Chaos Is My Friend is the tenth episode of Survivor: Cagayan.


Day 28

When Solarrion returned to camp after voting out Jeremiah Wood, Jefra Bland was unapologetic about going back on her agreement to side with the minority of Jeremiah, Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox, and conversation turned to Spencer's wasted Hidden Immunity Idol. Kass McQuillen told Spencer that she'd known he'd had the Idol, given his confident body language and behavior, but Spencer doubted her claims. In a confessional, he reiterated his resolve to fight for the game.

Before Tribal, I thought it was a good idea to switch over and join Jeremiah and Tasha and Spencer because I've been wanting to turn on Tony. But I'm in this alliance and I'm trying to look at the bigger picture and I felt like it would probably hurt me worse to go against Tasha and Spencer at the end of this game.

Jefra Bland

I had this feeling that Spencer had the Idol and, like a typical 21-year-old male, there was no way he was going to give that thing up. I mean, what is the most selfish beast on the planet? A college-aged male.

Kass McQuillen

I used the Idol, and I used it wrong. So now my Idol's gone, my main alliance is gone and Tasha and I are an army of two up against this Goliath army of five. But the fact is that Tasha and I are still here. Tonight we lost the battle. We have not lost the war.

Spencer Bledsoe

Day 29

In the morning, Tony Vlachos and Woo Hwang returned to camp with Tree Mail, where Woo duped Trish Hegarty into lifting up the back of his shirt to reveal envelopes for the Survivor Auction, sending the tribe into celebration. While most of the tribe were excited to eat, Spencer, Tasha, and Tony were all more interested in claiming an advantage in the game.

When they came with the Tree Mail, Woo says, "Oh, my back is really bothering me," and I was like, "Oh my gosh, are you okay?" And I open it up and I almost wet my pants when I saw it in his back – the wallets of money – and I knew it was the Auction, so I was really excited. 'Cause I knew, at least, I'd get something to eat. And that's all I wanted was something to eat outside of rice.

Trish Hegarty

Historically, in the game of Survivor, every time there's an Auction, there's always some kind of advantage to a challenge. The second I hear Jeff say, "Adva..." (raises hand) "Five hundred!" I want that advantage and I don't want Spencer or Tash to have it.

Tony Vlachos

Right now, it's me or Tasha going home. So me and Tasha have to be aggressive in this Auction, because this is our life right now.

Spencer Bledsoe

Solarrion arrived at the auction smiling, where Jeff Probst informed them of the rules of the game: bidding was to occur in $20 increments, no sharing of money was allowed and the auction would end without warning. For the first item, Jeff uncovered popcorn, candy and a glass of soft drink. Kass bid $40, which was raised to $60 by Jefra. Trish won out, bidding $80, and excitedly ate a "gummy" spurring the envy of her tribe.

Already, Tony was showing frustration as Jeff revealed the second covered item. Jefra bid $60, which Tasha raised to $80 before Jefra reclaimed it at $100. Jefra feared she'd purchased a pig brain, but Jeff revealed she had bought herself quesadillas, guacamole, salsa, and a cold margarita.

The next item also remained covered and Kass bid at the minimum $20 and nobody challenged her, allowing her to win big. As she went to collect her prize, Trish turned to Tony and chided him for not bidding. Jeff then offered Kass a choice to trade what she'd bought for a smaller item. Making her decision by the color of the covering, Kass chose to keep her original purchase, winning a steak sandwich and iced tea. As Spencer and Tony visibly displayed their anguish, Kass eagerly enjoyed her meal.

My stomach is starting to tie up in knots. I didn't know if I could hold out on temptation. I felt shaky, I felt light-headed and I just had to hold off. I wasn't walking out of there without an advantage.

Tony Vlachos

Jeff then put the covered item that Kass had passed on up for grabs. Woo bid $40, whilst Trish raised it to $60 where Woo bowed out. Jeff revealed that she had bought herself a bowl of rice and a glass of water, but despite her disappointment, once again told off her tribemates for being "cheap-o deep-os" and not bidding.

The next item Jeff revealed to be three succulent barbecue ribs and a bottle of cold beer. Woo bid $40, but yet again Spencer, Tasha, and Tony held off on bidding, and Woo won the meal without competition. At the bench, Woo chowed down on the ribs, savoring the flavor.

