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Charles Clemens "Charlie" Herschel[1] is a contestant from Survivor: Gabon.

Right out of the gate, Charlie formed a close bond with Marcus Lehman, and together, they formed what would be known as the Onion Alliance. After the betrayal of Susie Smith following a surprise second Tribe Switch, Charlie and his allies quickly found themselves in the minority going into the merge. The opposing Fang Alliance targeted Charlie due to being the biggest strategic threat left, and he became the first person voted out of the merged tribe.


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Charlie Herschel (29)
Hometown: New York, New York
Occupation: Lawyer

Charlie Herschel has been a fan of Survivor since the first season and has been training for it ever since. A lawyer for one of the top 10 most prestigious law firms in the world, Herschel is ready to try his persuasion skills on a different type of jury.

This 29-year-old, marathon-running attorney and University of Pennsylvania graduate says he is above nothing when he gets to the island. Charlie's strategy is to be authentic but with a twist. "With high risks, come high rewards, but the risks must be calculated." The middle son of three boys and a native New Yorker, the Ivy Leaguer is not afraid to claw his way to the top.

In his free time, Herschel trains to race in marathons around the country. He credits this passion for helping him stay in shape. Through his training, Charlie dropped 60 pounds and continues to be at fighting weight.

Charlie is a gay, single man and currently resides in New York City. His birth date is May 12, 1979.[2]


On Day 1, Charlie was chosen to be on the Kota tribe by Marcus Lehman and immediately formed a bond with him. Together, they created the Onion Alliance that intended to have Charlie and Marcus at the center, with Corinne Kaplan and Jacquie Berg as the outer layers. Corinne later added Bob Crowley to the alliance in order to secure a majority at the tribe's first Tribal Council on Day 9 where they voted out Paloma Soto-Castillo. During the first Tribe Switch, Charlie stayed on the Kota tribe with Marcus and Corinne. He also bonded with Randy Bailey, who they added to the alliance after Jacquie was voted out by the Fang tribe.

During the Fake Merge feast on Day 22, Ken Hoang spotted a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol on the table, but Charlie had also seen this and called the rest of the castaways' attention to it. Randy then found the idol and he and Marcus disposed of it in the ocean after all the castaways agreed to it. It was then later revealed that the tribes would not be merging, but would instead face a second Tribe Switch. Charlie was then switched to Fang with Corrine and Randy, but was separated from his main alliance with Marcus who was voted out at the next Tribal Council.

On Day 27, the two tribes merged into the Nobag tribe. Charlie lost the first individual Immunity Challenge. The remainder of the Onion Alliance decided to blindside Crystal Cox, but the Fang Alliance, consisting of Ken, Matty Whitmore, Sugar Kiper, Susie Smith, and Crystal had plans to blindside Charlie as Ken wanted revenge for Charlie revealing the idol clue to everyone during the Fake Merge feast. At the first post-merge Tribal Council, Charlie was blindsided in a vote of 5-4. He was happy to reunite with Marcus at Ponderosa.

At the Final Tribal Council, he was angry that Susie and Sugar blindsided him, so, he gave his vote to the eventual Sole Survivor, Bob Crowley.

Voting History

Charlie's Voting History
Episode Charlie's
Voted Against
1 Kota Tribe Immune
Kota Tribe Immune
2 Paloma -
3 Kota Tribe Immune
4 Kota Tribe Immune
5 Kota Tribe Immune
6 Dan -
7 Fang Tribe Immune
8 Crystal Crystal, Ken,
Matty, Sugar, Susie
Voted Out, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor


Charlie with his partner, Kent.

  • On January 9, 2010, Charlie attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of his Gabon cast mates.
  • Charlie married on February 8, 2013 to his partner, Kent Gould.[1]
    • On July 24, 2017, Charlie and Kent's daughter, Benay was born.[3]


  • Charlie lost 13-14 lbs. during his time in Gabon.[4]


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