenick, Donathan,
Jenna, Kellyn, Laurel, Libby,
Michael, Sebastian, Wendell
Voted Out, Day 22
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Only Time Will Tell", Chris was randomly selected to go to Ghost Island, granting him immunity from Naviti's Tribal Council.
^2 In "Fear Keeps You Sharp", Chris wagered his vote to extend the power of his Hidden Immunity Idol up to five times. He lost the second wager, making him ineligible to vote at Tribal Council.


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  • Chris is the first person to not attend a pre-merge Tribal Council without winning every tribal Immunity Challenge.
  • Chris is the first person to be voted out without ever casting a vote.
  • Chris is tied with Michele Fitzgerald and Nick Maiorano for lasting the most days without visiting Tribal Council at 22 days.
  • Chris is the second castaway, following RC Saint-Amour in Philippines, to be the lowest ranking member of two different tribes. In his case, Chris is the lowest ranking member of the Yanuya and Lavita tribes.
  • Chris lost 12 lbs. during his time on Ghost Island.[3]


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