Chapera is one of the three initial starting tribes from Survivor: All-Stars.

Despite being the only tribe among the three that started the game to not have a former Sole Survivor on their roster, the tribe dominated both physically, winning most of the tribal challenges before the merge, as well as strategically, with the powerful Chapera Alliance taking control of the game post-merge. This dominance eventually resulted in a member of the tribe being crowned the Sole Survivor of the season. Their tribe color is red.


S8 alicia t
 Rob Cesternino
25, Plainview, NY
The Amazon
S8 robc t
 Rob Mariano
27, Canton, MA
S8 robm t
 Susan Hawk
42, Las Vegas, NV
S8 susan t
 Tom Buchanan
48, Rich Valley, VA
S8 tom t

 Alicia Calaway
S8 alicia t
 Amber Brkich
S8 amber t
 Jenna Lewis
S8 jennal t
 Rob Mariano
S8 robm t
 Rupert Boneham
S8 rupert t
 Susan Hawk
S8 susan t
 Tom Buchanan
S8 tom t

 Amber Brkich
S8 amber t
 Jerri Manthey
S8 jerri t
 Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
S8 kathy t
 Lex van den Berghe
S8 lex t
 Shii Ann Huang
S8 shiiann t

Tribe History

In the early stages of the game, Chapera was the most dominant of the three tribes. The tribe won three of the first four challenges, and lived a life of comparative luxury. It was during this time that Rob Mariano began to set up the web of alliances that would characterize his game: first by forming a pact with Amber Brkich, then with Tom Buchanan. Meanwhile, tempers flared at Chapera, with Rob M., Alicia Calaway, Tom, and Sue Hawk coming into repeated conflict due to their outspoken personalities.

Amber, Rob M., and Alicia relax at Chapera.

Chapera attended Tribal Council for the first time on Day 12. In spite of the various conflicts between the tribe members, the tide turned against Rob Cesternino, who was seen as a threat due to his previous performance Survivor: The Amazon. Desperate for a life preserver, Rob C. made a last-minute pact with Rob M., who betrayed him. Rob C. was unanimously dismissed from the tribe at Tribal Council.

On Day 13, the tribe was able to select two members from the newly dissolved Saboga tribe. They chose Rupert Boneham and Jenna Lewis, who became part of the team. Both newcomers immediately felt at home with their new camp and tribemates.

Chapera won the next Immunity Challenge, despite an incident where Mogo Mogo's Richard Hatch accidentally rubbed inappropriately against Sue while naked. The incident affected Sue back at camp, as she became distraught and mentally checked out of the game. When the tribes convened for the next Immunity Challenge, Sue quit the game in an explosion of emotion. The castaways decided to continue with the Immunity Challenge, which Mogo Mogo won after it became a Reward Challenge. The tribes were now even at six members each.

On Day 19, Chapera won a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge and earned the right to spend the day on a luxury yacht. They were also granted the privilege of kidnapping one member of the rival Mogo Mogo tribe who would then not have to attend Tribal Council. Chapera chose Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, and took the opportunity to glean information from their captive.

On Day 21, Chapera, at the behest of Tree Mail, sent tribal ambassador Jenna L. to Mogo Mogo to select three items Chapera would steal upon winning a Reward Challenge. Chapera won the challenge, and were given the right to take Mogo Mogo's grill, Hawaiian sling, and one bag of rice.

As Chapera's winning streak continued, Rob M. and Amber's romance heated up as the pair became an inseparable alliance. In order to protect themselves from possible threats, the couple formed a final four pact with Saboga newcomers Jenna L. and Rupert, all the while continuing to honor their original deal with Tom.

The events of Day 22 baited the tribes with the possibility of a merge, only to reveal a shuffling of the tribes instead. Remarkably, the random shuffle resulted in every member of Mogo Mogo trading with a member of Chapera, leaving Amber as the only remaining Chapera member on a tribe with Kathy, Jerri Manthey, Lex van den Berghe, and Shii Ann Huang.


The new Chapera at Tribal Council.

Chapera lost the next Immunity Challenge, and Rob M.-- now a member of Mogo Mogo and distraught at the prospect of Amber being sent home—struck a hasty protection deal with Lex after the challenge. Lex was forced to weigh his options: either alienating Rob M. and the former Chapera members in the event of a merge, or cutting loose his loyal ally Jerri. Eventually, with Kathy's help, Lex decided to boot Jerri, who was voted out unanimously.

On Day 26, Chapera and Mogo Mogo merged to form one tribe: Chaboga Mogo. They would stay at the deserted Saboga camp for the duration of the game.

On Day 31, Rob M., his brother Mike, Tom, and Tom's son Bo—winners of a family Reward Challenge—returned to the Chapera camp overnight as part of their reward.



  • Chapera was the first starting red tribe to produce the winner of a season.
  • Among the three tribes, Chapera was the only tribe without a former Sole Survivor. The other two tribes had two Sole Survivors each. However, the tribe produced the winner of the season, the winner of a future season, and also contained the so-called "smartest player to not win".
  • Every castaway to reach the final 10 in All-Stars was a member of Chapera at one point.
  • The lowest-placed and highest-placed men of Chapera were both named Rob. (Rob Cesternino was the first Chapera member voted out at 15th, while Rob Mariano was the runner-up of the season).
    • Coincidentally, the Chapera men finished reverse of their original placements. In their original seasons, Rob C. had finished 3rd, Tom Buchanan had finished 4th, and Rob M. had finished 10th.
  • Amber Brkich was the only castaway to stay on Chapera at the Day 22 Tribe Switch.
  • In the fourth season of the French version, Koh-Lanta: Panama, a starting tribe was also named "Chapera". Its rival tribe was named "Mogo", a shortened version of Mogo Mogo.
  • Chapera is the first of three starting tribes of all Returning Players to not have any of its members start out on a tribe of the same color in their previous season(s).


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