Chloé Vavasseur is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Palawan.

A discreet girl, Grégoire crushes on her at the beginning of the adventure and chose her in his team. She will be voted out after a men's alliance in the Guntao tribe.


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Chloé est une jeune fille modèle, qui vit encore chez ses parents. Fan de décoration et de peinture, elle a une personnalité plutôt observatrice.La devise de Chloé: "Carpe Diem"!


Chloé was selected by Érick Africaa to be a member of the Guntao tribe. Chloé formed a close bond with Filomène Mendonca and, along with Pascale Bodin, the pair voted against Véronique Lambert for her challenge weakness at Tribal Council after the Guntao tribe lost the first Immunity Challenge. However, the tribe's men sided with Véronique and they voted out Pascale for her irritable delegations and her decline in productivity around camp. Given these voting lines, it became evident that gender would become a potential factor in terms of the tribe's alliance dynamics in time. This possibility was supported when, on Day 9, the tribe's men visited and explored a neighbouring island and decided to spend the night there upon discovering abandoned fishing shelters. Before the men came back to camp the next day, the women went fishing, but quickly stopped after Véronique pricked herself on a sea urchin.

When the Batang tribe won the fourth Reward Challenge on Day 11, they were rewarded with the right to permanently kidnap one of the members of the Guntao tribe as part of a tribe switch. The Batang tribe chose Érick, who up until then was the leader of the Guntao tribe. When the Gundao tribe lost the fifth Immunity Challenge, Véronique was voted out unanimously as the tribe felt that they could no longer sustain her challenge liability. The next day, Adrien Torrin and Chloé led the construction of the tribe's raft for the sixth Reward Challenge. After the Gundao tribe lost the sixth Immunity Challenge, Adrien informed Laurent Boudes, Filomène, and Chloé that he wanted to blindside Grégoire Gorge at the corresponding Tribal Council because the merge was impending and Grégoire would become a tough opponent in individual Immunity Challenges. However, the two women deliberated over whether to vote against Adrien for being somewhat weak in recent challenges or against Grégoire for the same reason that Adrien planned to. Filomène and Chloé ultimately decided to vote against Adrien as they felt that he was being too strategic and, before the vote, they called him out on his plan to blindside Grégoire. However, Adrien himself had ultimately decided to return to voting as a block with the men and, with the women's divulgence confirming his decision, Chloé was voted out in a 3-2 vote.

Voting History

Chloé's Voting History
Episode Chloé's
Voted Against
1 Véronique -
2 Guntao Tribe Immune
3 Guntao Tribe Immune
4 Guntao Tribe Immune
5 Véronique -
6 Adrien Adrien,
Grégoire, Laurent
Voted Out, Day 19

Post Koh-Lanta



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