Challenge Pitch (also known as Going Coconuts) is a challenge that originated in Survivor: Cagayan. It was later used in Millennials vs. Gen X.


The castaways would use sand bags to knock down a wall. Once the wall has been decimated, each tribe must rebuild their wall. The first team to finish rebuilding wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Cagayan as Challenge Pitch. The Solarrion tribe was divided into two teams of three. Each team would use sand bags to knock down the other team's wall. Once one team decimates the other team's wall, both teams would switch positions, and one member will start rebuilding their wall. In a closely fought challenge, the team of Kass, Spencer, and Woo won reward.

The challenge returned in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X as Going Coconuts. Each tribe would carry heavy bags containing coconuts and sandbags through an obstacle course. Then, one, by one, each tribe member would carry one bag while crossing over a balance beam. Once everyone is across, they must separate the coconuts from the sandbags, after which one tribe member will use the sandbags to clear a block puzzle on a table. Two other tribe members would then reassemble the dismantled puzzle. Takali fell behind early on after CeCe struggled on the balance beam. This gave Vanua an early lead and won them reward and immunity, sending Takali to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Havoc to Wreak"
Team Reward S28 kass tS28 spencer tS28 woo t
Kass, Spencer, & Woo
Millennials vs. Gen X
"Your Job Is Recon"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S33 adam tS33 figgy tS33 hannah t
S33 jay tS33 michaela tS33 michelle t
S33 taylor tS33 will tS33 zeke t



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