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Cassandra Franklin is a contestant from Survivor: Fiji.

Little was shown of Cassandra at the beginning of the season but after the tribe switch, she formed a bond with Earl Cole and joined his and Yau-Man Chan's Syndicate Alliance. At the merge, her previous bond as alliance outsiders with Dreamz Herd from the original Moto tribe played a major part in the destruction of the rival Four Horsemen alliance. Cassandra eventually made it to the Final Tribal Council with Dreamz and Earl, forming the first ever African-American Final Three. She was ignored by the jurors for her perceived strategy of coattail-riding, joining Dreamz in losing unanimously against Earl.


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Cassandra Franklin was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She currently manages the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of California, Los Angeles, and has been employed by the university for 23 years.

Franklin participates in events to raise funds and awareness for Minority Women and Children with AIDS and Breast Cancer Research. Additionally, she is Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Southeast Communities Prevention and Intervention Program.

Franklin's hobbies include skiing, traveling and shopping. She describes herself as fun, warm and giving. She is very proud of her family, including her mother, Varie, who is retired and living in Los Angeles with Franklin's stepfather, Coleman. Her sister, Debra, resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Dr. Robert A. Williams, the pastor of the McCoy Memorial Baptist Church.

Franklin has been married for two years to her husband, Clif. Her birth date is April 19, 1964.[1]


Cassandra was on the Moto tribe which dominated in challenges. The one time Moto went to Tribal Council, Cassandra voted for Lisi Linares, received a vote from her ally Liliana Gomez, and Liliana was voted out. She along with Boo Bernis remained on Moto after the Tribe Switch. Moto won the remaining challenges with the exception of one Reward Challenge before the merge. On Moto, she became a part of the Syndicate Alliance.

After the merge, her close ally Dreamz Herd flipped to her alliance, and she aided her alliance in eliminating the members of the rival Four Horsemen alliance. Specifically, on Day 30, she encouraged her alliance to split their votes between Alex Angarita and Mookie Lee in which Mookie was eliminated despite being the secondary target. Once she and her allies were the only ones left, they were forced to turn on each other. She tried to help Dreamz vote out Yau-Man Chan, but their first two attempts were thwarted by Yau-Man playing his Hidden Immunity Idol at the final six, and winning immunity at the final 5. On night 38, Cassandra, Dreamz and Earl Cole successfully voted out Yau-Man though she received a vote from Yau-Man. Cassandra, Earl and Dreamz made it to the end.

At the Final Tribal Council, Cassandra was critiqued from two jurors. Alex criticized her for using Stacy Kimball and disposing her when she no longer needed her. When Cassandra tried to defend herself, Alex yelled at her and told her to stop talking, and Lisi called her shoes the ugliest shoes ever and accused her of being greedy. Cassandra became the co-runner up of the season along with Dreamz, losing to Earl in a unanimous 9-0-0 vote.

Voting History

Cassandra's Voting History
Episode Cassandra's
Voted Against
1 Moto Tribe Immune
2 Moto Tribe Immune
3 Moto Tribe Immune
4 Lisi Liliana
5 Moto Tribe Immune
6 Moto Tribe Immune
7 Moto Tribe Immune
8 Moto Tribe Immune
9 Immune
10 Edgardo Alex, Edgardo,
11 Mookie -
12 Alex -
13 Yau-Man1 -
14 Boo -
Yau-Man Yau-Man
Jury Votes
for Cassandra
Co-Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In "I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal", Yau-Man used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Cassandra's vote against him.


  • On January 9, 2010, Cassandra attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.



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