Because there are so few people actually vying for the food, this auction was a buyer's market. Great deals, all of this food for so little money and I can't even watch.

Spencer Bledsoe

Jeff asked the tribe what was going on, since Spencer, Tasha, and Tony had been holding off on placing any bids. Tony told him that he was waiting for an advantage, which Spencer and Tasha echoed. Jeff cut to the chase and brought out an advantage in the game. Immediately, Tony bid $500, but Jeff told him to wait, revealing that once the bidding reached the maximum, multiple people could pay the same price and bid on the chance to win the advantage, with the winner of a rock draw taking home the item. Tony and Spencer immediately bid $500, but Tasha backed out at the last minute.

Spencer and Tony approached Jeff, paid their money and drew rocks – with the black rock winning the advantage. Spencer drew first, followed by Tony. The two men then revealed their draws, with Tony having the black rock and winning the advantage, whilst Spencer only took home a useless white rock. Jeff then closed the auction and sent the tribe back to camp. In a confessional, Tasha revealed that she'd held off on matching the bid because she'd suspected another advantage might be offered, but her hopes had been dashed.

I was hoping that Jeff would offer one more item, and that would be a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, but unfortunately, I left with nothing. So in order for me to stay here, I have to win Immunity.

Tasha Fox

Back at camp, Tony and Spencer debated the pros and cons of forgoing food for the advantage, but both agreed that Spencer was the real loser in the scenario. However, despite winning the advantage, Tony grew resentful that he had given up food for the game, although the members of his alliance felt that he had chosen to play the martyr and had no right to blame them for choosing a different opportunity.

I needed an advantage in the game because right now, my head is top of the list on the chopping block and it was devastating. I draw the rock, I open my hand and the rock is white. Y'know, I just have a white rock. I have a new title. I'm the greatest loser at the Auction in Survivor history.

Spencer Bledsoe

I had no guilt that Tony was the martyr for the team. I think I've done enough, so I felt glad. I mean, I won. Here I am, eating a giant meal and then I got to see Spencer have the true dejected look that I have come to know and love and expect from him when he knows he's on the block.

Kass McQuillen

Tony then headed down the beach to read his advantage to discover that it was not an advantage in the Immunity Challenge as he'd anticipated, but rather a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. Ecstatic about the power shift in his direction, Tony began searching the tree line on the beach for his second Idol.

There's five people in my alliance. All of them were eating. I sacrificed all that food. I'm starving. So I felt kind of disgusted, y'know? It's like, why put all that weight on my shoulders?

Tony Vlachos

The girls don't do anything. You guys wanted to eat, I starved. This is what I sacrificed not eating for. Right here. So as my alliance is all talking about how good they feel that they ate this and they ate that, I say, "Guys, I'll be right back. I'm just gonna go for a walk up the beach."

Tony Vlachos

I open up my tube that I won at the Auction today and lo and behold: it's not an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge, it's a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol!

Tony Vlachos

As it stands right now, I have a special-power Idol, and now I have the possibility of finding another Idol that I can just do whatever I want with it. If I could find it, I don't have to worry about nothing. Once I have this bad boy, I'm in power.

Tony Vlachos

Meanwhile, the women waded in the shallows discussing idle topics such as beach vacations. Tasha, however, hoped that by spending lots of time with Jefra, Kass, and Trish, she might be able to instil the fear of a "women's alliance" in Tony to her advantage. As Tony returned to camp with a bag of firewood, he noticed the women in the water, and Spencer also took advantage of the opportunity, confirming Tony's suspicions that Tasha was working the women. Spencer reminded Tony that Jefra had not been lying to them and that she had agreed to flip on Tony at the last vote before getting cold feet: "One hundred percent, she says she wants to blindside you." Tony bought Spencer's lies and exaggerations

If the group of five sticks together, the people on the chopping block are Spencer and myself. So I want Tony to know that there is a possibility that we could form an all-girl alliance and take him out. I want Tony to see me talking to them. Tony is a loose cannon. All you need to do is kinda light a little fire and he, basically, will spark.

