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Carl Bilancione is a contestant from Survivor: Africa.

The leader of the Older Samburu Alliance, Carl was deemed undeserving of the prize money by the younger Samburu members, due to his wealth outside of the game. At Samburu's first tribal, after a deadlocked tie, Carl was beaten by Lindsey Richter in the tiebreaker challenge, sending him home.


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Born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Carl Bilancione grew up in Brooklyn, New York and Selden, Long Island, and currently lives in Winter Springs, Florida. Bilancione attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he earned both a Bachelor of Science and a dental degree. He currently owns his own private dental practice in Winter Park, Florida.

Bilancione is an avid sports fan, photographer, scuba diver and marathon runner. He has competed in and completed more than six marathons, including the New York Marathon, London Marathon, Disney Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon. He has a passion for sports photography, and enjoys photographing his beloved New York Yankees and Orlando Magic.

Carl Bilancione describes himself as highly competitive, vivacious and personable. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Florida Dental Association, the International Congress of Oral Implantology (he holds Mastership Status) and the International Society of Freelance Photographers. He is also the official photographer for The Downtown Athletic Club of Orlando, which presents the Dick Butkus Award honoring the best linebacker in college football. Bilancione has been happily married to Deborah for 21 years, and they have two children, Jessica, 17 and Bryan, 14. His birth date is June 20.[1]


Despite Samburu's early winning streak, the tribe was fractured by two conflicting alliances defined by age. With the younger members Silas, BrandonLindsey, and Kim P. banding together to eliminate their older peers, Carl and his fellow older members Frank, Teresa, and Linda had formed their own alliance out of necessity. The older members felt that the younger members were too lazy, while the younger members perceived the older members as too abrasive and overworking. When the rival Boran tribe won the Day 8 Immunity Challenge, the two Samburu alliances clashed at Tribal Council, where the younger alliance deemed Carl as too wealthy and successful for being a prominent dentist. Carl and the rest of the elder alliance pooled their votes on Lindsey for being too immature and having a questionable desire for the game. The vote ended in a 4-4 tie vote. When the re-vote did not help, a tiebreaker challenge ensued. After a streak of wrong answers from both Carl and Lindsey, the former missed a question, while the latter answered correctly, thus eliminating the dentist.

Voting History

Carl's Voting History
Episode Carl's
Voted Against
1 Samburu Tribe Immune
2 Samburu Tribe Immune
3 Lindsey;
Brandon, Kim P., Lindsey, Silas;
Brandon, Kim P., Silas1
Voted Out, Day 9

^1 In "The Gods Are Angry", the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between Carl and Lindsey, forcing a revote. Nobody changed their vote on the revote, forcing a quiz tiebreaker. Carl was eliminated at the tiebreaker.


  • In early 2002, Carl, along with all of his Africa castmates appeared on Late Show with David Letterman where they would present the top 10.[2]
  • Carl continues to work as renowned dentist in Florida. He was also involved with many local and national charities after the show.


  • Carl is the oldest member of Samburu and oldest male contestant on Survivor: Africa.
  • Carl's luxury item was a dental kit.
  • Carl is the only contestant to be eliminated via a nature quiz tiebreaker.


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