Choose Your Weapon (also known as Weapons, Warrior's Choice, and Spear Me the Details) is a recurring challenge that originated in Survivor: Borneo, and later appeared in The Amazon, All-Stars, Fiji, and Samoa. The challenge sees contestants attempt to master local weapons such as blow-darts, spears, and the bow and arrow.


The challenge is played in rounds, with the winners of each round moving on to the next. Each round, every contestant will attempt to hit a target using some form of local tribal weapon. The closest contestants to the target advance to the next stage of the challenge, where the process is repeated until one contestant is left standing.

In the tribal variation of the challenge, the scoring mechanism is modified. In Borneo, the tribe to win 2 out of 3 rounds won the challenge. In All-Stars, the first two rounds were used to give an advantage in the final rounds, with the tribe closest to the center winning two arrows to be used in the last round, and the losing tribe receiving one. The closest to the target in the final round won the challenge. In Fiji, each round would give away a different number of points. The first round would give one point, the second would give two, while the final would give three. The tribe would the most number of points at the end of the challenge wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Borneo as a tribal Reward Challenge. Three members of each tribe competed, using one weapon each. The tribe to win two out of three rounds would win the challenge. Sean Kenniff beat Jenna Lewis using a blowdart gun to knock fruit off a wall (with the heaviest amount of fruit dislodged scoring a point) in the first round, scoring a point for Tagi. Subsequently, using a slingshot to knock down fruit, Gretchen Cordy outdid Richard Hatch to score for Pagong. In the last round, throwing spears at a target, Susan Hawk fell inches short of Joel Klug's mark. This resulted in Pagong winning the challenge 2-1, and receiving the fresh fruit knocked down during the challenge, as well as three chickens.

In Survivor: The Amazon, the challenge was used for individual reward. The challenge consisted of three rounds. The four closest shots using a blowdart moved onto throwing spears. The two best shots then took aim with a bow and arrow. Alex Bell defeated Matthew von Ertfelda in the final round to win the challenge and an afternoon at a coffee bar.

Survivor: All-Stars saw the challenge return to a tribal format, but with the first two rounds (blowdarts and spears) being used to win arrows for the final round where the tribe with an arrow closest to the bullseye wins the challenge. Jerri Manthey won the first round for Mogo Mogo, while Rupert Boneham won the second for Chapera, giving both tribes three arrows for the final round. Rob Mariano outdid Jerri in the final round, winning immunity for Chapera.

In Survivor: Fiji the challenge was used for tribal immunity. Each contestant competed in three rounds (blowdarts, spear, bow and arrow), with the person who hits closest to the target scoring 1, 2, or 3 points for their tribe respectively. Led by Yau-Man Chan, Moto won the challenge, and immunity.

Survivor: Samoa saw the challenge used for individual immunity. Each castaway would throw one stone at a set of three hanging tiles. For each tile broken, they would earn one spear to be used in the next round. The castaways would use a crossbow to shoot the spears they earned at a target. The castaway that shoots their spear closest to the center of the target would win. Mick Trimming won the challenge, and immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Pulling Your Own Weight"
Tribal Reward S1 colleen tS1 gervase tS1 greg t
S1 gretchen tS1 jenna tS1 joel t
The Amazon
"The Chain"
Individual Reward S6 alex t
Alex Bell
"Pick a Tribemate"
Tribal Immunity S8 alicia tS8 amber tS8 jennal t
S8 robm tS8 rupert tS8 tom t
"So You Think You Can Meke?"
Tribal Immunity S14 boo tS14 cassandra tS14 earl t
S14 michelle tS14 stacy tS14 yauman t
"The Day of Reckoning"
Individual Immunity S19 mick t
Mick Trimming



  • Jenna Lewis is the only contestant to compete in this challenge twice. Both times, her tribe won the challenge.
  • Only male contestants have won this challenge individually.
  • All tribes to win this challenge consisted of six contestants: three men and three women.


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