Tasha Fox

I'm trying to plant seeds that will fester and make this alliance split. And so it might mean creating some fake paranoia about an all-girls alliance. Even if it's not happening at all, it's very powerful in this game right now. If I can make Tony paranoid, that's gold because Tony's crazy. Tony's willing to play hard, but not always well, and that's great in this game because if I can get someone in power to make mistakes and go ballistic, then, y'know, I'm still here and anyone could be going home at that point.

Spencer Bledsoe

When Spencer told me that the girls could be in cahoots with each other, and they want to oust the guys, I was thinking that, "You know what? Hold up, don't trust Spencer just yet 'cause he's desperate, but you've got to look into it." Then I said to myself, "Y'know what? It just makes so much sense. They're gonna say guys are threats – let's just try to get rid of them one-by-one and they can do it because right now we have four girls, three guys." All the tell-tale signs are there that they need to blindside me. They won't want me to go to the end. But I'm not going anywhere. I'll take matters into my own hands like I usually do.

Tony Vlachos

Day 30

As the women relaxed in the shallows, Kass revealed her contentedness in a confessional. Meanwhile, Tony and Woo discovered that a crab the tribe had caught had died in the heat. When Tony shouted down to the women to ask if it would still be okay to eat, they returned that he needed to get it cooking soon. A frustrated Tony complained about the women not helping at camp, but fearing that they truly did have an alliance, left camp to search for the Idol.

I'm feeling good about our five, so I just kick back and relax and it's nice to know we're going to have a non-adversarial day because no matter who wins Immunity, we can get rid of Tash or Spence. I mean, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Kass McQuillen

After finding all that out with Spencer, then I said to myself, "You know what? It's four girls and three guys. They might be up to something. They might want to make a power move." So I say, "You know what? I'm gonna get that Idol right now. That's priority number one."

Tony Vlachos

Heading inland from the beach, Tony found a "big white tree" that matched the description of the clue. When digging around the roots, he quickly uncovered the Idol. Upon returning to camp, Tony showed Kass, Woo, Jefra, and Trish his newly-found Idol and told them it was for the team. However, he also hoped to spook any of them who might have been considering turning on him into staying loyal.

That's the third Idol that I found this game! Right now, I currently have two Idols in my possession –one special one, and one Idol that I can just play around with. I can use it for me, I can give it to somebody to blind somebody else. I feel like I'm on top of the world – on top of this game!

Tony Vlachos

I decided I was going to show my alliance that Idol. I showed each individual one; I said, "Listen, I have the Idol. We're protected." But what I really wanted to tell them is, "I'm protected, so don't even think about voting for me." It's still four girls and I made a conscious effort to try and scare them a little bit. Just in case they're even thinking or plotting to vote against me, they know I have an Idol.

Tony Vlachos

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff took back the Immunity Necklace from Tasha and revealed the challenge: Inside Track. Each contestant would race to dig up five bags buried in the sand, but all tied to a single rope. Once collecting all of the bags, they were to empty them, collecting five balls which they would then use to navigate a table maze. The first person to land a ball in each of the five slots at the end of the maze would win Immunity.

Woo was the first to find his first bag, followed closely by Tony, Tasha, and Spencer. Jefra found hers soon after, and the five of them raced down the course, collecting the rest of their bags. Tony was the first to reach the end of the line, with Woo and Tasha hot on his tail. Meanwhile, Kass and Trish remained stuck at the beginning, still struggling to find their first bag.

As Spencer and Jefra reached the finish line and Trish finally found her first bag, Tasha pulled ahead and was the first to make it to the table maze. Kass finally found her bags and caught up to the pack whilst Tasha easily landed her first two balls on the maze. Tony, Spencer, and Woo began work on their mazes. Tony overpowered his board whilst Spencer and Woo remained calm. Nevertheless, as Tasha just missed landing her third ball, Woo and Tony landed their first.

Jefra caught up to the table as Tasha landed her third; Woo, his second and Spencer, his first. Woo quickly landed his third, evening him up with Tasha, though she pulled ahead to land her fourth. Woo caught up again with his fourth, but it was too late, as Tasha landed her last ball to win her third Immunity in a row.

