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Christopher "Chris" Daugherty is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Vanuatu.

With tremendously heavy odds to overcome, such as losing the first Immunity Challenge for his tribe, and being the last man standing by Day 27 after the all-female Yasur Alliance had obliterated his own, Chris's determination and manipulation allowed him to persevere and make it to the Final Two with Twila Tanner. The jury then awarded his perseverance and determination in the face of long odds, as well as his performance at the Final Tribal Council, with the title of Sole Survivor in a 5-2 vote.


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Originally from West Jefferson, Ohio, Chris Daugherty attended Madison Plains High School, followed by two years of college at Kentucky Christian College. Daugherty aspires to be a teacher and is most proud to have been able to entertain a class of 4th graders on Career Day.

Daugherty currently works for the Ohio Department of Transportation building roads. He previously worked for his father's drainage company as a heavy equipment operator and has also worked in a sporting goods store. His hobbies include going to NASCAR races, four-wheeling in his jeep and playing basketball. He describes himself as spontaneous, funny and creative. He loves children and tends to gravitate toward the underdog. He believes his ability to think quickly on his feet, willingness to help others and strong physical and mental condition will help him become the Sole Survivor.

Daugherty currently resides in South Vienna, Ohio, with his fiancée, Lorie, and his pet lizard. His birth date is August 29, 1970.[1]


Since the beginning of the game, Chris had been struggling to survive. In the first Immunity Challenge, balance was required to get all the tribe members across and light a fire. Chris never made it across the beam. Early on, the athletic men of the Lopevi tribe figured the rest of the tribe would agree Chris would be the weakest link and the first boot. However, the four athletic men were in for a shock when Chris, Rory Freeman, Lea Masters, Chad Crittenden, and Travis Sampson created the Fat Five alliance and took out Brook Geraghty in a 5-3-1 vote.

The athletic men were picked off and the game became divided by gender in terms of alliances, rather than age. Only Rory, Lea, Chris, and Chad made the merge from the original Lopevi tribe and were outnumbered by the original Yasur tribe made up of Scout Cloud Lee, Twila Tanner, Julie Berry, Ami Cusack, Leann Slaby, and Eliza Orlins. Rory, Lea, and Chad were all voted off within the first nine days of the merge, leaving Chris the last man standing.

On Day 28, a Loved Ones Challenge was held, and the loved ones also got to compete in a special Immunity Challenge the following day. During the Immunity Challenge, the women took note of how much heart Chris and his fiancée Lorie had. This caused Ami and her alliance to keep Chris around one more week and vote out tribal annoyance Eliza. Twila and Scout, not happy with their positions in the game, hatched a new plan that could drastically change the outcome of the game. Together they approached Chris about a new alliance. Chris, Twila, and Scout managed to lure in Eliza, the next target, and this new alliance successfully eliminated Ami's closest ally, Leann. The alliance targeted Leann because Ami already had immunity. From there the new alliance made up of Twila, Scout, Chris, and Eliza picked off Ami, the biggest threat, followed by Julie, who Chris considered his little sister.

When it came down to the final four, Chris looked over his odds and decided to vote with Twila and Scout to get rid of his biggest competition, but closest friend, Eliza. Eliza earned the sixth spot on the jury. From there, Chris won his third individual Immunity Challenge and voted out Scout, who he felt was more popular with the jury members than Twila, facing off against Twila in the Final Two. At the Final Tribal Council, Chris was called out about his lying and abusing close relationships in order to progress. It seemed at first like the odds were against Chris with five women and only two men on the jury, but Chris also knew Twila was the least liked of all by the jury members. Chris owned up to all his actions, was apologetic to many jury members, and gave a great political performance, while Twila was rougher but more honest in her answers. The final votes came in and in a 5-2 vote, Chris beat out Twila for the million dollar prize.

Voting History

Chris's Voting History
Episode Chris's
Voted Against
1 Brook Brook, John K.,
John P.
2 Lopevi Tribe Immune
3 John P. -
4 Brady -
5 Lopevi Tribe Immune
6 Lopevi Tribe Immune
7 John K. -
8 Ami -
9 Lea -
10 Eliza -
11 Leann -
12 Ami Individual Immunity
13 Julie -
14 Eliza Individual Immunity
Scout Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Chris
Chad, Eliza, Julie,
Lea, Leann
Sole Survivor, Day 39


  • In February 13, 2005, Chris married his fiancée, Lorie Groves.
  • In the summer of 2009, Chris, along with the other first eighteen Survivor winners, appeared on a TVGuide special "Survivor Millionaires: Where Are They Now?"[2]
  • On January 9, 2010, Chris attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary to party along with all of his Vanuatu cast mates.


  • According to CBS polls at the time, Chris is the most popular contestant from Vanuatu. Early on, however, Ami Cusack was the fan favorite up until the merge due to her scheming.
  • Chris is the first man to become the Sole Survivor and win over someone who started on the opposing tribe.
  • Chris broke the streak of three consecutive seasons being won by women. Ironically, from Day 27 onwards, he was the only man left.
  • Chris is the only castaway to receive votes at the first Tribal Council of the season, then go on to win the game.
    • Jenna Morasca and Sophie Clarke also received votes the first time they attended Tribal Council, but did not attend the first overall Tribal Council of their respective winning seasons.
  • According to his testimonial on "The Funny 115", Chris claimed that he yelled "f*** yeah" after he won. He also claimed that the shirt he wore throughout the game was planned by CBS, not by him.[3]
  • Chris is the first of two contestants named Chris to win Survivor, the other being Chris Underwood.


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