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Chani (ชะนี) is a tribe from Survivor New Zealand: Thailand. Their tribe color is blue.


 Arun Bola
30, Hamilton, WKO
Dairy farmer
NZ2 arun t
 Dave Lipanovic
26, Auckland, AUK
Clinical pharmacist
NZ2 dave t
 Eve Clarke
26, Auckland, AUK
Hiking guide
NZ2 eve t
 Franky March
24, Auckland, AUK
NZ2 franky t
 JT Muirhead
32, Ashhurst, MWT
Project manager
NZ2 jt t
 Jose Maasdam
23, Blenheim, MBH
Audio post producer
NZ2 josefien t
 Karla Karaitiana
37, Palmerston North, MWT
NZ2 karla t
 Liam Hose
23, Tauranga, BOP
NZ2 liam t
 Renee Clarke
28, Auckland, AUK
Real estate agent
NZ2 renee t

 Adam O'Brien
NZ2 adam t
 Arun Bola
NZ2 arun t
 Dave Lipanovic
NZ2 dave t
 Dylan Conrad
NZ2 dylan t
 Josh Hickford
NZ2 josh t
 Matt Hancock
NZ2 matt t
 Renee Clarke
NZ2 renee t

Tribe History

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  • Chani was the first tribe in Survivor NZ to forfeit a challenge.


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