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Chan Loh (ចន្លុះ) is a tribe from Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. They are the "Brains" tribe.

A complete opposite from their predecessors, the original Chan Loh only lost one member before the Tribe Switch. Despite their winning streak, tribal dynamics caused a divide, resulting in three separate factions and an early blindside. After the switch, Chan Loh lost only one Reward Challenge and was staved off from attending Tribal Council. Their tribe color is blue.


Aubry Bracco
29, Cambridge, MA
Social media marketer
S32 aubry t.png
Debbie Wanner
49, Reading, PA
S32 debbie t.png
Joe del Campo
71, Vero Beach, FL
Former FBI agent
S32 joe t.png
Liz Markham
26, New York City, NY
Quantitative strategist
S32 liz t.png
Neal Gottlieb
38, Sausalito, CA
Ice cream entrepreneur
S32 neal t.png
Peter Baggenstos
34, Minneapolis, MN
ER doctor
S32 peter t.png

 Cydney Gillon
S32 cydney t.png
 Debbie Wanner
S32 debbie t.png
 Kyle Jason
S32 jason t.png
S32 michele t.png
 Neal Gottlieb
S32 neal t.png
 Nick Maiorano
S32 nick t.png

Tribe History

The "Brains" tribe of the season, Chan Loh was composed of clashing personalities, but were coherent enough to win the first two Immunity Challenges. Though it seemed that the four younger players had seized control of the game, Peter had other plans. Seeing Debbie and Joe to be pawns and goats in an eventual merge, he and Liz formed a pact and saw an opportunity to pull the two older players into an alliance to blindside either Aubry or Neal. Meanwhile, Debbie had been rubbed the wrong way by Peter and Liz's blatant scheming, and especially by his open arrogance about his position in the tribe. Joe had recently conflicted with Liz, thus opening another rift between the two factions.

A chance to see the plan materialize presented itself when the Brains lost their first and only Immunity Challenge on Day 8. Liz and Peter congregated with each of the two factions at a time in an attempt to orchestrate Neal's blindside. They attempted to get the older faction to vote against Neal, and Aubry and Neal to vote against Joe. Though it seemed that the conspirators had locked themselves in the optimal spot for the rest of the game, Debbie and Joe saw an opportunity to break Peter's hold of the game. The pair successfully got Aubry and Neal to vote against Peter in order to split the vote, hence turning the original schemers' plan against them.

At Chan Loh's first Tribal Council, Peter and Liz were open about their high spot on the food chain. Peter went so far as to brag about his dominance over the tribe. This only sought to turn the rest of Chan Loh against them even more. Their confidence was shattered when the majority forced a three-way tie. In the revote, Liz became the tribe's first casualty as she was seen to be the weaker of the two schemers.

Chan Loh resumed their winning streak in the next few challenges. After an exhausting attempt at the Reward Challenge, in which they almost lost Debbie to a medical evacuation, Chan Loh emerged victorious and won coffee and spices. Their streak extended to the Immunity Challenge, where they made up from an early disadvantage and won.

On Day 12, Neal found a Hidden Immunity Idol, which he kept from his tribe. That same day, Chan Loh walked into a Tribe Switch, and gained new members. The new Chan Loh tribe was apparently split down tribal lines, with the Brains and Beauty duos scrambling for the Brawn duo's votes. However, the tribe won the following Immunity Challenge and was safe from the vote.

As Debbie continued to forge relationships and alliances with her new tribemates, former Beauty members Michele and Nick debated on whether or not to trust Debbie.

At the Reward Challenge, Chan Loh lost by a narrow margin to Gondol, losing out on a picnic reward. However, they recouped and secured yet another victory at the Immunity Challenge and kept themselves away from another Tribal Council. Thus, all six of the members of post-switch Chan Loh made it to the merge.

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out Result Eliminated
1 Wooden Ships Reward/Immunity None 1st Tribe Immune
2 Dragging the River Reward/Immunity Debbie 2nd Tribe Immune
3 Rice Race Reward/Immunity Aubry, Joe Lost Liz
3rd Voted Out
Day 8
4 Dig It Reward Neal 1st Tribe Immune
Snake, Rattle & Roll Immunity Joe 1st
Tribes Switched, Day 12
5 New School Immunity None Won Tribe Immune
6 Baba Buoys Reward None Lost Tribe Immune
Get Over It Immunity None Won
Tribes Merged, Day 17
^1 The vote resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a revote would commence.

Voting History

Original Tribes Switched Tribes
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Voted Out Tribe
Tie S32 liz t.png
Vote 2-2-21 3-0
Michele On Gondol
Aubry Peter None On Gondol
Cydney On To Tang
Joe Liz Liz On Gondol
Jason On To Tang
Debbie Liz Liz
Nick On Gondol
Neal Peter Liz
Peter Aubry None On Gondol
Liz Aubry None
^1 Tribal Council resulted in a tie. Per Survivor rules, a revote was held where the castaways involved in the tie would not vote and the remaining castaways could only vote for those involved in the tie.



  • "Chan Loh" is the Khmer word for "torch".[1]
  • The Chan Loh beach eventually became Ta Keo's in Cambodia. This beach is known as Lonely Beach.
  • Post-switch Chan Loh was composed of exactly one representative of each gender from each starting tribe.
  • Chan Loh's tribe emblem, the green crocodile, could be an homage to the former "Brains" tribe, Luzon, a green tribe.


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