Chloé Chaize is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: La Guerre des Chefs.

Her recurring misteps in challenges brought the light upon her lack of athleticism and she quickly became an easy target. She still managed to save herself twice thanks to her alliance with the other "outcasts" of her tribe and also using a Chief Immunity Necklace she was granted after the former chief stepped down.


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32 ans - Landes (40)

Chloé est poissonnière. Elle claironne tout haut ce qu'elle pense. Cette jeune maman a eu de gros soucis de santé et a su se relever. Elle veut se prouver que tout est possible, même si elle n'est absolument pas sportive.


Having a hard time swimming during the marooning and with a noticeable lack of physical skills, Chloé rapidly stood out among her fellow castaways who are all athletic. Her strength resides in her focused, cold-blooded attitude as well as her courage - she lost the use of her legs because of a spinal infection and had to learn back how to walk.

She finished fourth during the opening "Poles Challenge", a performance no one saw coming. However, she was still picked in last when Emilie composed her team. A member of Kama, Chloé rapidly became a target for the alliance of Xavier, Victor and Emilie who openly stated that she was undeserving of her spot in the game. Therefore, when Kama lost their first Immunity Challenge, Chloé became an obvious target. However, she align with the other outcasts (Maud, Cyril, and Alex) and together they managed to blindside Victor, whom they disliked because of his brash and self-absorbed behaviour.

Following this first tribal in which Emilie also played her Chief Immunity Bracelet, Chloé was named "Chief" by her counterparts from the other two teams. She stepped down only three days after when Kama lost another Immunity Challenge because of her poor performance on a puzzle. By using her own Immunity Necklace during Kama's second visit at Tribal Council, she negated two votes against her while her alliance sent home their former chief.

Respite was short-lived for Chloé as her team lost another Immunity Challenge on Day 14 shedding light once again on her poor performances. During that third Tribal Council, her alliance eventually turned on her as they wanted to avoid losing other challenges.

Voting History

Chloé's Voting History
Episode Chloé's
Voted Against
1 Kama Tribe Immune
2 Victor Emilie, Victor
3 Emilie Emilie, Xavier1
4 Kama Tribe Immune
5 Xavier Alexandre, Cyril
Maud, Xavier
Voted Out, Day 14

1 In Episode 3, Chloé used her Chief Immunity Bracelet, negating two votes against her.


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  • During her short time in the game, Chloé voted once for every member of the opposing alliance. Out of the three, Xavier is the only one to survive her in the game.
  • Chloé is the only member of the "Outsiders" alliance to be eliminated before the merge, as well as the only one not to survive Xavier, the last member of the "Kama Trio" left in the game.
  • Chloé was the "Chief" that lasted the less amount of time, holding on to her status for less than 3 days.


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