The Casaya Alliance was the controlling group that was formed on Survivor: Panama.

Created by Shane Powers and comprising of the six remaining members of the new Casaya tribe after the shuffle, all of them making the final seven. The group enjoyed moderate success but faltered when it came to attempting to control the Hidden Immunity Idol and Terry Deitz's immunity-winning streak.



The alliance was formed by Shane Powers on Day 4 with Aras Baskauskas, Courtney Marit, and Danielle DiLorenzo. They initially targeted the older members of the tribe, first eliminating Melinda Hyder on Day 6. After witnessing the remaining new La Mina members (Austin, Sally, Nick, and Terry) rowing towards their island, Shane quickly rounded up the new Casaya members and made a voting pact. The alliance stuck together and managed to gain control of the merge, systematically voting out Nick, Austin, and Sally at back to back Tribal Councils.


Due to Terry's winning streak, the alliance was forced to turn on each other at the Final 7. However, the alliance didn't have to worry about Tribal due to Bruce's medical evacuation. Cirie and Danielle conspired with Aras to vote out Courtney, due to Shane and Terry both wanting her at the end of the game since she was viewed as an easy win due to her annoyance. In the end, the alliance blindsided her in a 3-2-1 vote.

Soon, Shane became the next target due to his mercurial personality. However, Terry did not vote along with the majority, causing Shane to leave in a 3-1-1 vote.

At the Final 4, The Casaya Alliance was forced again to turn on each other due to Terry having a Hidden Immunity Idol, causing a tie vote between Cirie and Danielle with Danielle ultimately winning the fire-making tiebreaker challenge.


The remaining two members of the alliance managed to make it the entire 39 days after Danielle won the final Individual Immunity Challenge. Despite her having a Final 2 deal with Terry, Danielle went back on her deal and betrayed Terry, allowing her and Aras to make the finals.


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