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Ana Cecilia Mansilla is a contestant from Survivor: Cook Islands.


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Born and raised in Arequipa, Peru, Cecilia Mansilla moved to the San Francisco area when she was 15 years old and learned English when she was 16 years old. She secured college scholarships to all the schools where she applied and ultimately received her Bachelor's Degree in international relations with a double minor in Japanese and Spanish literature from the University of California, Davis.

Mansilla currently works as a technology risk consultant for a professional services firm in San Francisco. She has previously worked as a management consultant.

Mansilla's hobbies include black and white photography, dancing and working out regularly. Her heroes are her parents for having sacrificed a comfortable life in Peru to allow their children greater opportunities in the U.S. She hopes to become involved in charities for real life survivors and would like to mentor young girls on pursuing higher education and career goals.

Mansilla currently resides in Oakland, California. Her birth date is January 13, 1977.[1]


Being Hispanic-American, Cecilia started the game on the red Aitutaki tribe. She formed a strong bond with Cristina Coria as they were the only two females on the tribe. Aitutaki was one of the dominant tribes, having built a shelter quickly and coming second in the first Immunity Challenge.

During Days 4-6,  Billy Garcia's snoring kept the whole tribe up at night. During this time Ozzy Lusth came up with a plan to throw the upcoming Immunity Challenge in order to eliminate Billy because he was a dead weight to the tribe. Cecilia did not seem to be on board with the plan, thinking it was bad purposely lose a member of the tribe when they only have five members. Despite her initial aversion to the plan at the Immunity Challenge, Cecilia intentionally lost the challenge along with the rest of the tribe. Cecilia was unsure whether to eliminate Billy, for being too much of a hindrance to the tribe, or to eliminate Ozzy because he was the one who came up with plan to throw the challenge. At Tribal Council, Cecilia went through with Ozzy's plan and Billy was voted out.

A Schoolyard Pick occurred on Day 7 , keeping Cecilia on Aitutaki with Ozzy, but losing ex-tribe mates J.P. Calderon and Cristina. Cecilia gave the new tribe members a tour of the camp, which made them feel welcomed. Cecilia formed an alliance with Ozzy because they were the only two original Aitutaki members on their new tribe. Ozzy and Cecilia added Sundra Oakley to their alliance and tried to add Cao Boi Bui and Jessica Smith, who initially appeared on board as they were outsiders of their original tribes. The new Aitutaki tribe lost the following Immunity Challenge, putting Cecilia in danger. Cecilia's alliance targeted Becky Lee as she was the weakest member of the tribe and of the players outside that alliance, but Becky's alliance targeted Cecilia for similar reasons. Cao Boi and Jessica became the swing votes. At Tribal Council, Cao Boi and Jessica sided with Becky and Cecilia became the third person eliminated from Survivor: Cook Islands.

Voting History

Episode Cecilia's
Voted Against
1 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
2 Billy -
3 Becky Becky, Cao Boi,
Jessica, Jonathan, Yul
Voted Out, Day 8


  • On January 9, 2010, Cecilia attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Cecilia was the first female to be voted out in Survivor: Cook Islands.
  • Cecilia is the lowest placing woman from the Aitutaki tribe.
  • Cecilia was the first person voted out after the tribe absorption.
  • She is the highest ranking castaway of Cook Islands to only be affiliated with one tribe.
    • She is the lowest ranking castaway to be the highest ranking contestant of a season to only be affiliated with one tribe.
  • Cecilia is the second contestant of Peruvian descent, following Kel Gleason and preceding Jay Starrett.
  • Cecilia is the only castaway from Survivor: Cook Islands to stay on the same tribe at the switch and be voted out pre-merge.
  • Cecilia is the first castaway to finish a season in 18th place without being the first person voted out.


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