Back at camp, Tasha was congratulated for her Immunity success. Planning to play up her connection to the women to fuel Tony's paranoia, Tasha headed off with Spencer to get water. Meanwhile, Kass and Woo talked by the fire shelter, reconfirming that both Spencer and Tasha had to go. Tony, Trish, and Jefra joined them and the four confirmed that Spencer should be the next to go.

For the third time in a row, Tasha has Immunity. (grins) To have Immunity means everything at this point in the game. Every day, people are reconsidering alliances, breaking alliances. So the plan all the way up to Tribal Council is to continue to talk to the girls and have Tony be suspicious of the girls. If he's freaking out that they'll flip, y'know, that's... Either way, it works for me and possibly for Spencer as well.

Tasha Fox

However, Tony was worried about being outnumbered by the women if Spencer went home, and approached Woo to propose pulling "a fast one" and blindside Jefra. Woo eagerly agreed, also recognizing the danger of the gender imbalance, and the two agreed to pull Spencer and Tasha in on the plan.

Tonight at Tribal Council, if Tash didn't win that Necklace, she was going home. So now we have to resort to Plan B which is Spencer. This is the worst case scenario for me. Tasha's still here. It's still four girls. With Spencer gone, it's only two guys now. It's very easy to see it's four against two! They could pick us off one-by-one! So you know what? I have to turn on one of the females in my alliance and the only female that I can turn on is Jefra right now. She was willing to turn on me. She was willing to turn on all of us. So it's once again time to change the game.

Tony Vlachos

Tony's a brilliant player. Y'know, nine times out of ten, we're clicking on the same level. We looked at each other – we knew exactly what the game plan was. We can't get rid of Spencer.

Woo Hwang

But now here's the problem: I won't be able to tell Trish or Kass that I'm planning that, so we're obviously going to need Spencer and Tash in this.

Tony Vlachos

Tony relayed the scheme to Spencer, telling him that it needed to stay quiet and instructing Spencer to share the plan with Tasha. Spencer then revealed the "Survivor Miracle: Part Two" to Tasha who was relieved, but also baffled at how Spencer had managed to pull a reversal off. Spencer took the good news back to Tony, but to play it safe, then headed into the jungle to search for the Idol. However, when Tony realized that Spencer was out looking for an Idol, he began to doubt Spencer's loyalty to the plan and considered doubling back to take out the threat.

The things that I've said to Tony have had an effect and this paranoia about an all-girls alliance is perfect. I mean, Tasha's telling me she wants to do anything to help me stay. She's my alliance. She's my friend. I know Tasha's willing to do something that will keep me in the game.

Spencer Bledsoe

To feel just about hopeless and then be given a Golden Ticket to new life in the game is incredible. Things might be looking up right now, but I don't trust Tony all that much and if this plan fails, I'm out of the game. So this new Idol with potentially more-powerful powers could really help me out.

Spencer Bledsoe

He's actually looking for that Idol! And that, to me, is scary. It's alarming that Spencer was doing that when I was trying to come up with a plan to save him. So I'm going through my mind: "Is voting off Jefra a good idea? Is it good for my alliance? Is it good for my game? Or is it better to just get rid of a threat like Spencer?" 'Cause Jefra's really not a threat and Spencer's lethal out here, y'know. You see what he's done! I don't know what to do at this point. I would say I'm driving myself crazy, but I don't think it's me driving myself crazy. I think it's the game that's driving me crazy.

Tony Vlachos

At Tribal Council, Jeff first welcomed in the jury: Sarah Lacina, Morgan McLeod, LJ McKanas, and Jeremiah. Jeff began by asking Spencer about the Immunity Challenge, and the need for him or Tasha to win. He responded by agreeing that the situation placed him in trouble as he had no Hidden Immunity Idol and Tasha held Immunity. Tony was asked about the afternoon's events, and Tony revealed that Spencer had come up to him and told him that his alliance – namely Jefra – had planned to flip on him. Tony then pulled out his regular Hidden Immunity Idol and placed it around his neck, commenting that he didn't want to get blindsided.

Jefra jumped in to clarify that she'd been upset about LJ's blindside, and that she'd "be lying if [she] said otherwise." Kass added that Jefra had needed to overcome the anger of being left out of the plan. Tony returned that you weren't supposed to "advertise a blindside."

