Cell Block Sea (also known as Phish Farm and Serpent Turf) is a recurring challenge on Survivor.


Castaways must race out into the water and swim over to their respective tribe's bamboo cage. Once the entire tribe has arrived, each person must climb up and over the cage wall and jump into the water. They must then retrieve a large item and bring it back to shore, where a final task would occur. The first tribe(s) to finish this final task would win.


The challenge debuted in as a Reward/Immunity Challenge in Caramoan, where each tribe had to retrieve a heavy chest from the cage, then move the chest along a track and onto a platform using grappling hooks, with the first tribe to get their chest on their finish platform winning. The tribes traded the lead throughout the challenge, with Bikal narrowly hooking their final piece of track ahead of Gota to win, sending Gota to their second straight Tribal Council.

In Cagayan, the challenge was once again used for reward and immunity, with the tribes collecting four fish traps from the cage, before using the puzzle pieces in the fish traps to solve a puzzle back on the beach. Luzon took a large lead over Aparri and Solana heading into the puzzle stage, but J'Tia Taylor cost them a taste of victory when she failed to complete the puzzle. Sarah Lacina managed to finish first for Aparri, and LJ McKanas finished second for Solana, sending Luzon back to Tribal Council.

The challenge reappeared in Game Changers, again for reward and immunity, where six members of each tribe had to drag a 400-pound snake out of the cell and onto shore. The three remaining castaways had to retrieve numbered tiles from the snake, after which a code could be solved, unlocking rings which they must toss onto eight targets to spell "IMMUNITY". Nuku had an early lead with their strategy of involving every single castaway, while Mana fell behind when they had difficulty transporting their snake. However, Mana was able to catch up on the ring toss thanks to Malcolm Freberg, but Nuku managed to pull out and win again, sending Mana back to Tribal Council.

The challenge was used as the fourth Immunity Challenge in Ghost Island, in a similar design to Caramoan, but with only one piece of track to hook, and an additional stage of getting all five balls in the chest on top of a narrow perch. Malolo had a huge lead heading into the final task after Naviti struggled throughout the challenge. However, Naviti managed to catch up when Malolo could not get their final ball on their perch, allowing Naviti to come from behind and win, sending Malolo to Tribal Council.

In Edge of Extinction, the challenge was again used for reward and immunity, and worked similarly to Game Changers, except that all eight members of each tribe would now start on a floating platform instead of racing out from the beach. Kama took an early lead after Keith Sowell struggled in the water for Manu. Although Keith attempted to make up for the deficit during the ring toss portion, he only set Manu further back, allowing Kama to pull out their second consecutive victory, sending Manu back to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S26 andrea tS26 brandon tS26 brenda t
S26 cochran tS26 corinne tS26 dawn t
S26 erik tS26 malcolm tS26 phillip t
"Hot Girl with a Grudge"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S28 cliff tS28 lindsey tS28 sarah t
S28 tony tS28 trish tS28 woo t
S28 alexis tS28 brice tS28 jefra t
S28 jeremiah tS28 lj tS28 morgan t
Game Changers
"The Stakes Have Been Raised"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S34 andrea tS34 brad tS34 cirie t
S34 debbie tS34 jt tS34 ozzy tS34 sarah t
S34 sierra tS34 tai tS34 zeke t
Ghost Island
"Trust Your Gut"
Tribal Immunity S36 angela tS36 chris tS36 domenick tS36 donathan t
S36 james tS36 laurel tS36 libby tS36 wendell t
Edge of Extinction
"One of Us Is Going to Win the War"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S38 aubry tS38 aurora tS38 eric t
S38 gavin tS38 joe tS38 julia t
S38 julie tS38 ron tS38 victoria t




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