Casey Louise Hawkins[1] is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019).

Originally in a safe spot on the Contenders tribe, come tribe swap, Casey attempted to align herself with the female Champions in order to preserve her own game. Unfortunately, after both the former Champions and her allies caught wind of this, Casey was eliminated as a contingency plan after Harry Hills played his idol.


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Educator, 31

Self-described "creative, courageous, stubborn, spontaneous and a dreamer," Casey is a traveller and educator who loves to push herself to the limits.

Casey has been travelling around in her campervan for two years solo around Australia and travels to remote communities educating kids about creative writing. She has previously been a primary school teacher and has written a children's book teaching children about writing.

Believing Survivor is the ultimate challenge, Casey says; "Unlike most people, I feel discomfort when things are too comfortable or routine. Survivor is the most uncomfortable thing I can do."

Casey will find it hard to stay out of the drama saying; "I am very opinionated and self-righteous so I may not be able to keep my mouth shut. And I will call out bad behaviour if I see it.

"I already consider myself a Champion so I'm ready to take the lead for the Contenders and win the title of Sole Survivor."[2]

Australian Survivor

Casey began the season as a member of Contenders tribe. Though her overall role in the tribe appeared small, she was not targeted in the Contenders only pre-swap Tribal Council, allowing Casey to remain safe for the first 15 days of the game.

Following the Tribe Switch, Casey remained on the Contenders tribe in a 5-4 minority against the original Champions. Along with Harry Hills, Casey was viewed as one of the weaker Contenders by her new tribemates. Though Harry tried to find a way to keep them both safe, Casey was focused on her own self preservation and attempted to get close to the women of the former Champions tribe. As a result, Casey began to relay information back and forth between the original Champions and the original Contenders, making her distrusted by both factions.

After Harry found the Hidden Immunity Idol, he told Casey that he planned to use it at the Day 20 Tribal Council to blindside Janine Allis. Ultimately, his plan failed due to a surprise twist where the visiting Champions would vote to steal a Contender. They chose the physically strong Shaun Hampson, worsening the ex-Contender minority to 5-3. At the next Reward Challenge, David Genat told Simon Black that he had to use his idol to survive the previous Tribal Council on the Champions tribe. Because of this, the ex-Champions on the Contenders tribe decided to throw the Day 24 Immunity Challenge to protect their numbers on the other side. However, they were accidentally overheard by Casey who relayed it to Harry.

After their plan came to fruition, the Champion alliance attempted to split the vote by turning Casey and Matt Farrelly against Harry, though Harry pushed for the three Contenders to remain united and vote out Abbey Holmes. At Tribal Council, Casey was revealed to have been playing both sides and began to argue with Harry and Matt as to who was responsible for revealing the plan to throw the challenge. Abandoning any plan to vote against the Champions, Casey cast her vote for Harry. However, Harry played his Hidden Immunity Idol, cancelling the four votes against him and eliminating Casey in a 4-0 vote. She finished in 15th place.

Voting History

Casey's Voting History
Episode Casey's
Voted Against
1 Contenders Tribe Immune
2 Laura -
3 Contenders Tribe Immune
4 Contenders Tribe Immune
5 Contenders Tribe Immune
6 Contenders Tribe Immune
7 Contenders Tribe Immune
8 Contenders Tribe Immune
9 Mock Vote1
10 Contenders Tribe Immune
11 Harry2 Abbey, Harry,
Janine, Pia
Voted Out, Day 24

^1 In "Episode 9", the Contenders were subjected to a mock Tribal Council where the Champions voted for someone to kidnap.
^2 In "Episode 11", Harry used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Casey's vote against him.


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