Carter Williams is a contestant from Survivor: Philippines.

Carter was not a highly visible player for much of the season, largely operating in the shadows cast by strategic powerhouses Jeff Kent and Jonathan Penner. However, he demonstrated considerable challenge prowess and this, combined with his penchant for loyalty, caused the other castaways to identify him as a late-game threat, resulting in his elimination.


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Name (Age): Carter Williams (24)
Tribe Designation: Kalabaw
Current Residence: Shawnee, Kan.
Occupation: Track Coach. I motivate and inspire.
Personal Claim to Fame: Graduating college while running all four years.
Inspiration in Life: My dad. I see what he has done for me! The guy has a heart of a champ!
Hobbies: Surfing, running and eating meals with friends.
Pet Peeves: Laziness!
3 Words to Describe You: Ambitious, inspiring (I'm a dreamer) and lighthearted.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?
1) Journal - to document my thoughts.
2) A rope swing - because a rope swing on your own private island....doesn't get much cooler than that.
3) My mom - she would dominate!
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: I want to play in challenges with a lot of heart like Ozzy did, but I think I have a personality that is more similar to Erik Reichenbach or Fabio.
Reason for Being on Survivor: Glory! All the people in my generation who say, "oh… I could win that show…" I say, "put up or shut up." Including me.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I bring people together and make them laugh. That's important. I'm a leader, and I'm probably one of the best tree climbers.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: People enjoy me. I'm competitive but down to earth. I won't slack off and I'm physically built like a lot of past winners.[1]


Carter was placed on the Kalabaw tribe at the beginning of the season. While he was initially against returning player Jonathan Penner, Carter later joined in an alliance with him and Jeff Kent, opposing the women of the tribe. Later, after Matsing was dissolved, Denise Stapley joined Kalabaw. She also joined Carter's alliance and helped vote out the tribe's women.

At the merge, Carter remained loyal to Jeff, even after they betrayed Jonathan and voted out RC Saint-Amour. However, Jeff was later voted out by the Tandang Alliance, forcing Carter to return to Jonathan's side. Luckily, Carter and Jonathan would later become part of the majority after aligning with Denise, Malcolm Freberg, Michael Skupin, and Lisa Whelchel, helping to vote out the majority Tandang alliance.

Unfortunately for Carter, Abi-Maria Gomes (the last remaining member of the Tandang alliance) won the Day 30 Immunity Challenge, forcing Carter's alliance to turn on each other. Although Carter and Jonathan tried to pull Michael to their side and vote out Denise, he ultimately sided with Malcolm, Denise, and Lisa, and voted out Jonathan 4-3, leaving Carter on the outs. Carter received a hug from Jonathan before the latter departed.

Now with no alliance, Carter tried to persuade the rest of the tribe to honor their word and vote out Abi-Maria like they said they would, after she failed to win Immunity again. However, they all deemed Carter too likable to continue, and unanimously voted him out at the following Tribal Council. He became the sixth juror.

At the Final Tribal Council, Carter asked Michael why he voted him out. Michael responded that it was hard for him to vote out Carter, as he viewed him like one of his kids. Carter ultimately voted for Michael to be the Sole Survivor, but he lost to Denise in a 6-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Carter's Voting History
Episode Carter's
Voted Against
1 Kalabaw Tribe Immune
2 Kalabaw Tribe Immune
3 Kalabaw Tribe Immune
4 Kalabaw Tribe Immune
5 Dawson -
6 Katie -
7 RC Individual Immunity
8 Pete -
9 Artis -
10 Pete Individual Immunity
11 Denise -
12 Abi-Maria Abi-Maria, Denise,
Lisa, Malcolm, Michael
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Carter is the first Dangrayne tribe member to be voted out unanimously.
  • Carter is the only person to ever write Michael Skupin's name on the parchment in either season Michael participated in.
  • Carter is the highest placing member of the original Kalabaw tribe.
  • Carter lost 18 lbs. during his time in Philippines.[2]


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