Caracol is the merged tribe of Mono​ and Serpiente from La Isla 2014: El Reality. Their tribe color is yellow.


 Armando Torrea
 Carla Arredondo
 Delia García
 Enrique Manica
 Fernando Alonso
 Francisco Covarrubias
 Luis Torres
 Sylvia Sáenz

Tribe History

On Night 36, the merge begins and becomes a party, in that party was hidden the Fire Veto in some vases, that has the power to veto the result of a vote to save someone in a trial, but if not used after the last trial, whoever carries it would automatically be eliminated. Carla Arredondo was the contestant that found the Fire Veto.

On Day 40, Fernando Alonso and Carla Arredondo were nominated. The judges chose to voted out Fernando Alonso for being a physical threat.

On Day 44, Delia García and Luisito Rey were nominated. The judges chose to voted out Delia García for being a physical threat, but Carla Arredondo used the Fire Veto, so Delia was safe and no one was voted out.

On Day 48, Sylvia Sáenz was eliminated in the first Deathly Duel losing against Armando.

On Day 52, Armando Torrea was eliminated in the second Deathly Duel losing against Delia.

On Day 56, Luis Torres was eliminated in the third Deathly Duel losing against Enrique.

On Day 60, Carla Arredondo was eliminated in the fourth Deathly Duel losing against Enrique.

On Day 62, Enrique Manica was eliminated in the fierce semi-final. On Day 63, the finale was held, where Delia García suffers an accident and is hospitalized, she chose Fernando Alonso to compete in her place. Finally won Francisco Covarrubias.


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