Asked about the dissention amongst the alliance, Tony argued that necessity kept them together and they just needed to get through two more votes and they'd be "Top Five." Asked for his opinion on the matter, Spencer agreed that "chaos is great" and as he was on the block already, it could only help him. Asked if the "dysfunctional family" worried her, Kass said it was possible that someone in her alliance could make a mistake as there was paranoia everywhere. Jefra nodded in agreement, stating that it was obvious that the people on the bottom would be trying to split them up.

Asked about how the story would end for him if he was voted out, Spencer said he would be happy knowing that he'd played hard, but spoke to the group, telling them that "windows of opportunity could be closing right now," saying that the most common way people lost the game was by not making moves at the right time.

Kass was then called to vote, and she cast her vote for Spencer. Jefra and Woo voted next, followed by Spencer, who cast his vote for Jefra. Trish, Tasha, and Tony rounded off the proceedings and Jeff tallied the votes.

Despite his threat to save himself, Tony did not play his Idol and Jeff read the votes. The first vote came up for Spencer, followed by one for Jefra. Both received another vote, to tie it up at 2-2. A third vote for Spencer was followed by a third vote for Jefra, which saw Jefra, Kass, and Trish grow puzzled. The final vote was for Jefra, and she became the twelfth person eliminated from Survivor: Cagayan and the fifth member of the jury. She wished the tribe luck as she departed, and Jeff sent Solarrion back to camp, emphasizing that it was an individual game after all.


Challenge: Survivor Auction
The castaways were each given $500 to bid on items including food and idol clues. Pooling or sharing money was not permitted, and the auction would end without notice.

Challenge: Inside Track
The castaways had to dig in a circle of sand until they found a rope, which ran underground and was tied to five bags. Once the castaways pulled all five bags up and out of the ground, they had to untie the bags, each releasing one ball. They would then have to maneuver the balls, one at a time, down a small maze and navigate them into five holes. The first castaway to land all five balls win immunity.
Winner: Tasha Fox

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
S28 jefra t.png
Jefra (4 votes)
S28 spencer t.pngS28 tasha t.pngS28 tony t.pngS28 woo t.png
Spencer, Tasha, Tony, Woo
S28 spencer t.png
Spencer (3 votes)
S28 jefra t.pngS28 kass t.pngS28 trish t.png
Jefra, Kass, Trish
S28 jefra bw.png
Jefra Bland

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Spencer) I already saved you once. I'm not doing it again.

Kass McQuillen

(voting for Jefra) Moral of the story: actually play the game before you get played.

Spencer Bledsoe

Final Words

S28 jefra bw.png

Clearly somebody in the Five alliance flipped on me. I suspect Woo and Tony because if Tony wanted to get me out, then Woo went right along with it. So they fooled me and wished I would've jumped ship at Tribal sooner when I had the chance, but I'm not a person who lives with regrets, so it's how I played the game and this is how I have to go out.

Still in the Running

S28 david bw.png
S28 garrett bw.png
S28 brice bw.png
S28 jtia bw.png
S28 cliff bw.png
S28 lindsey bw.png
S28 alexis bw.png
S28 sarah bw.png
S28 morgan bw.png
S28 lj bw.png
S28 jeremiah bw.png
S28 jefra bw.png
S28 kass t.png
S28 spencer t.png
S28 tasha t.png
S28 tony t.png
S28 trish t.png
S28 woo t.png


Deleted Scenes


  • Jefra Bland's elimination makes Solana tie with Ulong for the earliest tribe extinction, as both tribes had their last surviving member eliminated on Day 30 in 7th place.
  • This is the fourth consecutive time that a member of the original Solana was voted out.
  • Kass McQuillen revealed that she had also won a brownie and iced coffee through a $20 blind bid on a covered item at the Survivor Auction, and that Woo Hwang bought a cherry pie, but the scenes were cut from the final episode.[2][3]
  • This auction holds the record for the least amount of money spent on food, with only $360 spent.[4]
  • The Immunity Challenge is a more complex version of the final nine Immunity Challenge used in Survivor: Philippines.

Episode Title

  • The episode title is paraphrased from a comment made by Tony before Tribal Council where he told Woo, "It's going to be chaos, my friend."


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